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9 Ways To Look Rich On A Budget


I know so many guys who always say, Man if I was rich I would have the best outfits.

Well let me tell you, you don’t have to be rich to look amazing. A lot of time-rich people start wearing some crazy expensive outfits thinking they’re liking it but in reality, they’re just lame.

Gentlemen I’ve met some super crazy rich dudes who look incredibly cheap and I was like what no it looked Just horrible. But on the flip side, I’ve met some dudes who don’t have a lot of money that looked like a million bucks.

However, truth is the difference between looking high-end and low-end really boils down to some small subtle differences.

Also, it doesn’t matter how much money you have. You are going to look super luxe and rich if you play your style game right.

So, I started thinking and I got the ideas to help you out from this problem.

  1. How to look rich even when you’re on a budget
  2. Conclusion
  3. FAQs

How to look rich even when you’re on a budget

  1. Don’t wear logos
  2. Focus on fabrics
  3. Solid colors
  4. Grooming
  5. Wear glasses
  6. Clean shoes
  7. Press and clean
  8. Get something to stand out
  9. Focus on fits

1. Don’t wear logos

Firstly logos are price tags. What I mean by this is is to stop wearing branded pieces with big logos on them. A little mystery is good when I come to pricing.

What Is the difference between ₹500 T. shirt and an ₹5000 T. shirt white basic T.shirt

If they look the same to people around you there is no difference.

Without a logo people with never know how much you’ve paid for that basic tee.

Let’s not stop it to t.shirts think jeans, jackets, hoodies. All of the basics in your wardrobe should’ve no visible logos.

One of my style idols of all time David Beckam he’s a great example of this. Most of his outfits are made of solid pieces, yes they are pretty basic outfits nothing crazy no logos.

It’s way more about how he puts everything together,

And how well everything fits him instead of what brand he’s wearing.

Look at this, who knows how much this outfit costs?

I’ve no clue it could be cheap but it could be also ₹100000 but that’s the mystery right.

As soon as you put the logo you’re letting everyone around you know exactly how much you paid for it. why would you do that if you’re on a budget?

2. Focus on fabrics

Firstly, I’m talking about cheap suits, I’m talking about cheap shirts and your tees.

It looks cheap because it hangs and falls differently on your body.

Also, the Nicer fabric is going to be thinner. It is going to hang and drape on your body better making you look more amazing.

But one downside to wearing nicer fabric is that it is more expensive.

Thus Go half. What I mean by this is buy half as many items as you normally would, but spend twice as much on the individual items.

Meaning instead of buying two pairs of jeans each cost ₹2000 buy one that costs ₹4000 with higher quality.

Moreover nowadays its discounts everywhere.

3. Solid colors

Buy solid colors when It comes to basics and essentials. T.shirts, jeans, polos you should get all of them in solid colors.

No designs, No prints only solid.

For example, a black tee can cost ₹500 or ₹5000. You just don’t know because itis impossible to tell unless people can see a label explained above.

In the same way, a white polo can cost the same but how will you tell and how come you know.

However, It’s just a nice white polo and this goes for everything types of denim, shorts, button-up shirts without a specific design.

4. Grooming

In addition, if you want to look high end you need to be well-groomed all time. At least focus on the basics of grooming.

Also no excuses I get it lazy sometimes. We skip some days and all of a sudden when you look in the mirror you look like a mess.

You see scruffy beards and crazy hairs only work for celebrities.

In addition, trim your beard every few days or shave to keep the hair tight and clean, get a regular haircut and style it,

Don’t leave your house with the same hairstyle you have when you get out of your bed.

Also, look for little details like your nails hairs of your nose and eyebrows. I’m sorry I’m talking about your nails and nose.

Also, you can wear the most expensive shirt but if hairs are coming out of your nose or ears I’m a sorry dude you’re gonna look like crap. of course your skin.

Meanwhile, you don’t need to get a weekly manicure and pedicures whatever I don’t like that just look at your nails and make sure they’re clean every time.

just clean and clip them and you’re done.

5. Wear glasses

Wear glasses even if you don’t need them.

I’m not just talking about sunglasses but also regular glasses too both of these should be your best friends.

Instead of buying really crazily priced sunglasses just get a couple of inexpensive and good ones.

Nobody is really looking or trying to figure out who makes your sunglasses if it fits your face shape it look good that’s all that matters.

Also, Glasses give you a more sophisticated and elegant rich look

So, you throw them on right away you look smarter you look like you’re on a different level, different tax bracket and people take you more seriously.

Fun fact– Most of the sunglasses are made from exact same materials no matter the price, sometimes they even use the exact same manufacturer.

More sunglasses: https://www.gqindia.com/look-good/content/best-sunglasses-for-men-to-help-you-throw-all-the-right-shade

6. Clean shoes

Clean your shoes, you can’t look fresh with dirty old shoes, you’re going to be judged man I’m telling you this right now.

You can’t imagine how good a clean sneaker is gonna look regardless of the price tag.

I myself I would take a fresh pair of converse over dirty Gucci shoes any day of the wee.

Also, who cares how much they cost if they look horrible.

You know what saves you money not having to buy new shoes all time because you’re are getting ruined so quickly.

Only rich people can afford to burn their cash but that’s what you should take away from rich people.

Buying the same things twice that’s a mistake, buy once and take really good care of your shoes and save your money.

Also, upgrade them there is nothing wrong with your casual sneakers, put in my opinion you can definitely look more high end if you.

Upgrade your casual kicks with some leather or the shoes that are trendy forever.

something like Chelsea boots and brogues can get your work done for both casual and formal events.

7. Press and clean

If your outfits and if your clothes aren’t maintained and if they aren’t clean.

Then you wouldn’t look rich, I want you to start taking care of your clothes

Because I want you to look rich, I want you to look good just make sure your clothes are clean and ironed on a regular basis.

Just imagine have you ever seen? a rich guy who wears untidy and clumsy clothes. No right.

Be that gent and take care of your belongings make sure they look fresh and you look fresh, whenever you’re wearing them.

8. Get somethings to stand out

There are a few things that make you look stand out. Remember your favorite movie star wearing a nice suit on the red carpet and looking super-rich.

Get yourself a suit you don’t know how much that will boost your confidence up in no time.

Your favorite hero wearing a leather jacket.

You can be that one too invests in something timeless, also you can layer your leather jacket with many things to give a fresh look every time you put it on.

9. Focus on fits

Ok, I know you can’t burn all your cash on buying Tom Ford, Gucci, and Armani suit just because they’re fit and feel nice and rich with their fabrics.

What you should do is just know the fabrics get that from the warehouse or in raw form and get it tailored according to your fits

Problem solved get your perfect fit clothes without burning your hard-earned cash.

Same applies to your suits, don’t wear 3 times plus size suit

Because that will make you look like you’re wearing a baggy suit from your elder brother or your father, get a tailored suit that fits well from your shoulders to toes.


In conclusion, the most important and the most subtle tip in this list, not a piece of styling advice but a life lesson that will make you feel rich from inside.

And will make you so much better and attractive about you because this is what I see a lot of rich successful men do around.

But this is something I’ve noticed many successful especially, Indians doing around.

Don’t be an asshole and shove it up to everyone’s face that you own the latest iPhone or you drive a Mercedes or you wear an Omega watch and all of that nonsense.

Rich people never do this never.

Don’t try to be loud and vocal about it that is not attractive at all.

That is not what rich people do.

Think of the wealthiest people on the planet they aren’t vocal about things they only let their visuals and personality talk about it.

Yes, rich people own the latest gadgets and the expensive cars but they are subtle and proud they aren’t loud and vocal about things they’re out to inspire people to become like time.


1. Which are the best glasses for men?

Depending on your budget I mean to be honest you should not be burning a ton of money to get one glasses.
Look for the glasses which are in your budget and suits your face it can be round oval, rectangle anything it applies to both glasses and sunglasses

2. How to style blazer?

Blazer is something if it is styled in the right way can get you a ton of compliments you can pair it with dark denim jeans and with trousers ideally, you should pair it with trousers if the color of the blazer is light wear dark color trousers and if the blazer is navy blue or black you pair it with either light or dark trousers.

Just make sure it fits you well and the blazer should not be looking like it is being borrowed from your elder brother or father, invest in one good piece it will last for years.



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