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Virtual Box easy step by step process 2020


Virtual box is one type of software which is installing the Operating System, We can install any operating system in this virtual machine.


  1. Introduction.
  2. How to install and use.
  3. Who is the best “Dual boot and Virtual Box”.
  4. Feature
  5. Conclusion.
  6. FAQ.


A virtual box is open-source software, it is made by Oracle VM VirtualBox.

It is allowed us to use a dual triple or many (witch your system support) operating system to operate in a single computer without any dual boot.

We can use any type of operating system in your operating system by installing VirtualBox. It is available to install for the different – different types of operating systems as you like.

How to install and Use VirtualBox:

Time needed: 30 minutes.

I am going you tell you about how to install a Virtual box in your operating system and install “Windows server 2007” in your VirtualBox in GUI mode lets rock.

If installing have a any problem then you should also download antivirus read article

You can download any operating system Whatever you want, but for any operating system this is a process should follow.

  1. First of all, we are going to download the VirtualBox installer

    This is the official link to the virtual Box.

  2. After install Click on the “New” Tab

  3. Select your operating system which are you want to download select your operating system from the link in given billow.
    For Kalli click here
    what you want to download It and perform this process.

  4. After you create a virtual disk and also it is completed then you click on the finish with trick open box. and go to the Virtual box setting in your installation OS and Click on the System Setting and then select this Item.

  5. Afteer setting is complete then click on the start as a “Narmal Start” or click on the Only “Start” Buttom(same work).

  6. After opened you can see the interface of GUI (graphics user interface) of your virtual box. You can also use the command-line interface of the VM (virtual machine)

  7. In this step, we are going to install windows server 2007 in Virtual Box but before we need to download from the official site or whatever you want. You only download the iso image. Then you download the windows server 2007.

  8. After downloading the Windows 2007 ISO file then click on the New bottom on the virtual box you got some GUI interface.

  9. Fill up all details of this new box-like name, type, version, and memory size then we talk about all the fill-up the file

  10. First of all, we are going to install the windows server 2007 then we can write the name “windows server 2019”.

  11. You can also write any name but we are writing the windows server name because we all know we are install the windows server 2007.

  12. We are writing this name is benefit is we are installing another windows server then we know the there this is the windows server 2007 and this is the windows or this is the Kali or this is ubuntu.

  13. And choose the type is Microsoft windows and version are windows 2007 (64 bit) and then choose memory size 8092 and then click create a “virtual hard disk” and then click on the create. Or you can leave the default and then click on the create IT.

  14. After these all things are complite then you choose partiaction of your dist or you choose automaticaly.

  15. You can select Keyword shortcut.

  16. You can insert Guest Mode in CD image Witch you want.

  17. After install you can brouse your file where you save.

  18. After install close your os on vichual box and then can share your folder.

  19. And then go to the network setting

  20. And then choose networking setting

  21. You can also clone your Virchual machine os.

  22. And your offense you can choose your display size and whirth and another setting.

  23. Finally you are able to use your new operating System.

Feature of the VirtualBox:

I have discussed some important feature of Virtual box

  1. Use Multiple OS
  2. Use any customized OS
  3. Clone of os
  4. No effect of System
  5. Shard Folder
  6. Shared Clipboard
  7. Using Snapshots
  8. Recording Video
  9. Use any and many OS.

Who is the best “Dual boot or Virtual Boot”:

1. Power Full Machine

Dual Boot:

It is having 100% efficiency who witch you install in your system and also they give 100% performance. In the first place If you want the full performance. Firstly, In the dual boot, you use the full performance of hard disk processer and ram and each part you have to use or your software use.

Virtual Machine:

Firstly, It is using all the performance after your operating system is gives to VM permissions.

I would like your operating system for using your Hard disk, and also processer, ram, and many others. If you give permission form the main operating system.

Thus, If you want to the best performance.

Then you can do dual boot install for your computer and it is best for you.

2. GPU task (Graphics processing unit)

Dual Boot:

In this case, best of the time we want to do 3D animations or play some heavier game or tested some heavier software then for this purpose you also use the dual boot.

Virtual Machine:

In this case, you also may be got lagging problems and you cannot perform the full efficacy 3D animation or Heavy game or Test heavy software but only use for personal then for small games and small software for it is not facing lagging problems.

Thus, in this case, you also use the dual boot operating system.

3. Multitasking:

Dual Boot:

if you are doing multitasking then it is not healthful for you. You are switching sometimes you go to this operating system and sometimes you go another operating system then you have consumed a lot of time in login and log out because of this you should not use the Dual boot operating system.

Virtual Machine:

This is the best for multitasking because of you switch in less than a minute you can switch in our system and any time you can switch another system this is the main benefit of this Virtual machine.

Thus, you should have to use a virtual machine because of this best feature of multitasking.

4. Specific Application:

 Dual Boot:

If we want to use a dual boot operating system then for this specific application you use to open this operating system it is not relented then you should not recommend the use for special apportion.

Virtual Boot:

For a specially useful for one apportion you should not reverent to use dual boot. and You should use the Virtual Boot.

Thus, In this case you can use the Virtual Boot.

5.Security and Malware:

Dual Boot:

If it has any security-related problem then it was solved by the self-operating system but it has a very big malware then it is not solving.

Virtual Box:

In this boot have any malware or security-related problem then we can easily delete this boot and solve this problem after copy from the main operating system.

Thus, In this case of this We use the virtual box, it is very useful to not lose the data after having any Security flow or have any Malware.


If we have to use some apps some games and some work then you can use the virtual box.

For any specific type of software which only available on another platform then you should use the virtual box. if you are using the dual boot for any specific app or software then it is not a good decision.

It is not to have for the heavy task, it is only for simple work. It is very useful software and the main thing is that it is open-source software.

In this blog have read then you are export of the Virtual Box.

for read full click hear

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: Why Virtual box is going to slow?

A: If you are doing multiple works First is a virtual box and another is any of your main operating system software.

Q: Virtual Box hardware Virtualization is enabling?

A: You go to the system and open windows feature on / off the Virtualization.

Q: Witch Virtual box for Kali Linux?

A: The latest version of Virtual Box is the best for Kali Linux.

Q: Will VirtualBox run on windows 10, windows 10 home, Windows 7 32 bit, or 64 bits?

A: Yes, it is run the ball machine but it has an old then it is facing a lot of Lagging problems.

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