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Which types of the refrigerator made for you

Types of Refrigerator

Do you know which types of the refrigerator made for you? What is a refrigerator? What is the difference between a double door and a single door refrigerator? which is the best refrigerator, an inverter or a non-inverter refrigerator?

I assure you after reading the whole blog you will get proper knowledge about all types of Refrigerator. This blog can help you to buy a perfect refrigerator for your home. So let’s jump on the blog.

Today I talk about which refrigerator is made for you. Is single doors are best for you or double doors? Is the inverter refrigerator best for you or non-inverter? so read the full blog carefully and think you probably find your answer.

let’s start  with that thing that you need to have before buying a refrigerator.

There are two things that you need to think about before you buy a refrigerator. First is budget and another thing is the size of the place where you keep your refrigerator, ones you have these two things you can start looking for the perfect refrigerator for you,

  Before I start I forget to mention one thing. You need to keep some place around two to three inches in all the three sides of the refrigerator. So keep in mind about space.

Ones you have these things you go ahead and before I talk about the refrigerator.

Lets Find Out–

  1. Direct cool refrigerator vs frost-free refrigerator
  2. Single door Refrigerator
  3. Double door Refrigerator
  4. Triple door Refrigerator
  5. Side-by-side refrigerator
  6. Star ratings
  7. Inverter Refrigerator
  8. Non inverter Refrigerator
  9. Best Refrigerator Brands
  10. Conclusion
  11. FAQ

1.Direct cool VS Frost-Free Refrigerator

There are two types of the refrigerator, one is direct cool and frost-free direct cool. Direct cool Refrigerator mainly uses natural convection cooling whereas frost-free refrigerator uses an electric fan for cooling.

In the direct cool refrigerator, you will see ice which is formed. You have to deforested manually. but the best part of it is very power efficient, that’s a superb thing. You will save a little bit of money if you buy a direct cool refrigerator, But you should keep in mind one thing that is you have manually clean the refrigerator and if you buy a frost-free refrigerator, you don’t have to do any manual thing because of all the clean work done by the refrigerator itself. But one thing about its electric consumption is a bit more than a direct cooling refrigerator.

So let’s talk about types of the refrigerator, one is a single door refrigerator and the other one is a double door refrigerator.

2.Single Door Refrigerator

So single door refrigerator is having a single door as its name says but one more thing single door refrigerator 90% of the time is a direct cool refrigerator.

The So keep a thing in mind if you need this types of the refrigerator and want to buy a frost-free cooling system along with that, please check it properly, whether it is working on direct cool or frost-free cooling system one more thing.

Single door refrigerator is good if you have a family of three to four people then you should go for a single door refrigerator. It will be the best option for you, but if your family members are over four people, then a double door type of refrigerator made for you.

3. Double door Refrigerator

 So let’s talk about the double door refrigerator. As its name says a double door refrigerator has a double door in it. This double door refrigerator is very common in India.

It has the freezer at the top and the refrigerator at the bottom. Now the excellent part is that nowadays you can find the double door refrigerator, in which the freezers at the bottom and the refrigerator at the top.

Which is very good because in India we store a lot of stuff in the freezer,.

We store much stuff in the refrigerator that a fantastic thing because you don’t have to bend every time when you take some stuff from it.

 Now, this type of refrigerator is good for three to four people in your family then you should have to select a double door refrigerator for sure.     

So we have completed the discussion about the two key types of the refrigerator, now we will discuss some other types of the refrigerator that we see very rarely, so let’s get started.

 4.Triple door Refrigerator

Triple door refrigerator is quite good.As the name says the triple door has three doors in it if you ten to twelve people in your house you can buy it three are three-part in it, at the top one is the freezer and at the middle.

We found the refrigerator and at the bottom; we found a tray where we put all your vegetables and stuff so that is the triple door refrigerator.

5.Side-by-side refrigerator

Now the fourth types of the refrigerator are the side-by-side refrigerator. You can buy this kind of refrigerator if you put a lot of stuff in the refrigerator. If Your family members are over eight people. This kind of refrigerator size is quite huge and you need a lot of space to keep it in your room.

Now once you decide what types of the refrigerator you want, then you need to decide the litre capacity of the refrigerator, now it is a strange topic it totally depends on the family to family and their use age.

Some family don’t prefer to keep stuff on the refrigerator, they want fresh food and vegetable if you are in this side then go for a single door refrigerator. It not only good for your family but it also consumption is very less power compared to the other one.

But then again it totally depends on you, so just take this as an example 

So if there are one or two members then you can go for the freezers which range from 150 to 250 litre, if there are three to four people in your family then go for 205-500 litre capacity of the refrigerator and if you have over five people in your family, then go for 500 litres plus the capacity of the refrigerator.

 But one more thing as I mentioned earlier the capacity, and the type is depending on you. If you want to buy a big refrigerator than go for it.but keep in mind one thing choose a refrigerator for your need.

6. Star ratings

So, let’s talk about another important thing before you buy a refrigerator. That is a star rating. Because the refrigerator is onething that will stay on for twenty-four seven into three sixty-five days.

So if you end of buying a one or two-star rating refrigerator then it will consume more electricity and you will have to pay more on bills. On the other hand, if you buy a four- or five-star refrigerator than it will consume a less amount of power or you can say energy that you will save a lot of money on electricity bills. So I Am suggest you to go for a four- or five-star refrigerator.

7.Inverter Refrigerator

This types of refrigerator mainly got a compressor which reduces the working capacity as soon as the maximum cooling is achieved by the refrigerator and one more thing an inverter refrigerator can save up to 20% to 30% of your power bills and the inverter refrigerator also quieter if you compare it with non-inverter refrigerator. One more thing if you want to buy an inverter refrigerator because you got more life span of a refrigerator than a non-inverter refrigerator.

8.Non-inverter Refrigerator

This types of refrigerator compressor either it stays on or its stay off. That’s why non-inverter refrigerator consumes a lot of amounts of power than inverter refrigerator. You have to pay a lot of amounts of money on electric bills. One more thing non-inverter compressor make a lot of noise. But if you have a low budget and you can’t buy an inverter refrigerator than go for non-inverter.

Because you don’t have a choice, but you should buy an inverter refrigerator if your budget allows you. It’s an onetime investment so don’t wait and go for an inverter type of refrigerator made for you.

9. Best Refrigerator brands


So let’s talk about some top brands of the refrigerator in India. So let’s talk about it “HAIER”. It is the Chinese brands which were launched in1983and the company have 36 years of experience in the refrigerator field.

In the Indian refrigerator market this Chinese company having approx 5.5% of market share. Taking about these brands you got a one-year warranty in the whole refrigerator and ten years long warranty on the compressor. This company has a single door, double door side by side, bottom-mounted type of refrigerator. 


Let’s talk about whirlpool brands. It is mainly an American brand which was launched in 1911. This brand has 100 years of experience in this refrigerator market.

Taking about Indian market these brands having approx 18.9% market share. This brands also give us a one-year warranty on the whole refrigerator. Huge ten years long warranty on the compressor. These brands also have every kind of refrigerator in his refrigerator range.   


Now talk about the most knowing refrigerator brands of India. It is a Samsung. it mainly a south Korean company which was launched in 1988 and have 82years of experience. This brands having 29.3% market share and also have every kind of refrigerator in his refrigerator segment.


A lengthy discussion about many types of the Refrigerator and their usage. I Can tell you one thing, please select the refrigerator as per your needs. Because it is a home appliance.


Q.1. Which is best double door or single door?

A.1. It totally depends on your needs if you have a large family then go for a double otherwise a single door is a suitable option.

Q.2. Is an inverter refrigerator really save power?

A.2. yes, inverter refrigerator is a fantastic option, if you want to save some money. But you also have to check the star rating on a refrigerator because Star rating is the most important aspect to save power.

Q.3. Which are the best brands in Refrigerator?

A.3. Nowadays every brand is doing some grating thing. they give us a value for money product, but you have to select a brand on the base of after-sales service.
Some top brands are Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, etc.



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