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Types of shoes | Ultimate guide that every man should know

Types of shoes | Ultimate guide that every man should know

Now shoes are not just meant to protect our precious feet, they are part of style and fashion. Feet, the foundation of our everyday lives, needs great care and support. There are many different types of shoes, and every man should have some gorgeous pair of shoes for many different events in their life.

  1. Important of nice & comfortable shoes
  2. Different types of men’s shoes
  3. Conclusion

Did you know that today’s technologically advanced shoes have 26 thousand to 40 thousand years long history? The oldest ever found surviving footwears are approximately ten thousand years old bark sandals. These are made from the bark of the sagebrush.

Before that, we only found illustrated evidence in wall painting. The oldest leather shoes we found are five thousand and five hundred years old. These are made from a single piece of cowhide and laced with a leather cord.

Important of nice & comfortable shoes

You can’t have a nice suit without a nice pair of shoes right. People say shoes are the first impression or people judge by your shoes or shoes are the first thing women subconsciously notice.

Whether these statements are true or not shoes are the most important part of our outfit and people do look at these and do make a judgment about yourself.

When it comes to comfort, most of our lives are spent on shoes, bad footwear that is not comfortable can negatively affect your posture and even directly hurt your feet. It also can be the reason for your back pain and you may never find the reason for this.

If you are a sporty guy, you may know better about this. There are different types of sports shoes to protect and best support your feet for different types of sports to prevent injuries. Because every sport has a certain type of movement. For instance, cleat shoes or soccer shoes will be designed mid-cut or high top styles, which provide maximum ankle support, forefoot strap which provide added support, etc.

So footwear goes far beyond the appearance.

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Different types of shoes

There are many different types of shoes for men like dress shoes, casual shoes, boots, sports shoes, etc.

Dress shoes

Different types of dress shoes are loafers, derby, oxford, monk, brogue, etc. these are worn on different types of formal occasions like parties, meetings.


Every man should have loafers who want to look stylish. Because loafers are the most stylish shows. These shoes are laceless, low heel, and have soles separate from the upper. Loafer’s upper vamp is moccasin-like construction.

There are many different types of loafers like penny, tassel, driving, horse bit, and many more. Here we will discuss the most popular and trendy loafers.

Penny loafers are the most popular type. These types of loafers have a leather strap across the upper where you can put one or two pennies. That’s why they call them penny loafers.

Tassel loafers have dangling leather tassels. For this reason, we called them tassel loafers.

Kiltie loafers also have dangling leather tassels, but the difference is they have extra kilt or fence shape design over-the-vamp.

Horsebit or Gucci loafers are similar to penny loafers. The difference is it has a horse bit type metal strap instead of leather.


Oxford shoes are one of the most classic, timeless, and versatile shoes a man can have. There are many different types of oxford shoes like plain toe, cap toe, wing-tip, balmoral, whole-cut, saddle etc.

Plain toe oxford shoes are characterized by its lack of details. This type of oxford does not have a leather cap cover on the toe box and broguing. That gives it a sleek profile.

Cap toe oxfords just have additional leather pieces on the toe box. That’s why we call them cap toe.

Wing-tip Oxford shoes have a decorative M or W shape cap toe.

Whole-cut oxfords are extremely sleek and clean looking shoes because its upper part is made by a single leather piece without any sewn.  Saddle oxfords shoes don’t have any cap toe instead they have an additional piece on the top, that to the bottom sole both sides.


Derbies are standard types, classic look comfortable shoes, and are very similar to oxford, but the slight difference is oxford are closed lacing means the shoelace eyelets tabs are attached under the vamp and derby is open lacing means eyelets are sewn on the top of the vamp.

Different varieties of derby are the plain derby, cap toe derby, wingtip derby, white buck, moc toe, and more.


Perforation is the identity of brogue shoes. Whether it’s an oxford, derby, ghillie, or monk, if it has decorative perforation, it’s a brogue. There are four types of brogue shoes are wingtip, semi-brogue, quarter beige, and longwing brogue.

Wingtip brogue shoes have toe caps with the shape of M or W and the perforation is usually on the toe areas.

Semi brogue’s perforation is only on the seams of the toe cap, vamp, and hills. The overall look is the same as the wingtip.

Quarter brogue is also the same as wingtip with less perforation. There is no perforation on the toe.  Longwing brogue, as the name says, has a long wingtip which ends on the back of the shoe.


These types of shoes are similar to oxford or derby but they have straps instead of laces. So the straps are the identity of monk shoes.

Casual shoes

Casual shoes are comfortable and friendly shoes that we wear in our day to day life. Different types of casual shoes are sneakers, boats, slip-on, sandals etc. 


Main characteristics of sneakers are rubber sole for flexibility, best support to prevent injuries, breathable, better cushion, durability, and traction. Sneakers designed for basic physical activity like walking, running, exercise, playing, etc.

There are many different types of sneakers like plimsoll, slip-on, athletic kick, high top basketball, canvas, and many more.

Plimsoll sneakers or low top sneakers are the most famous and they have a lower upper, which shows your ankle.

High tops or basketball sneakers have high tops that best support and prevent injuries. These sneakers are specially designed for basketball players to support their ankle because they commonly get hurt in the ankle.

Slip-on sneakers don’t have laces and the overall look is like plimsoll or low top sneakers.

Athletic kicks have slightly higher heels and are more comfortable than low top or high top. These types of sneakers are best for running, walking, tennis playing.

Canvas sneakers are versatile and trendy. You can have any color you want. These sneakers’ uppers are made by canvas with a rubber sole, that’s why we call them canvas sneakers. These shoes are not compatible with running or playing.

Boat shoes

Also called deck shoes are very popular these days and worn casually but they are made for use on the boat. That’s why this type of shoes have very good traction even in wet conditions. Boat shoes’ uppers are made of leather as well as canvas, so you can get any color you want.

All boat shoe’s construction designs are the same. They all have moc-toe construction like loafers; usually have two or three eyelets; non-marking rubber sole; traditionally have a 360-degree lacing system. These types of shoes are usually worn without socks.


These types of footwear have a higher upper which covers the ankle and sometimes even the lower calf.

Originally it was made for protecting our feet from water, snow, muds, or hazards or providing additional ankle support and traction for strenuous work like hiking or trekking. But later it became fashionable footwear. Different types boots are:

Chukka boots are ankle-high boots with two or three eyelets. These boots can be worn casually and formally. Traditionally chukka boots uppers are made of soft suede leather. Desert boots are a variation of chukka boots.

Chelsea boots are laceless boots or slip-on boots with slim sole and sleek design.

Work boots are the most functional boots for extreme climates to protect your feet. These are also fashionable boots that give you a rugged look.

Hiking boots are the most durable design to protect your feet from injuries from various outdoor activities. Hiking boots designed to provide comfort for walking.

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Today shoes are not just the protective shield of our feet, they give people status, looks, and style. There are different types of shoes for different events and occasions.



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