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How To Choose Best Web Hosting Provider and Plan [Explained]


IF you are planning to host your website and don’t know which web hosting provider is best for you?

Then, this article is for you.

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Web Hosting Meaning?

Web hosting is an Internet-based hosting service that allows individuals and businesses to host their website physically and make it accessible to the world online.

It means your website’s files and data must be stored in a computer that is connected to the internet 24×7 and 365 days. And, these types of computers are called web servers.

However, these web servers are hosted in big companies like GoDaddy that has their big physical data centers. And, they also provide us software, security, support, and bandwidth that connects your website to the internet.

For example:

Suppose, you want to open a shop in the shopping mall center, then you will have to rent a shop in the mall.

That same goes for online. If you want to make your website visible online on the web then you have to rent a space that is known as hosting. And, that space provider is called Web Hosting Providers.

How Web Hosting Works?

When you begin blogging, you may use some images, files, videos, etc. and all of these files are stored in your web server space and that place is your hosting company’s server.

On this server, you can store every content of your website according to your hosting storage plan.

For example:

Let’s say you are using Google Chrome Browser and you want to open the Facebook website, you will type facebook.com

Then, your browser will convert your facebook.com into IP address and it will find the exact server location where Facebook has been hosted.

And, once found, it will bring that page to your web browser then you will see facebook’s homepage.

Another example:

If you use Facebook then you may have uploaded some photos or videos there. Right?

So, when you upload anything on Facebook then they store your media files or data into their web servers. And, Facebook has its own data centers.

Types Of Web Hosting?

First of all, you have to understand that when you purchase any computer or laptop then you will have to install an operating system to use it. And, the same process is applied to your online server system.

So, there are two types of operating systems available online for your server computer.

Windows hosting.

Normally, windows hosting is very expensive because hosting providers install an authentic window on your server computer. So, your windows price is included in your hosting plan.

And, the main thing is if your server system or website requires any specific software that will run on windows then you have to buy windows hosting only.

Linux hosting.

Linux is a free open-source authentic operating system. Which means it is available for everyone. You just have to download it and install in your system. That’s why Linux hosted server price is cheaper than windows.

Usually, blogging website users prefer Linux hosting services. Because it is cheap and compatible with a WordPress website.

Let’s say you also chose Linux hosting, now which server do you have to use?

Let’s check.

Which Web Hosting Server Do You Have To Buy?

There are 3 types of web servers available online. Let me give you quick information about these server systems and decide which one will be best for you.

Shared Web Hosting.

The shared web server is a server computer where so many websites are hosted in a single computer that’s called shared web hosting.

That means multiple websites use single computer resources. Like their OS, Processor, RAM, Hard Disk (HDD).

For example:

Think like a paying guest room where you live with your friends in a single PG room.


The main problem of the shared server is when suddenly any website load increases then chances for webserver down high and it will impact on your website as well.

Shared server can’t handle high volume traffic websites.


If you are just starting with your first website then I would recommend going with this only so that you will learn how hosting works and how you can manage your website.

Virtual Private Server Hosting.

The virtual private server is also known as VPS in short. In the VPS server computer, hosting providers give the same power to every website hosted on VPS.

That means if the VPS server has a Quad-Core Processor, 4 GB of Ram, 200 GB of Hard Disk Storage.

Then, hosting providers will divide this configuration by 4 and allocate 1-Core Processor, 1Gb of Ram, and 50 GB of Hard Disk Storage to each VPS hosting user.

So, it minimizes your cost. And can handle a good amount of traffic and speed. In short, better than shared web hosting. But, a little expensive than shared.

For example:

A house has four rooms and the owner gives you a single room on rent to you instead of all of them.

However, you can rent all of them but it will increase your cost.

Dedicated Server Hosting.

Dedicated web server hosting is very expensive but very powerful, and fast. Because you can use all the server computer resources which are offered in a dedicated server.

This means if your computer has Intel i9  Processor, 32 Gb of RAM, 1000 GB of HDD, or 500 GB of SSD (Solid Slate Drive which is very fast) then these services are only for you. Also, it can handle heavy traffic as well.

For example:

You lease a your house instead of small rooms.

Mostly big companies use dedicated server service. Like: Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

Now, you know the basic concepts of hosting servers.

Let see what are the best hosting providers and their plans.

Best Web hosting providers and their plans?

Once you purchased your favorite domain name. The next thing comes into your mind is hosting.

There are numerous hosting providers are available online but I would recommend the best ones only and these are popular as well.


This is a very popular hosting provider nowadays and even WordPress also recommends Siteground hosting.

Why I’m recommending this hosting provider because I’m using this hosting personally. Their support staff is top class and available 24×7 to help you.

You should buy their Best Seller Grow Big Plan. Because you host multiple websites using a single hosting plan.

Details you can check in the image given below where I highlighted it in red outline.


Again, this is also popular for WordPress websites and recommended by WordPress.


Another one hosting provider and yes it’s also recommended by WordPress.

Hosting Provider’s plans Compared.

GrowBigPlusWordPress Unlimited
Unlimited WebsitesFree SSL CertificateUnlimited Websites
20 GB Web SpaceUnlimited WebsitesFree Domain included
25,000 Visits MonthlyUnmetered SSD StorageUnlimited Traffic
Unmetered TrafficFree Domain for 1 YearWordPress Pre-Installed
Free WP InstallationUnlimited Parked DomainsFree Automated
WordPress Auto-updatesUnlimited SubdomainsWordPress Migrations
Free SSL$200 Marketing CreditWP Website Builder
Daily Backup1 Office 365 Mailbox – Free 30 DaysFast SSD Storage
Free CDNFree SSL Certificate
Free EmailUnlimited Email @ Your Domain
WP-CLI and SSH3 Year, 1 Year & Monthly Plans
Unlimited Databases
100% renewable energy match+
Dynamic Caching
On-demand Backup Copies
Free Professional Site Transfer
Add Collaborators

As you can see, every hosting plan comes with exciting offers and features.

However, you may have noticed that everyone offering Unlimited Services, but in reality, you have to ask them what is meant by Unlimited.

For example:

If you have an Internet Connection in your home then you have noticed that they are offering Unlimited Data to a certain GB like Enjoy 100 MBPS Speed and Unlimited Monthly Data up to 200GB.

That means if you exceed the 200GB of data before completing the monthly cycle then your Internet Speed will be decreased automatically.

So, I would suggest better you go according to your budget.

These are the top 3 website hosting provider sites. And also, featured on WordPress.org.


I hope I have covered all the basic concepts regarding the hosting which can help you to define which one is best for you.

And, I would highly recommend that you always choose a starter pack with unlimited hosting websites. Because you don’t want to waste your money just for a single website.

Also, ask the hosting providers what they meant by Unlimited.

I hope this hosting guide may have helped you.

I would be happy to hear your thought, questions, or suggestions in the comment section below.

FAQs related to Hosting Provider.

Q1. What hosting plan do I need?

You should buy any plan that offers Unlimited Websites Hosting.

Q2. Which hosting is best for WordPress?

There are so many hosting providers are available online but I think the best website providers are SiteGround, BlueHost, and DreamHost which is highly recommended by WordPress.

Q3. Which hosting is best for a blog?

If you are planning for a long time then the best option would choose a hosting that offers Unlimited Traffic.

Q4. What hosting does Facebook use?

Facebook doesn’t use anyone’s hosting. They have their own Data Centers.

Q5. Why hosting is important?

If you want to build an online presence then you must have a website online and for that, you need a hosting service that will store all your website’s data in an online computer server.



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