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Ultimate Guide, Rules and Knowledge of Badminton-2020


Do you know Badminton Game and its Rules? Yes, You know this Game. This game is very popular and played all over the world. Do you know how to play Badminton?

We played this game by rackets and shuttlecock. And the player hits the shuttlecock by the racket so that shuttlecock must across a net.

This is usually indoor game but we can be play in outdoor like in yard or beach. But in all the tournaments this game is played in a rectangular indoor court.

This game can be played with more than 2 players in a team but officially this game is played with one player per side is known as singles or with two players per side is known as doubles as per the Badminton rules.

So in this blog I will discuss about Badminton that will teach you how to play which you can implement to improve your game.

Let’s Find Out-

  1. History of Badminton
  2. Rules of Badminton
  3. Equipment of Badminton
  4. Comparison with Tennis
  5. Example of Best Players
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQ

History of Badminton-

  • In 1870 the game was developed by the officers in British India, later where the game becomes popular.
  • Thanjavur during 1850, the British was first to play with ball, they made the ball of woolen.
  • During 1873 the game become popular by the name of ‘Poona’ and in this year the rules were made first time.
  • In Folkestone the badminton club was started during 1875.
  • After that the game was played by 1 – 4 players on one side but after that it was decided that the was played easily and work the best by playing 1 or 2 players on one side.
  • After that they again revised the badminton rules by Hart and Bangnel in 1890.
  • During 1893 the Badminton Association of England issued there rules and launched the sport called Dunbar at a house.
  • After that 1899 BAE launched All England Open Badminton Championships for men and women for doubles.
  • One year later in 1990 they introduced singles competitions.
  • The first international match was played between England and Ireland during 1904.
  • After that 1934 many countries founding members for the ‘International Badminton Federation’ which name changes to ‘Badminton World Federation’ now.
  • In 1936 India also jointed.

Source: Wikipedia

Rules of Badminton-

Rule of Court in Badminton-

According to the rules of Badminton, the court is in the shape of rectangle which is usually marked for singles and double play. This is marked for both the single play and double play.

Badminton court has 6.1 meters width for double play but there is line on the court for single play with the measurement of 5.18 meters width and has same length of 13.4 meters.

Court of Badminton is divided equally into two parts by the net into the halves.

Therefore the width of court is divided into two equal parts which is used for the service, by a short service line from the net at 1.98 meters and by the outer side and back boundaries.

Further from the back 0.76 meters the back boundaries are marked for the double’s service.

However, The net which divides the court into two equal parts must be 1.55 meters high from edges and 1.524 meters high from the center.

But the height of net remain the same even in the single or double play.

Rules of Serving in Badminton-

According to the rules of Badminton this game the server and receiver has to stand in diagonally opposite service court and must be in their service court & does not touches any boundaries of their court until the service is not done.

And the partner of the server and receiver player can stand any where they wish but could not block the vision of other two players. The server must service the shuttlecock at least 1.5 meters from the surface.

After that, The servicing the shuttlecock, the shuttlecock must not touches or bounce and passes the short service line on the opposite player’s court.

If the server wins the rally then again the server gets the service and if the receiver wins the rally then the receiver will get the service.

In this game there are the rules of even and odd which means that in singles, when the player wins the rally, the final winning score is in even than he or she has to service the shuttlecock from the right service court.

And if the final winning score of the winning rally is in odd than he or she has to service the shuttlecock from left service court.

And in doubles, when the player wins the rally, the final winning score is in even than player in the right service court has to service the shuttlecock and if the final winning score of the winning rally is in odd than the player in the left service court has to service the shuttlecock.

They determined the positions of the players by their positions at the start of previous rally but they do not determined the positions by their current positions.

This rule helps to give the chance equally to the both the players to serve the service the shuttlecock.

Rules of Scoring in Badminton-

According to the rules of Badminton above all they played each match for 21 point each whoever scores 21 point first will win that round of the match.

There are 3 rounds of the match and the player has to win at least 2 rounds out of three to win the match.When the score becomes 20 – all than the game continues until on side team does not gain the lead of 2 points for example 24 – 22.

And the 4 score becomes 29 – each than the final one score pointer game is played and those who will win that score will win that round of the match.

However, The winner of the previous round will get the shuttlecock to service first in next round. But the first service of the first rally is decided by tossing a coin whoever wins the toss will decide that who will service first and from which side of the service court.

But in doubles the serving pair has to decide that who among them will serve and the receiver pair has to decide that who will receive the shuttlecock from the server.

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Equipment of Badminton-


According to Badminton rules the racket should be of light weight between 70 to 95 grams but it does not include of grip and strings. However, The racket is made up of many different materials like solid steel, carbon fiber.

Therefore Carbon fiber is the main material which lightens the weight of the racket. But the badminton racket made up of wood is not allowed.


According to Badminton rules the shuttlecock is made up of cock and feathers with the shape of conical.

So, In cork base the 16 feathers are embedded to give the conical shape to the shuttlecock.

As a result according to the rules all the shuttlecock are tested for their speed.

Comparison with Tennis-

  • Tennis the game is played with racket and ball but in badminton the game is played with racket and shuttlecock.
  • The ball has to bounce the court once before the player hits the ball in tennis but in badminton if the shuttlecock is touches the ground the rally ends.
  • In tennis the server service the ball from the outside the court but in badminton the server service the shuttlecock from the respected service court.
  • Tennis the player has two chances to serve the ball but in badminton only one chance is allowed to serve the shuttlecock.
  • Badminton there are 3 rounds of the match and the player has to win at least 2 rounds out of three to win the match but In tennis there are 6 rounds of the match and the player has to win at least 3 or 5 rounds out of six to win the match.
  • Most importantly, The court of tennis is double the court of badminton in length and width.
  • In tennis 163.4 miles per hour by Samuel Groth is the fastest speed of ball is recorded but in badminton 264.7 miles per hour by Mads Pieler Kolding is fastest speed is recorded.
  • The racket of the tennis is 4 times more heavy than the racket of badminton.
  • The ball of tennis is 11 times more heavier than the shuttlecock used in badminton.

Examples of Best Players-

  • Lin Dan
  •  Taufik Hidayat
  • Gao Ling
  •  Tony Gunawan
  • Lee Chong Wei
  • Rudy Hartono
  • Morten Frost Hansen
  • Li Lingwei
  • Peter Høeg Gade
  • Han Aiping

Source: sportsshow


From my point of the view badminton is very good sport which is very popular all over the world. It is the great game to become and remain physically fit. In today’s time this game is played at all the schools and colleges even in streets of city. It is the sports of fitness.


1.Who invented Badminton?

British army invented the game of badminton.

2.Badminton is indoor or outdoor game?

Badminton is formally indoor game but it can be played outdoor also.

3.When badminton was invented?

Badminton is invented in 1873.

4.When badminton became Olympic sports?

In 1972 badminton became an Olympics’ sports.

5.When badminton was started in India?

In 19th century the badminton was started in India.



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