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11 Easy and Unique Business Ideas within 250 words.


If you are willing to start a startup or a business then these unique business ideas can
help you these ideas are within 250 words means they are to the point.

Table of Content

  1. List of unique business ideas.
  2. Game with a real-life scenario.
  3. Creating electricity from moving vehicles.
  4. Teaching Podcast.
  5. Customized gifts that attach to memories.
  6. Painting canvas in a fun way.
  7. A Music app.
  8. App for the right content.
  9. Providing resources for creators.
  10. Buying shares of a painting.
  11. Company who invest in experiments.
  12. B2B platforms for film-makers.
  13. Final Words
  14. FAQ.

Let’s Begin with the list of Unique business ideas.

Idea Number 1: Game with real life scenario.

GTA becomes an instant sensation upon its release upon  90’s kid’s friends and
it’s still one of the most played games.

Because in a game where you can kill people and burst cars, so what if there was a
a reality-based game that constantly keeps changing according to Real Life Stock Market
and major Global News. For Example, if there is a storm in real-world the game
can have it too in the game if the character invests in bitcoin and the real bitcoin
prices increase at the same time the character gest richer in-game at the same
time the game character could also invest in real companies.

I will love to play such a game and this is an amazing idea from the list of
unique business ideas.

Download GTA-5

Idea Number 2: Creating Electricity from moving Vehicles.

Creating electricity from winds of moving cars, it’s a new concept it is already
tried and tested, but there is an affordable way of doing this with an
efficient design for it.

Currently there are 2 common designs available in the market for this

Concept number 1: small fans in a straight line under a cavity created in road dividers

Concept number 2: polls are built regularly functions for huge horizontal across curved fans.

But there is a wastage of a lot of resources in both designs, either in making multiple poles on the road or making cavities under the divider.
Now imagine portable horizontal cross curved fan divided into two identical
semicircles which can be easily locked into each other or any street light pole.

 Now Just the wires that collect electricity would need extra infrastructure,
imagine the amount of money that you would be saving.

Idea Number 3: Teaching Podcast.

Day by day games of becoming more interactive with argument reality and
virtual reality shows our films on Netflix where you can choose the next Twist
of the story question is can podcasts become interactive current educational
podcast and tutorial-based podcasts are trending really well imagine
what there was podcast which could teach you and teach you an art form related
to sound like play music or singing with responsive interactions.

for example, imagine a podcast which teaches a single to sink famous Raag Malhar
liked Tansen it begins with instructions then it gives space to the singer to sing it
and while he or she is singing podcasts compare the accuracy the singer’s pitch
with the original Raag Malhar just like karaoke and further response with the
instructions accordingly and with a similar format in the agile tutorial please podcast
learn guitar or piano maybe mimicry.

Idea Number 4: Customized gifts which attach to memories.

So no everyone is a fan of collecting artworks and paintings, but everyone is a fan of collecting showpieces right?

Wood, metal, clay, glass, stone, and what not we’ve seen all kinds of showpieces right.
But what if there was a showpiece customized from your memories something that connects directly.

Imagine an app where you can customize showpieces for your house or office
simply choosing your preferred material size, budget and uploading a small
write up explaining  a special memory of yours

After entering all the details, you will receive  a couple of rough designs and references and in a day or two and once you lockdown on any of those designs. Your shelf will soon get a showpiece which you can show off based on its connect and not price tag.

Idea Number 5: Painting canvas in a fun way.

I am friend to get my hands dirty with colours while playing with colour balloons but with a twist honestly I hate having colours on my face but I love them on my hand and on my canvas.

I and my friends planned to make Colour Splash paintings with the signature of them first took a picture of our signatures then we get them to digitise on made stencil stickers out of them put the stickers on a Canvas board and through colours balloons on it and waited for the colour to dry and then peel off these stickers jus to create beautiful and personalized.

colour Splash signature painting for houses and I realized it should be such a great product to sell online for anyone who is involved in the business of customized art pictures. Think such great designs will be there and this unique business ideas can get you a good profit.

 Idea Number 6: A music app

So couple of days when i was  back in Bombay travelling  in my local train and listening to the song AAO MILO CHAILE from Jab We Met film experience of listening to that song till date.

This was because that the train was so loud that 80% of the sound was of this song but 20% was of the trains khat in the background and what is there was a music app which allows me to choose an ambience sound while listening to any song Imagine listening to a favourite song with different ambience every time like Italian street or California street, winds of Alaska or maybe Indian trans.

Based on your mood the volume of the ambience can be adjusted and anyone can content creator on the app simply uploading interesting sounds in ambience from their own locality. This unique business ideas of music app will definitely be amazing, I wan to be the first one to use this app

Idea Number 7: App which show right content.

sometimes all of us wish to avoid certain kind of content on Instagram Facebook or any other social media like movie reviews before watching a film right opposite of that you might wish to see more specific kind of content for example motivational post before going to the gym for exams now imagine what is there was a third party app which you see the type of content you wish to see or avoid on Instagram Facebook LinkedIn any or any other social media platform.

The process can be simple you just have selected the keywords and #tags  the specific type of content and the app can find or hide element content accordingly maybe you can also add a preference for the format of the content like photos videos means text. The benefit of the primary social media app would be more attention to the user as well as specific data which is really provided by the user himself to make advertisements better. Do you think such unique business ideas of will come in the future or not

You can Learn App Development from GeeksforGeeks.

Idea Number 8: Providing resources for creators.

Internet is getting cheaper day by day and hence the audience for the online content is growing just like the content creators but a lot of content creators do not have the required resources content now imagine.

what is there was a cafe or a coworking space where content creators are invited and provided with different resources required to create content around temporary trends in the digital world be it Tik Tok challenges or YouTube video vlogs on Instagram photos every piece of content request good resources to look good like camera and sound equipment cool props cool backgrounds and most wanted creative collaborations.

Creating content resources to the opportunity placing advertisement a person who creates a platform of resources has access to more possibilities of content advertisers such person can also provide services for niche marketing by bringing together more content creators from similar nice but different channels.

Maybe he or she can start paid membership program to rent resources with travel companies for hotels to organize special tools for content creation and advertisement and they can also earn by managing talents ensure their n numbers of possible channels one’s you have access to so many content creators.

Idea Number 9: Buying a Share of Painting.

Paintings and artworks are sold across the globe for hundreds of thousands of millions accepted that only completely and finished paintings are sold but what if stereotype Of Broken yes.

what if we could sell half complete painting or maybe or just an idea of painting for example of famous artist announces Idea office next painting before even beginning at and someone can invest in it for less price as they do not know the final product and its value the artist keep updating the pictures of painting stage-wise anyone can invest in the painting at any stage and latest salad for more at the next stage price depends on the history of The Artist and stage of the painting my specific idea is of an ap are modified auction event or any platform that enables this system to imagine the possibilities. Have you ever heard about such unique business ideas?

Idea Number 10: Company who invest in experiments.

All of us are familiar with investment companies who invest in other companies shares equity shares but what if there was a company who invest only in experimental campaigns of other companies most of the risk decision for experimental complaints fall flat on companies face but some of them also pay incredibly well now.

what if rather than canceling on such risky yet companies outsource funds from them imagine what is there was a company whose specifically invest in experimental and innovative camping of other companies for a project-based venue for profit-sharing financial negotiation projects and camping but if you invest in right time in your great short term profit thing about it.

Idea Number 11: B2B platform for film-makers.

Is an expense job building a set for a couple of days and destroying that it is not there but what is there was set off locations that are being concerned constructed for a film and Shimla location is required for an ad shoot of a filmmaker elaborate the cost where anyone can register the shareable resources from the next project resources required for another project the B2B platform connects cost-effectively.

This would be for theoretical some short. Web series advertisement extra platform can also be helpful for event planners for example to different event planners were back to back events can connect and higher event resources together for more days and pay less rent Think About it.

Final Words

Guys comment down and do let me know which one is your favorite business idea from the list of unique businesses.

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1. How to create a unique business idea?

Creating a unique business idea is tough but it not impossible you need to put some efforts and you can use SCRAMPER Technique.

2.How to find a Unique Business Ideas?

If you want to create a unique business idea then think of solving problems of people there are n number of problems which need to be solved just look around, do some  market research.



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