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Top-27 Creative Wedding Favor Ideas For Guest’s


A wedding favor is a final opportunity to thank your friends and family for committing their time and money to celebrate you and your partner’s union. It is a great way to get creative and thoughtful.

At the end of the night when the sparkler sendoff fades from memory and your guests fall into bed exhausted from boogying on the dance floor then the wedding favor becomes the last remaining take away from your special event.

What’s in it for me

  1. Mini Flower Pot
  2. Message In A Bottle
  3. Message In A Box
  4. Just Married Car
  5. Mini Wedding Cake
  6. Flower Bulbs
  7. Kazoos
  8. Cookies Wedding Favor
  9. Potted Plant
  10. Embroidered Handkerchiefs
  11. Wine Wedding Favor
  12. Paper Fan
  13. Potted Succulents
  14. Decor Wedding Favor
  15. Jar of Salsa
  16. Local Artisan Goods
  17. Wine In A Can
  18. Bottled Cold Brew Coffee
  19. Jar of Treats
  20. Ice Pops Wedding Favor
  21. Custom Boxes of Chocolates
  22. Punny Pizza Cutter
  23. Nautical Measuring Spoons
  24. Cozy Blankets
  25. Double Duty Coasters
  26. Mini Notepad
  27. Bars of Soap
  28. Conclusion

Mini Flower Pot

Material’s which are used to make this favor are as follows: –

  • Mini terracotta pot.
  • White paper flowers.
  • Transparent glue.
  • White acrylic paint.
  • White sand beads.   
  • Some tissue papers.
  • A piece of organza.
  • Pattern scissors.
  • Craft cardboard.
  • Paper shape cutter.
  • Black pen and brown crayon.

The first step of this wedding favor is to paint the pot with 2 coats of white paint while the pot dries, cut out a little shape then write a message like a thank you, use the pattern scissors to make the tag pretty.

Then tie together the flower and the tag with the organza you can make a pretty bow and also some glue to hold it in place.

Next, add one layer of glue into the pot then push some tissue paper over it repeat the steps until it’s full now use something thin and sharp like a toothpick and punch a hole in the middle squeeze the flower in there add plenty of glue then place some sand beads.

Next, dip the crayon in some water. Then you can write some initials on the pot if you like and you are done.

Message In A Bottle

Material’s which are used to make this wedding favor are as follows: –

  • Mini glass bottle.
  • Kitchen salt.
  • Transparent glue.
  • White string.
  • Pattern scissors.
  • Black pen and paper.
  • Sea inspired objects (glass, shells, bread).

The first step of this wedding favor is to draw a heart of glue on the glass bottle then dip it in salt. Next use the paper to fill half the bottle with salt then write any type of personal message on the white paper which you want like for example “you are a lifesaver, thank you for being here”

A handwritten message makes a person feel more special cut the message written paper around it using the pattern scissors and roll it then tie it with a piece of white string. The final step is to fill the bottle with all the items and you are done.

Message In A Box

Material’s which are used to make this wedding favor are as follows: –

  • Designer tape.
  • A box of matches.
  • Transparent glue.
  • Golden acrylic paint.
  • Pattern scissors.
  • Black pen and paper.
  • A piece of cotton.
  • Glass beads.

Firstly, in this wedding favor paint the back of the glass bead with golden acrylic paint then let it dry empty the matchbox adds some glue inside it then places the piece of cotton cover the other part of the box with designer tape.

Then write a message on a piece of paper like “your presence here is gold” as previously roll the paper and tie it up then place it in the box along with the drop of gold and you are done.

Just Married Car

Material’s which are used to make this wedding favor are as follows: –

  • A toy car.
  • Big fork.
  • Transparent glue.
  • Toothpick.
  • Pattern scissors.
  • Black pen.
  • A piece of cardboard.
  • Organza.

The first step of this wedding favor is to make a bow then glue the bow to the front side of the car cut out a “just married” message stick the toothpick on the back then stick it inside and you are done.

Mini Wedding Cake

Material’s which are used to make this favor are as follows: –

  • Three bottle caps.
  • Glue gun.
  • Transparent glue.
  • White acrylic paint.
  • Pattern scissors.
  • Black pen.
  • A piece of cardboard.
  • Some paper flowers (optional).

The first step is to start gluing the smaller cap on top of the bigger one by using the glue gun to create some whipped cream patterns.

Next, add 2-3 coats of white paint if you are using more of, they use spray paint to a faster result ask your friend and family to save all their bottle caps for you.

Then write a message like so, sweet of you to come on the piece of paper” glue the cake next to the message if you like you can add some paper flowers and you are done.

Flower Bulbs

Nothing screams spring more than a bulb ready to bloom. Gift guests with a beautiful flower used in your wedding arch or table arrangements as a way to keep the good times rolling throughout the spring, summer, and fall.


A whimsical and practical take on an interactive ceremony, this little gift also saves your money. Who needs a string quartet when you have a coterie of kazoos.

Cookies Wedding Favor

You can never go wrong with cookies especially when they’re locally sourced from your favorite bakery or a well-known spot in the town for a destination wedding.

Arrange them in custom bags with your wedding date, and guests will always remember what a sweet night they had it’s a unique idea to feel the guests special.

Potted Plant

Potted plants that also serve as your table numbers are a gorgeous way to adorn your guest’s homes in a classic thoughtful way. These pots look more pretty when they are put together in large numbers.

Embroidered Handkerchiefs

Happy tears during the process. You’ve got your guests covered with gorgeous embroidered handkerchiefs.

Wine Wedding Favor

If you’re getting married in a vineyard, half bottles of red and white wine from your venue is a thoughtful gift, especially when paired with a cozy blanket for festive picnics.

Paper Fan

Summer and destination weddings can get hot beat the heat and help guests out by creating their escort card or the ceremony program into a paper fan.

Potted Succulents

Potted succulents are high on everyone’s list these days help your guests bring one home with these cheerful arrangements.

Decor Wedding Favor

Favors that double as Décor not only save your money but also add intrigue to photos throughout the wedding.

Jar of Salsa

Throwing a Mexican fiesta? Send guests home with something spicy they won’t forget. Guests with salsa on the dance floor and have some for their eggs the morning after.

Local Artisan Goods

Local artisan goods are the perfect addition to hotel room gift bags at a destination wedding.

Wine In A Can

There’s something adorable whimsical about wine in a can. Plus, guests can dance freely when holding it without the fear of breaking a wine glass.

Bottled Cold Brew Coffee

Bottled cold brew coffee with a sweet personalized note is a great way for guests to start the day after a late-night wedding reception. The perfect antidote to the inevitable post-wedding hangover.

Jar of Treats

An assortment of you and your spouse to be favorite sweet treats is a nice personalized touch for guests.

Ice Pops Wedding Favor

Any type of food truck at the end of the night is always a welcome surprise especially refreshing ice pops after a night of tearing up the dance floor.

Custom Boxes of Chocolates

Custom chocolates in boxes with your new last name, wedding logo, or monogram is a delicious send off for your guests at the end of the night.

Punny Pizza Cutter

This one goes out to all the home chefs on your guest’s list, whether they are obsessed with baking their own pizza from scratch or they simply love a good frozen option! The packaging is wonderfully punny.

Nautical Measuring Spoons

Cute and convenient, whale-shaped spoons will come in handy when your guests inevitably try to recreate your ridiculously delicious wedding cake at home.

Cozy Blankets

A cozy fleece blanket is something your guests will reach for you again and again on chilly nights or for picnics in the park & if you’re having an outdoor wedding you can have them on hand for parties in case the weather gets cool. Customize the corners with a witty saying, or go classic with your wedding location, hashtag the date.

Double Duty Coasters

When it comes to unique wedding favor ideas, two in one product are always a delight. These fun’s, personalize knick-knacks aren’t just coasters they’re bottle openers too.

Mini Notepad

A mini notepad is a great option for busy guests, giving them 200 blank pages for to-do lists, important notes, or just some doodles. Don’t forget to add a note of your own These unique wedding favors come with custom covers featuring a note you write to your attendants.

Bars of Soap

After a night of shenanigans, what’s better than a nice shower how about giving handmade bars of soap as unique wedding favors. These ones have a cool, rustic look and you get to choose the scent.


Wedding favors are an inseparable part of any ceremony and also the way for couples to reflect their taste, cultural and spiritual beliefs. Make your calculations carefully set your budget and theme or color scheme and then you can able to choose above lovely favors perfect for your special day.



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