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How To Do Vipassana Meditation


Vipassana is India’s one of the most ancient forms of meditation. This meditation was taught in India more than 2600 years ago as a course for universal things. Buddhism well defined this meditation.

In this article

  1. What is vipassana
  2. How to do vipassana 
  3. Things to remember during doing vipassana meditation
  4. Buddhist gurus’ opinion about vipassana
  5. Benefits of vipassana
  6. Vipassana course
  7.  Conclusion
  8. Frequently asked question

What is Vipassana 

old vipassana text

Great Monk Buddha revived this ancient technique of meditation. This is not about relieving outer things, this is a meditation technique for your internal spiritual meditation. This is an effective method of introspection. it is for self-purification. 

How to do vipassana

Buddhist masters teach this meditation in their books. There are some steps you can follow to do meditation. these are some basic steps.

Step 1: Preparation for meditation 

Preparing the environment –  

The place where you are going to meditate should be a silent and peaceful place, probably a place near the window or near greenery. Somewhere silent and airy. Consider maintaining your room temperature to pleasant

Sitting comfortably –

For meditation, you have to sit comfortably in a cross leg position but if you have a back issue or issue related to age you also can sit on a chair but try to sit cross leg position. You can use a yoga mat for sitting. 

Step 2: Starting Vipassana

Close your eyes –

Once you have set properly in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and start relaxing. Closing your eyes can help you to relax your mind. Sit in this state and relax for some time. 

 Focusing on the breath –

Start breathing normally, neither fast nor slow, just normal breath. Then start focusing on your breath. You take the help of your belly, just focus on your abdomen rising and fall by your breath. It’s possible that it feels something sleepy but let your mind take control. 

Unconscious stage of meditation –

 After some days of practicing, you can achieve the next level of meditation called the unconscious stage of meditation. In this stage, you can meditate for a long time without distrusting outer things.

this Vipassana meditation is all about focusing on your mind and breath so you need to develop construction on your mind and breath.

Things to remember during to do vipassana meditation 

There are so many things to remember like duration, perfect timing, clothes, posture, etc.

 Best time to do – 

Meditation time is also define in buddhas holy book. The best time to meditate is when your mind is totally relaxed.

Morning time is the best time when your mind is totally relaxed, discovered through various studies. So the best time to do vipassana is morning. By experience, you can do it twice in a day. 

It is also said that if you want to do spiritual awareness by vipassana, there is no fixed time. You can do it any time like when you are sleeping or when you are doing your work. This is a spiritual meditation done by your inner spirit.

Best duration to do meditation –

 ‘Maharshi Sayadaw’ said the Best duration to do meditation depends on your state of mind. In my opinion, you can start it with a short time like 10 minutes and increase by the time and your practice. On master level, you will be able to do 1 hour of meditation.

Wear a proper dress –

For doing a relaxing meditation you have to wear comfortable clothes for example a meditation jacket or a meditation gown or a proper meditation dress (you can search it on google). In olden times or monks wear a special dress called ‘Naga Samuel’.

Straight Body posture – 

Buddha said for the proper outcome of meditation your mind and body should be active during meditation. Your spinal cord needs to be straight, not bent. Your body must be active.

Buddhist Gurus’ opinion about Vipassana’s spiritual side.

Vipassana is not a method it’s a character –

Buddha Gurus’ said this is not for your body health. It is basically for your inner soul. By doing daily practice you can do it any time. It purifies your inner soul and helps you to connect with the holy spirit of God.

Why do vipassana

According to the holy books breaths the only source between our soul to our body to connect them. If you meditate you can control your breath that can help to improve yourself and define yourself and all of high and deepness is in you. It connects you to god.

Benefits of Vipassana 

After knowing all aspects of Vipassana, you need to know the benefits of meditation.

  • This meditation reduces stress.
  • It helps to prevent negative and meaningless thoughts.
  • The mind feels at peace.
  • Your body becomes healthy.
  • Your immunity system becomes stronger.
  • You also become spiritually strong.

These are some major benefits of vipassana meditation.

           There are also some other physical and mental benefits that you can search on the web just search – vipassana meditation benefits or benefits of vipassana meditation.

Comparison between Vipassana and other meditation

Vipassana meditation is spiritual meditation likely used for spiritual peace discovered by Buddhist monks. On the other hand, other meditations are also used for mental relief like headache or temporary peace.

It is best for peace not for other things like other meditations by doing this you can be able to control your breath that is good for your health

It is a course best meditation like transcendental meditation taught by an expert of the Vipassana meditation course and also free of cost, run by the Buddhist communities.

Vipassana meditation course 

This meditation is a very tough type of meditation. It is not as simple as you think. It can be taught at a meditation center near you in your city. You can read about this course below.

What is a vipassana meditation course

Various meditation center teach this technique in residential based course. 

During the course, participants learn the basic method of meditation. Some of them are paid but some are free which are run by the Buddhist communities.

 They charge nothing for the course even for food or other services. All the expenses are met by people’s donations who do this course.   

How to find a Vipassana meditation center near you.

There are so many vipassana centers, you can find them by local recommendation by asking from some yoga teachers or you can contact a meditation center.

 You can also search on the web like –  Vipassana center near me or vipassana meditation center.

you can also try transcendental meditation


So after talking so many things about meditation let us take a quick conclusion about this article. 

  • Buddha revived this old meditation technique and promoted by Buddhist monks.
  • It is a very popular method of meditation in southeast Asia, Sri Lanka, and Europe.
  • It is about controlling breath and mind.
  • Masters took it as a holy practice.
  • You can do it as a daily practice.
  • Best for spiritual  peace not for mental relief
  • Your surroundings should be comfortable while doing this.
  • Morning time is the best time to do meditation.
  • According to Buddhist gurus’ it is not a method, it’s nature.
  • It has so many benefits like a mental improvement, spiritual wellness, etc.
  • You can take the course of this meditation.
  • You can find its meditation center on the web by searching the vipassana center near me.

Frequently asked Question

Que1. Are mindfulness and vipassana meditation the same?

Ans.  According to the Buddhist vipassana and mindfulness are the same but there are so many factors that differentiate them, vipassana is mainly focused on spiritual awareness.

Instead of this mindfulness meditation is the essence of all types of meditation, it is to sustain focus on one thing.

Que2. Best vipassana center in India.

Ans. There are so many vipassana centers in Delhi, Mumbai and so many others, you can search them on the web or find them in your nearby places. You can find them by asking from meditation centers or yoga centers.

Que3. Can I do vipassana lying down?

Ans.  According to Buddhist texts, on the master level you can do vipassana by lying down or by walking or by doing other works. They said it is a mediation that can be done at any time, any place.

Que4. Can vipassana cure depression?   

Ans. Vipassana is not for curing depression, It taught you how to control your mind more than you think. You can do mindfulness meditation to cure your depression.

Que5. Where did vipassana originate?
           Who discovered vipassana?

Ans. Vipassana is one of the oldest practices of meditation discovered by Buddhist according to Bhante Henepola Gunaratana. It was performed by buddhist monks.

Que6. Vipassana with exercise.

Ans. You can consider it as meditation with exercise. It improves your mental health.
And also helps you to improve your immunity.

Que7. How does vipassana help?

Ans. Vipassana helps you to connect you with god by your spiritual power. Vipassana meditation is mainly focused on developing your focus to god by practicing this meditation. This is mainly focused on spiritually apart from personal relief. 



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