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6 Unique Ways to Boost your Self Confidence


In my words, Self Confidence can be simply defined as “One’s belief in himself, his qualities, his abilities etc.

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  2. Importance of Self Confidence
  3. How to Build Self Confidence?
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What is Self Confidence?

Self means ‘about one own’ and Confidence means ‘a state of being certain about something’. Since self-confidence is a psychological term, and because of it, everyone has its own way of defining it. But from any definition, more or less, the crux is just that “One’s believe upon himself”.

If you want to have or increase your self-confidence, then it is genuinely a step towards your self-improvement. But you should first know the difference between self-confidence, and over form of it.

Just like the difference between being confident and being overconfident about something, self-confidence also has two such layers. The first layer is self-confidence, which is very necessary for everyone to have to be successful in any field and for achieving anything they want in life. But the second layer of over self-confidence is a dangerous state of mind. In this, people generally over assess their qualities and abilities, and take decisions on the basis of such over-valued estimations.

Many people use the word Self-confidence and Self-esteem interchangeably, but there is a subtle difference between both of them, and one should know that difference before moving upon any of these topics.

Self-confidence is one’s beliefs upon himself, his abilities, his qualities, his work, and his judgment. On the other hand, Self Esteem is knowing the real worth of yourself. If a person accepts himself in a genuine way, and knows his real worth, power, capabilities, etc. then he can be called a Self-esteemed person.

Importance of Self Confidence

Self-confidence is not optional to be developed, rather it is mandatory for everyone to have, if he or she wants to achieve something great in his/her life.

A Self-confident person is admired everywhere, and even always inspire other people to be confident in their life. It is very important for everyone to be confident. No matter what’s your age is and whether you are a student or a working professional, every one of you should have confidence over yourself.

Lack of self-confidence is like a vicious cycle. People having low confidence are less likely to achieve success, and this will again decrease it. The worst thing is that such under-confident people do not even realize this vicious cycle and got trapped for a long time.

Now, the things are somewhat clear to you how itis really important for you to be confident, and how a lack of confidence is harmful for you. There are several more benefits which you should know before looking into ways of increasing it. Some such benefits are as follows:

It increases Self Esteem

Self-confidence also makes you find the true value of yourself because you can assess your judgments and capabilities more accurately. The more self-confidence you have, the more valuable you’ll feel. Higher self-esteem is also important because when you start valuing yourself, people also start valuing you, and it also reduces the chances of over self-confidence.

It leads you to achieve success

It is not a mystery why confident people are more likely to achieve success in their life. The people who are confident in their life will get everything they are working for, because they know their real worth and act accordingly which increases their chances of success. Self-confident people are also more convincing.

It makes you more attractive

Self-confident people look more attractive as they carry themselves in a proper way. This attractiveness will help you in your career and professional life, as you are more presentable in front of your seniors.

Self confident people are free from any kind of fears

Under-confident people have several kinds of fears like fear of failure, fear of risks, fear of criticism, feeling of insecurity, etc. But a confident person has no such fear as he is aware of his worth, powers, and abilities.

It makes you happier

Self-confidence and happiness are strongly connected with each other. Being self-confident leads you to achieve success in different fields, and your success will ultimately lead you to a happier life.

It gives you peace of mind

All the above-explained factors result in a more peaceful life. Success in life, self-awareness, freedom from fears and anxiety, and more happiness will ultimately gives you peace of mind, which is very essential for anyone.

How to build Self Confidence?

Now as you are aware of the importance and benefits, you certainly want to build and increase your confidence. So, I’ll describe to you some ways and activities that you can do in order to increase your self-confidence. Have a look!

Explore Yourself

Try to explore yourself and look for your talents and passion. Seek the activities you’re good at. When you’re are following your passion, it’ll make you happier and feel confident. Along with boosting your confidence, working upon your passion also polish your talent.

Take Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself will make you feel fresh, and being fresh and active increases your confidence. Try to keep yourself clean and groomed, do exercise, and take sound sleep. These small steps might sounds irrelevant but actually are really effective. It will increase your self-esteem as well.

Set and Achieve Small Goals

Try to make such small and short term goals that will ultimately assist you in achieving your main objective. The achievement of these goals will make you feel as a winner. Such small achievements make you more confident, and you’ll also achieve your objectives finally.

Don’t Compare Yourself with others

You should understand that your only competition is you. You should work upon making yourself better. Comparing yourself with others will result in decreased confidence. So, you have to take challenges with your own, rather than comparing yourself with anyone else.

Manage your Fears

You should learn to manage your fears. The fear of failure, fear in taking risks, fear of criticism, etc. must be avoided so that they will not create hurdles in the way of your success. Such fears are worthless and should be managed so that you can achieve your goals which increases your confidence.

Be Positive

Positive thinking creates a kind of positive attitude, and such an attitude is very necessary to be adopted to feel more confident. Try to create a positive environment around yourself and stay with positive people who encourage you to accomplish your goals.


Conclusively, now when you know about what is Self Confidence and how important it is for you, you have to focus on the ways and methods of improving it as stated above. So, start working upon them in order to boost it. You will start noticing changes also by following these steps.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why is Self confidence important?

A Self-confident person is admired everywhere, and even always inspire other people to be confident in their life. So, It is very important for everyone to be confident.

Can Self confidence be taught?

Only the meaning, importance, and ways of boosting self-confidence can be taught. However, the one who understands them and follow the ways will see the changes, and become a confident person.

Is it necessary to have self confidence?

It is not optional to be developed, rather it is mandatory for everyone to have. In short, one should be confident if he or she wants to achieve something great in his/her life.

Are Self confidence and Self esteem the same things?

No, these are two different concepts. I’ve explained it in the blog. So, you can check the blog to get a proper explanation about it.



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