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Ultimate Guide, Rules and Knowledge of Football-2020


Do you know Football Game and its Rules? Yes, You know this Game. This game is very popular and played all over the world. Do you know how to play Football?

It is known as Association Football as well as Soccer. In this game two team of 11 players each played together using any part of their body except their hands and arms.

Players tried to take the ball at opponent team’s goal. Whoever team score more goals wins the game.

Lionel Messi (Barcelona and Argentina) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid and Portugal) are the best examples of Soccer players in today’s time.

So in this blog I will discuss about Football that will teach you how to play which you can implement to improve your game.

Let’s Find Out-

  1. Rules of Football
  2. History of Football
  3. Common Elements
  4. Use of the Word “FOOTBALL”
  5. Example of Best Players
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQ

Rules of Football-

According to the rules of Football there are 17 laws build around the world regarding equipment, field of play, conduct of participation’s, and settling of results.

In this game two team of 11 players played together using any part of their body except their hands and arms.

The ball should be made up of leader or some special material, the measurement of ball should be around 27-27.5 inches in circumference and should be 410-450 grams in weight.

After the half time interval of 15 mint. In which team can change their players if required. In additional the referee has the power to increase or give extra time to both the teams in the form of stoppages in play.

And also if no team wins the referee give extra time to play, and then, if required, a penalty shutout kicks are given equally to both the team to score the goal and wins the game.

The penalty area should be in rectangular area in front of goal which should be 40.2 metres wide and 16.5 metres long into the field.

There is 7.3 metres wide and 2.4 metres high is the measurement of goal frame backed by a net.

90 to 120 metres long and 45-90 metres wide is the measurement of playing field in which match is played.

Referee controls the game and also is timekeeper and two assistants who patrol the touchlines, signaling whenever all goes outside the field or player is outside the play ground.

Players are compulsory to wear jerseys with numbers, shorts, socks that identified the team for whom they are playing. They must worn shoes and shin guards.

Both the team should wear different uniforms so that they can identified and goalkeepers must be identified differently from other team players.

Rules of Fouls in Football-

According to the rules of Football there are Free Kicks and Penalty kicks are awarded for fouls and violations of rules.

FREE KICKS are taken for non serious fouls, when free kick is taken, opponent team players must be 9 metres away from ball.

It can be direct to score the goal or maybe not.

For more serious fouls PENALTY KICKS are taken which was introduced in 1891, which is taken from 11 metres from the goal which is direct free kick awarded to attack on attacking side with only goalkeeper and kicker outside the penalty area to do the goal and increase his scoreboard.

Since 1970 two card are introduced for fouls and violations of rules for the players such as yellow caution card and red caution card, yellow caution card guilty for a serious foul; a second caution ears a red card and rejection from the game.

Reefer can directly off the player from the game for serious fouls, such as violent conduct.

Rules of Football-

According to the rules of Football-

  • Full match is of 45 minutes of two halves with 15 minutes half time interval.
  • Therefore each team must have 11 players including 1 goalkeeper and 7 players are substitute for needed to constitute a match.
  • However goalkeeper is the player to allow handling the ball within the 18 yard box.
  • Each team has maximum of 3 substitutions per side from 7 substitute players and each team is forced to not substitute after 3 substitutions in case there is any serious injury.
  • So to constitute a goal the whole ball must cross the line of the goal.
  • If the ball goes out of the play ground by the team X then team Y gets the ball to throw in and visa versa.
  •  If the ball goes out of the play ground where the goal poll is established by opponent team then attacking team goalkeeper will get the ball to kick and when ball goes out of the play ground by attacking team then opponent team gets the ball to kick from the corners.

History of Football-

Early History-

  • The first ball was made of rock occurred in old Mesoamerican cultures for over 3000 years ago. And the ball of rock would symbolize the sun and captain of the losing team would be sacrificed to the god.
  • After that China was first to kick the ball and played in a square in the 3rd and 2nd century under the name Cuju.
  • During 7th century the ball was made by shreds of leather filled with hair.
  • During 12th century the game was developed by England however football was played on meadows and roads in England. So, It took plenty of people and took place over large areas in towns.
  • After that football was started playing in all public schools’ playground in 1835.
  • During 1848 in Cambridge the games was attempt to create proper rules but it was not achieved.
  • During 1863 the first Football Association was formed in England in which it was decided that ball was not touching the ball from hands was not allowed and also the weight and size of ball was standardization.
  • After that, In 15th century the first Football clubs have existed and in 1862 the England club Notts County was formed which still exists today.

Early Modern History-

  • During 1885 professionally this game was legalized and in 1888 the Football League was established in which 12 clubs joined the league.
  • After that in 19th century women also starts playing football.
  • After that in 1871 the Football Association Challenge Cup(FA Cup) was become important competition. Therefore in which two countries played together first time ever between England and Scotland.
  • After that in 1883 the first international tournament took place between England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales.
  • In 1909 the first time soccer was included in Olympic Games until the first FIFA World Cup was played in 1930,
  •  After that in 1996 women football was added in world cup held in china.
  • Champions League was global tournament for clubs since 1992 and European Cup from 1955-1991.
  • In the late during 19th century 211 national association included in FIFA.

Source: Wikipedia

Common Elements-

  • Each team must have 11 players including 1 goalkeeper and 7 players are substitute for needed to constitute a match.
  • On the other hand they clearly define the area of playing the game.
  • They Considered scoring goals when ball passes the goal line.
  • They considered scoring goal when player putting ball between two goal posts.
  • However opponent team must define its goal line.
  • But players does not uses there hand and arms to move the ball.

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Use of the Word “FOOTBALL”

The world football is used in different countries in different ways which mean differently. In many countries solely known as football in many different countries like United State, United Kingdom, Canada.

Rugby Union is mean for the FOOTBALL in New Zealand. Also in America the football is known for the world SOCCER.

But in FIFA the world FOOTBALL is used in their primary language but in Unites State and Canada the word SOCCER is used for FOOTBALL in FIFA.

  • During 2005 (AAFGB) Australia’s Association Football Governing Body changed the word ‘soccer’ to ‘football’.
  • In 2007 New Zealand’s Governing Body also renamed as FOOTBALL.
  • After that in 2009 Samoa Football Federation is changed to Football Federation Samoa in Samoa.

Examples of Best Players-

  • Lionel Messi (Barcelona and Argentina
  • Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid and Portugal)
  • Xavi (Barcelona and Spain)
  • Andrés Iniesta (Barcelona and Spain)
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Paris St-Germain and Sweden)
  • Radamel Falcao (Atlético Madrid and Colombia)
  • Robin van Persie (Manchester United and Holland)
  • Andrea Pirlo (Juventus and Italy)
  • Yaya Touré (Manchester City and Ivory Coast)
  • Edinson Cavani (Napoli and Uruguay)

Source: theguardian


In Conclusion it is the sports which makes healthy and relax to the person and it can be played with your friends and family members. Most importantly its helps body to run and remains exercised mainly of legs. It also helps to live peace with others. However I play soccer and it is my passion and I loved to play this game. 


1.Which soccer team is best?

Belgium team is best with 1765 points.

2.Which football team has the most trophies?

Manchester United in England has the most trophies.

3.Which football team has the most fans?

Real Madrid FC has the most fans.

4.Which soccer team does the queen support?

West Ham is the team which is supported by the queen.

5.Does goalkeeper can play with team in the ground?

Yes, Goalkeeper has an advantage.

6.Most famous player of soccer in the world?

Lionel Messi and Critiano Ronaldo.



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