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Ultimate Guide For 5 Digit Income-2020

Are you one of those whose assume their college degree to be a financial success or a good source for income? Do you think that a normal college degree can help to pay off all your debts, can it help take care of your family, and can it give you financial freedom?  Are you working passionately or just for a pay check?

Just imagine can you dream of an Audi or an jaguar or am Lamborghini through your this source of income? Do u think that you will get this sort of pay check every month whether it is crises or nay disaster took place?

I think there would be a great no to this as you cannot achieve this till don’t have ability or a skill that delivers value to the marketplace and you can charge per hour from the market. And that kill or ability is called as a HIGH INCOME SKILL.

Table of Content

  1. What Is High Income Skill?
  2. Benefits Of High Income Skill
  3. Sources For Income
  4. Your Turn

What Is High Income Skill?

So, basically high income skill refers to that skill which is valuable for the market and market is ready to pay high to acquire that particular skill.

According to Dan Lok, who is a leading business consultant and teaches how to acquire a high paying job to start a business as he himself started as a copywriter which is a high income skill believes that

“ A skill that can make you a minimum of 10,000 bucks per month, which is a healthy six-figure income that deliver value to marketplace, that you can charge a lot of money to deliver.”

Now, many of you must be thinking about the difference between high income skill and high income job the basic difference between them is that you worth in job are decided by someone whereas worth of a skill is being decided by the market place not by any individual.

Benefits Of High Income Skill


Let me tell you some factors which are in your hand when you have a skill whereas a job doesn’t have them:-


In a skill you have absolute dependence to decide your income how much you want to you can take a break if you want to and for much time you want to but in job you couldn’t do so you have to plan everything in advance you have to inform your seniors then you have to wait for their acceptance and too you couldn’t take your words back.


That’s the loveliest point that in skill you can manage your income when you want to, how much you want to , whereever you want, it’s all upon you, you don’t have to ask someone, you are your own owner. Even it gives you mental freedom which is very important in my point of views as mental freedom automatically doubles your potential.

Variety of option

In a skill you have variety that how much income you want to earn in variety like in job you are working in a sales company hen you a able to perform sale only but through skill you can showcase them all at a time and working on them all parallel.

Sources For Income


Let we know what the high income skills are then we will discuss how to get money off those skills: –

Digital marketer

A digital marketer is someone who markets image of a brand through internet. It could be on website, display ads, campaign by which you can create a decent amount of income.

Digital marketing is a broad niche in itself as there are many ways to be a digital marketing. It includes

There’s very space in this field because conversion through this technique is on a higher side and there’s internet boom going on and after all it’s very cheaper than all other types of marketing. But remember one thing that there is sudden hype in digital marketing so there are a lot of frauds and spam people selling their course in market where they guarantee to teach so be aware of them.


Have you ever read a sales page that have convinced you too but that product or service immediately? That’s the persuasion of copyrighting.

 A copyrighting is like a written sales ad that could be through mail, display ad, sales page and much more to convince the reader to take action for buying immediately.

You can also write books, speech and write blog for your own because demand for this skill is very high that can turn their words into sales point.

Public speaking

Do you have an attractive personality and a strong voice? Do you have a good at storytelling?  So congratulation you can peruse skill of public speaking.

I know that you must be wondering that how you can create high amount of income through public speaking but you can as there is value for a speaker especially when it comes to motivational speaker. You must heard names like Dr. Ujjwal Patni, Dr. Vivek Bindra, and very special Sandeep Maheshwari, can I ask you who are they? Yes you are right they are motivational speakers. They speak in a stadium which gets houseful because people want to listen them.

Web development

web app development

Web development is too spreading all over the globe at a rapid speed because who so ever want to do something the very first thing he do is to have a website and that’s very important because where someone can find me if he want to know something about me, definitely he will visit Google but that’s the guarantee that content provided by Google is correct so web development is very necessary skill this time if you want to learn this then don’t wait go learn it asp and start selling your skills in marketplace.

Video editing

Today you must be spending most if your time in video the video could be educational, comedy or what so ever but yes you have to believe that the world has shifted from text to audio and now to video as well.

Video is the most watchable form of content today and it will get increasing day by day so if you love video editing, go learn it, and go apply it what are you waiting for. There are so many people indeed of a video editor who can edit videos for them. More the opportunity, More the income


The most vibrant example of this skill is when some company like who manufactures mobile phones or DSLR need these persons who can click wonderful photo from their mobile or camera so that they can impress people by that photo in the launch event to encourage people to buy that camera phone.

 As most of the people buy phone considering their camera because everyone wants to click some good quality pictures from. Even today mobile phone cameras are much better than that of professional cameras like DSLRs. 

Mobile App Development

mobile app development

Most people prefer to develop an application for user as of website and today people are getting a lot of mobile data so many people prefer an app instead of going to website each time. Website can be developed by itself but a mobile application is very difficult to prepare as this can be done by a professional only. And day by day number of downloaded application increases.  


Are you able to take your all decision by your own? If yes, it’s wonderful but 99% didn’t get what to do so they seek parents and friends and relatives but everyone talks about their prospective without getting what’s your point of view in that.

And that’s where the consultant too place. Consultant is a person from whom you can consult about your queries and yes definitely he must be one of normal people and may be smaller then you but that’s doesn’t matter that what his age, colour, personality is. The thing which makes him apart is that he understand your point of view and according to that he will make you things clear in a much better way.

And you can create a huge income through this.

High ticket closing

High ticket closing is a very special and profitable skill but that’s the only skill which could be not meant for everyone. So, basically high ticket closing is when you help someone selling his product service which could price in lakhs and you get a commission on selling that product. These deals are normally being closed on telephonic conversation not on social media or website.


Do want to set your working hours on your own? Want to build a massive business empire so entrepreneur us the best field for you. But before let us define the basic difference between entrepreneur and a businessman: –

Entrepreneur is the one who runs many businesses.

Businessman is the one who work in a business to run it.

Your Turn

Now when we have discussed 10 high income skill its now your turn to try them all one by one to find out the best one for you.

But at last I want to tell you that how you can find a genuine content always remember a genuine influencer never teaches by money only. For example Dr. Vivek Bindra runs a paid entrepreneurship course but he also provides some free content on YouTube. 

Now just get off your bed and create income how much you want to.









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