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Types of Shirts and Their Uniqueness Every Man Should Know

Types of Shirts and Their Uniqueness Every Man Should Know

Shirts are one of the most important garments in your appearance. Today we wear shirts as an upper garment, but at the beginning, shirts are meant to be an undergarment to protect valuable clothes from sweat. There are many different types of shirts. Here are the most important types of shirts that every style and fashion-conscious man has to know.

  1. Tee-shirt
  2. Seersucker shirt
  3. Dress shirt
  4. Oxford cloth button-down shirt (OCBD)
  5. Undershirt
  6. Polo shirt
  7. Flannel shirt
  8. Henley shirt
  9. Linen shirt
  10. Denim shirt
  11. Chambray shirt
  12. Overshirts
  13. Cuban collar shirt
  14. Sweatshirt
  15. Conclusion


No man’s style and fashion are full-filled without a t-shirt. But in the early invention, which goes back to the late 19th century, People used t-shirts as undershirts only. Today t-shirts are the most ubiquitous apparel. We can differentiate t-shirts with their neckline and sleeves style.

Crew neck

This type of t-shirts have round necklines and no collar. Probably the most universally accepted t-shirts are crew neck.


As the name says this kind of t-shirts has a v-shape neckline.

Scoop neck

Again, the name says that this type of t-shirt has a deep scoop neckline. 

Raglan sleeve

This type of t-shirt sleeves are extended in one piece fully to the collar, leaving a diagonal seam.


Also called muscle t-shirt, don’t have sleeves. It’s perfect for a muscular body.

Cap sleeve

cap sleeve t-shirts have very short sleeves covering only the shoulder.


half-sleeve t-shirts cover your full upper arm and below the elbow.

We can also classify t-shirts with their style like slim-fit, baggy, muscle fit, pocket style, hoody style, graphic style, printed and plain.

Seersucker shirts

As the name says seersucker are Indian origin and all cotton made woven shirts. These shirts are commonly stripe or chequered, thin, and puckered types.

The word seersucker literally means milk and sugar. If you look closely, Seersucker is woven in such a way that some threads bunch together and give a wrinkle appearance. Smooth textures are like milk and the bumpy texture is like sugar, for this reason, we call them seersucker or milk and sugar.

There is no reason to admit that seersucker shirts are one of the best rich look options as far as formality is concerned. Seersucker shirts are quite versatile. In addition, they can go with chinos, jeans, dress pants, suits, shorts.

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Dress shirt

Basically dress shirts are button-up shirts that have collars, long sleeves, and have wrist cuffs, and designed to wear with suit, blazers, jackets, ties, bow ties, and cufflinks. But you also can wear without these garments.

These types of shirts are basically made from woven cloth but nowadays they are also made from artificial fiber like polyester or polyester blends. If your dress shirt has an uneven hem then it is designed to be tucked.

In less formal situations you can roll up your sleeves. Moreover if you have a patterned dress shirt, combining it with solid pants will be a better option.

Oxford cloth button-down shirts (OCBD)

OCBD shirts are formal shirts which were invented by John Brooks. The main characteristic of OCBD is the button-down collar style which prevents the collar from flapping and laying flat.

Basically button-down style is created for polo players when their collar flaps with wind. Later OCBD is made from Oxford clothes which are very popular basket weave fabrics. You can wear OCBD formally as well as casually.


These types of shirts are made to wear underneath a dress shirt. Usually not worn as outerwear. Aim is to protect dress shirts from sweat and odor. Because of this reason, we call them undershirts.

There are many different types of undershirts. Like crew neck, V neck. It also can be full sleeve or sleeveless. But, choose one which is not visible when your top shirt button is open and long enough to tuck. Another consideration is to make sure that your undershirt is tight-fitting and comfortable.

When you wear a dress shirt or oxford shirt, make sure you wear an undershirt because it makes them neater by providing an extra cover below them. It also helps to hide your nipples and chest hair.

The polo shirt

These types of shirts are generally made for polo players and later get popular by tennis and golf players. Polo shirts usually have collars and a placket neckline with three buttons. These shirts are usually short sleeves.

Now polo shirts are very fashionable and give a casual look. You can wear polo shirts tucked or untucked as long as their tail length. Never wear an undershirt under a polo. Don’t choose a polo with a big logo. Buttons your polo at least one.

The best colors you can choose are solid basic colors like blue, black, and white. Polo shirts are quite versatile. For a casual get-up pair up your untucked polo with a grey chinos.

The flannel shirts

Flannel shirts traditionally come in a check pattern and are made of woven fabric. These shirts are inherently casual garments. Thicker than a regular shirt and can give you warmth.

You can pair up your unbuttoned flannel shirts with a crew neck t-shirt and with jeans and you are the coolest guy. You also can tuck your funnel shirts with dark denim jeans or chinos with a belt, but make sure they are not baggy. besides the best colors you can choose are red, black, grey, white, and green.

The henley

Henley shirts or Y-neck shirts are round neck shirts with a placket and buttons and first introduced as sports wear for rowers. Henley is best suitable for muscular guys. But if you are thin make sure your henley is not too loose, otherwise you look thinner.

Henley can go with blue jeans, with a hoodie, underneath a jacket, underneath a button-up shirt or overshirt. Generally henley is made with cotton but also seen in synthetic and merino wool.

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Linen shirt

What to wear on a hot summer day? Linen shirt will be the best option, because linen shirts are ultra-breathable. Flax plants are the source of these fabrics. Linen fibers are very strong, absorbent, and dry faster than cotton and.

Do you know that linen was also used as currency in ancient Egypt?

You can wear linen shirts casually as well as formerly. On a summer day you can wear linen with shorts besides you can pair up your long sleeves linen button-up with a black or indigo skinny jeans for a warrior weekend look.

Denim shirt

As the name says, denim shirts are made from denim textile. Denim twill weave woven cotton fabric. You can combine with a dark-color pair of pants for a casual look.

You also can wear denim with chinos and shorts. For a smart-casual look you can combine with a blazer.

Chambray shirt

These shirts are perfect for casual dressing. Chambray shirts are made from chambray or cambric (also known as batiste) fabric which is natural.

Chambray is similar to denim but more breathable and lighter than denim.

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Also known as shacket, are shirts that are worn over shirts and t-shirts as jackets in between summer and winter. Overshirts are thicker than regular shirts and slightly looser fit.

Cuban collar shirt

These types of shirts are more relaxed, open, and notch-like collar shirts with short sleeves and a straight hem. These shirts give a more casual look. You can wear them with chinos as well as shorts.

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Sweatshirts are crew neck comfortable full sleeves shirts that can be worn for athletic purposes as well as casually. Sweatshirts are fashionable and versatile garments that can fit with almost anything.

Many people are confused with sweatshirts and sweaters. These are two different things. Where sweaters are made to give you warmth, sweatshirts are for athletic purposes and can absorb sweat quickly.

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In order to look smart and dress smartly, having knowledge of the most important garment in your appearance is greatly necessary. Wearing a flannel shirt and trying to decorate your neck with a tie may not be a good idea right.



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