Generating Income from Website And Application (Passive Income Guide)

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Passive income can be generated by creating an app or a website. There are a lot of people who earn a good amount of passive income by creating an application or a website. There are many types of apps and websites, some are informative and some are for entertainment purposes.

This is a digital era now everyone wants to do everything from his phone or laptop only. People want to achieve things with the touch of a hand. Now there are websites where you can see content for entertainment. Websites and applications where you can get a degree from a prestigious college.

There are many apps and websites where you can play games do shopping. Today you can buy or order almost everything online whether it is cloth or food they take care of everything you need.

When anyone makes a website or application it is just a one time work but anyone can visit anytime on your website or can download anytime your app. They can use it anytime and anywhere with an internet connection.

So you have a great opportunity of earning passive income through application or website. There are so many ways to earn from a website or application.

What’s in it for me?

  1. Application and Website
  2. Passive income by app or website
  3. Making Apps
  4. Making Websites
  5. Monetizing your app and website
  6. Website vs Application
  7. Conclusion
  8. FAQs

Application and website


An application is a method by which we can perform a certain task. It is available on digital platforms like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

Applications in a phone


A website is a collection of web pages that provide us information or we can do a certain task with them. You need a web browser for accessing websites.


Passive Income by app or website

There are a lot of ways by which you can create a passive income source for you. Creating an application and website is one of them. There are many ways to generate or earn income by app or website. Many people make websites for blogging or anything and then running ads on their website. The ad then generates revenue and until your content is being read you will be generating passive income.

Website and application development and passive income

Many people upload online content that is paid they have to work for that content just once and the content will generate passive income for them forever. There is a lot of content you can put on your website or application. It can be an online course, game, study material, notes, entertainment video, educational, or informational stuff. All of them can generate passive income.

Making Apps

There are several ways to make an application there are different methods available for making apps for different platforms. You can make an app with the android studio for android and you can use swift for making apple ios apps.


There are many different ways too to make apps. These platforms require programming skills like java, kotlin, etc. You can also make apps without coding with different alternatives available. But if you know programming the most suitable option will be making apps using coding as the apps you make by coding can be optimized by you. You will not get such flexibility when you make an app without coding.

Making Websites

There are many ways to make websites. You can make it by coding or without coding. You can make websites by coding with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. To become good at making a website you should have known all these languages.

Coding for website

For learning these languages it takes a good amount of time. There are also ways to create websites without coding one such option is WordPress. WordPress allows you to make websites without coding. It has many templates which you can use to customize your website.

There are other ways like many websites allow you to make websites without coding you have given many templates to choose from one such website is, it allows you to make a website but also you have to purchase to achieve full access to everything.

Monetizing your app and website

Monetizing your app 

There are many types of apps available on the store whether it is apple store, play store, or Microsoft store. Some app is paid and some apps are free. Very few people buy apps and no one wants to give money to the app.
So apps use advertisements to generate revenue you can monetize your app and generate revenue. It helps the creator to give him motivation and he tries to make the app well updated. Advertisements help you to generate passive income through applications.

Monetizing your website 

Anyone can monetize his website. You have to sign in to Google Adwords and then fill the required details. Afterward, people can see ads on your website. Advertisements help you to generate passive income by a website.

Website vs Applications

Website vs Application infographic
Websites use a web browser to access them.Applications do not use web browsers to access them.
You can access the website on any device which has a web browser.You can not use the application it is for the specific platform only. Android app can run on the android device only it will not run on Windows or any other operating system.
The website doesn’t need to install on your device.Applications need to install on your device.
You can not access websites without an internet connection.There are a lot of applications available for only offline use.


In this blog, I told you about how you can generate a passive income by creating a website or application. You can run ads over it and you can monetize it. I point out the differences between website and application so you can decide which is good for you.

You can create a website and application and the basic procedure I stated above. Now don’t just read this blog and forget it. Go make some passive income streams for you. I wrote a blog in which I told about the best ideas for passive income streams.


How can you learn to make apps?

You can join a course for app development. It takes a certain time and practice to become perfect in this field. When you become good in this field you can also earn money by making apps.

You can learn to make apps for online courses or offline courses. For making apps you also required a laptop or computer.

How can you learn to make websites?

You can join a course on website development. It takes a certain time and practice to become perfect in this field. When you become good in this field you can also earn money by making websites.

You can learn to make websites through online courses or offline courses. For making websites you also required a laptop or computer.

How to publish your app ?

For publishing your application in android you have to go to the google play console. Then you have to login or sign up. You have to create the application and write the name of the application. You have to give the details about your application. Then you have to add the logo and images about your app.

Then you have to select a category to give contact details and link privacy policy. After that, you have to create a release and upload App Bundles and APKs. Afterward, you have to select pricing. Then you have to select if your app contains ads or not.

Then you have to go to the App Content and after that, you have to set the target age group, click on edit review, and then click on start roll out to production. The status will change to pending once the app is submitted and that is how you can publish your app.

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