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Learn To Use Kinemaster app : A Full Guide For Beginners


Hello, everyone In this post we will explain everything about kinemaster video editor application,how you can use kinemaster app

If you are a beginner or you want to edit videos professionally for YouTube or any other platform then this app is best for you.

What you get:

  1. What is Kinemaster
  2. How to Download Kinemaster App
  3. List of all Kinemaster App Features
  4. How to use Kinemaster App
  5. Free and Paid Version
  6. Conclusion
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kinemaster

Kinemaster is a professional video editing app available in both devices with many features. It is also has a free and paid version but free versions have some restrictions on its features and you will also see the watermark on each video edit by kinemaster.

So I suggest you if you can pay some money then you should use kinemaster app paid version.

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How to Download Kinemaster App

It is a very easy and free method to download kinemaster app here we explain how you can download it in android and ios devices both just follow some of these instructions properly.

  • For Android users : First open the Google play store after it clicks on the search bar and type KINEMASTER and search it Then you show on the first top position open it and tap on INSTALL that’s it all is done. Now you are ready to use the app
  • For iPhone users : First open the App store Go to search bar type KINEMASTER and browse, when you see kinemaster on first top position then click on it and download after downloading it will show you in home-page of your device

How to download kinemaster app in PC | Windows or Mac

Before downloading a kinemaster app in the computer

First you have to download an emulator, by using an emulator you can run any android or iPhone app in the PC

Then Go to play-store or App-store tap on the search bar, and write kinemaster & browse

When you see a kinemaster app in the top first position, open it and install(similarly as you do in the Android & iPhone devices.)

What is emulator: Emulator is a software helps to run android and iPhone applications in a computer system. There is so many emulator software available on the internet such as Bluestacks, Nox player, etc. You can download anyone from them.

List of all Kinemaster App Features

2.Control speed
3.Text graphics
4.Colour filters
5.Add music & audio
6.Handwriting (many types)
7.Clip graphics
10.Text and many more…

How to use Kinemaster App

Landing screen

It is a screen where you saw all the project videos you edit by kinemaster and get an option to create a new video

To create/edit a new video click on “+” button then it asks you to choose an aspect ratio of videos

It provides three aspect ratios like 16:9, 9:16, 1:1 Then you get a control bar as showing in the image.

Control bar

It is a screen where you will see the video you working on and also you manage all the features of this app on this bar

Like media, audio, voice, layers, project settings, and many more options in this app

you get a play button so you can check your video how it looks.

How to trim a video

If you want to trim or cut a video first add video on control bar by using ‘media’ option

Then you can see the video on control bar screen.

After it select the video ( when you select you will see yellow borders on a video) and some more options will be visible.

Then click on “scissor” sign (top right) it also shows you more trim methods

Then select video that you don’t want to cut then click on top right corner Tick mark. ( it means all part of the video you didn’t select was removed)

How to add audio in kinemaster videos

To add audio in videos click on audio button then you get four options there are

  1. Music assets: In it kinemaster provides free music for your video you can download it
  2. SFX assets: In this you can download small sound effects for your video
  3. Recorded: you can see all the audio you recorded
  4. Songs: you can see all the songs available in your device you can choose it from here.
    That’s it, now you get a layer of that audio by selecting it you can control the time length of audio.

Pan & Zoom feature in kinemaster app

By using this feature you can manually create an effective animation by set a starting position & end position of any image or video When the video is selected then this feature is visible it is present in the middle of trim and volume option.

For a better understanding as shown in the image When you click on it you see two options those are start position & End position use zoom in or zoom out to get a professional look.

How to play, share, duplicate & delete, any video in kinemaster app

For performing these functions on any video first you should open the app then select the video then you can see four options on that page

  • First one is play: you can play and pause the video and see what you create.
  • Second one is share: By this, you can export or share the videos on any social media platforms directly
  • Third one is duplicate/copy: It will help you to create duplicate video Suppose you create an intro for any video then this feature is used by using this you don’t need to create again and again the same intro just use this feature.
  • The fourth one is deleted: if you want to delete or want to remove the video from kinemaster video list then you can use it and delete it.

How to add text in kinemaster video

To Add a text in a video first click on the layer then you see some options choose ‘text’ and write what you want to show on the video in a starts the text is showing small but you can change it’s the size and position & angle too.

It also provides some more options for editing the text like

  • You can introduce the text IN ANIMATION & OUT ANIMATION
  • Change the color of the text
  • Control the opacity of text
  • You can change the background color of the text
  • And many more editing options it will provide you such as text glow, text outline, text-shadow, text rotate, mirroring, etc.

How to use transition in kinemaster

Transition is an effect that shows the professional look to your video To add a transition in a video first you have to choose the clips of the video available in your device then you see a grey box in the middle of both clips.

Click on it then you’ll see many types of transitions like text transitions, sentimental, fun transition, presentation, powerful, classic, 3D transition, etc.

Each transition has many effects you can check and use it according to you. If you want more effects you have to buy a premium plan.

How to add handwriting in a video

To use the handwriting feature on a video first open the app then select the video or if it’s new click on + sign & chooses aspects ratio and reach the control bar

After it clicks on LAYER it will open a new window, then find and click on handwriting option Now here you have all customize options you can use like colours, eraser, brush, etc.

How to export videos form kinemaster app

To export the video from kinemaster to gallery first open the kinemaster app choose the video from landing screen which you want to export then click on the share button, choose the video format & frame rate 360p, 480p, 540p, 720p,1080p, etc.

Then finally tap on export that’s it Now the video is saved in your device. If the video is lengthy then maybe it takes more time for export And even you can directly upload your videos on social media platforms.

Free and Paid Version

Serial No. SubscriptionPrice of subscription
1. FREE₹0.00
2. MONTHLY ₹249.00 (7day free trial)
3. YEARLY ₹1299.00


kinemaster is the best editing app for beginners with a lot of features even in a free version, don’t overthink and just start using it.

It is a very popular video editing app

So you get a lot of blogs and videos available on the Internet which will help you to learn how to use kinemaster app very easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) How many audio tracks can be added?

Ans: There is no limit for adding the audio tracks in your videos but it has a limit that you can play eight audio tracks at a particular time.

Q2) How Can I Remove The “KineMaster” Watermark?

Ans: If you want to remove the kinemaster watermark on your videos then you have to pay for it, you can also try 7 days free trial to remove the watermark.

Q3) How do I contact Customer care?

Ans: You can send request to customer care by using a kinemaster website and fill the form details such as your email address, subject, description, platforms, type of issue, file attachments.



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