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What are the spices? 100% Everything about Indian spices.


Do you know what spices are?

Spices are also called “Masalas” in Hindi.

These are the main ingredients in food, mainly these are mixtures of different spices like Nutmeg, Saffron, and Ginger.

Spices give the flavor to the food as peruse. In different countries, spices are used in different quantities and in different ways. Spatially in India, these are deferred with respect to the curry.

Indian spices.

What’s In It for Me.? 

  1. India spices overview.
  2. History of Indian spices
  3. Name of main spices.
  4. Top spices growing states in India
  5. Indian spices industry.
  6. Spices Board of India.
  7. Current market and future scope
  8. Export market of spices.
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQs

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Indian spices overview

India is the biggest market for spices, not only the market but also an exporter. Per year India exports spices in very heavy qty. in the year 2018-19, we exported 1.10 million tons of spices its value was valued ₹19,505.81 crores (US$ 2.80 billion) & average Indian can consume 9.54g.

Indian spices mainly consist of 30 to 40 types like Ginger which is explained in the topic name of the main spices in India. All spices have their deferent names in deferent languages.

Mainly Andhra Pradesh is the highest spices producing state in India and Rajasthan is the highest Chili producing state. India’s “Khandamal Haldi” turmeric earn geographical indication that is GI tag. It shows the quality of Indian spices

The world’s top spices processing companies are also Indian like MDH and so on. also, the base of the spice of India, or we can say the use of spices in India was started from a very long time before because in Indian book Ramayana there is one Masala name is mentioned.

Some historical points

In various books of conventional medicine like Ayurveda & others are maintained various spices as medicine like ginger is mentioned for throat and so on. Before the deep research of medicines, lots of people use this as medicine. Peoples are using some spices today also as medicines like turmeric for scene disease

History says that the British primarily came in India for the spices, lots of countries in the world are attracted to India before 1st BC was only for this and this becomes one of the most attractive ways of earning.

Currently, lots of states in India have their large agricultural production from the spices as we know we are the country near the sea that’s why we also the big salt-producing country.

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History of Indian spices –     

There is no perfect proof of starting the use of spices in India. But as per the name of the spice’s mention in the old books like Ramayana.

it shows that there was the existence of the same at the time of Ramayana. Also in the Bible, the male character indicates the female character by the name of masala.

In some research, the researchers found that like textile the spices are also invented before 7000 years ago, but no researcher proved actual time on that same come in the plate of humans.

As I think when people started eating their meals with any other product that give good flavor to the food it was the initiation of the use of spices.

But one thing is clear by the above discussion, that is the use of spices is from a very long time. And as we see that today also the use of Masalas mainly in the warm region is very high.

That indicates primarily the spices are started to use in a warm region like Vidarbha of Maharashtra and likewise.

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Name of main spices –

Now as we know the basics of spices and a short history of spices. so now it’s time to know about the name of some main spices, in English and Hindi Botanical which will clear the lots of confusion from the mind.

Names of spices

AsafoetidaHingFerula asafoetida L
Bay LeafTej PattaLaurus nobilis L.
Black SaltKala Namak 
Black PepperKali MirchPiper nigrum L.
BasilTulsiOcimum basilicum L.
Caram seeds or Celery seedsAjwain  Apium graveolens L.
ClovesLaung  Syzygium aromaticum(L) Merr.& Perry
Cardamom (Small)ElaichiElettaria cardamomum Maton
Cinnamon (Big)DalchiniAmomum subulatum Roxb

In the above-mentioned list, all have their own importance by test factor and medical factors also as mentioned above. Before modern medical facilities, people were used this as medicine.

Top spices growing states in India-

As per the data comes in the last few years the Andhra Pradesh is the largest spices growing the State of India. Also some states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Rajasthan, etc. are the top spices producing states. And not only just producing also the consuming states of India.

If we discuss the chili in which the Rajasthan is a top chili producer. For ginger, Assam is the highest growing state. for cumin, Gujarat is the highest growing state, and Jammu and Kashmir is one of the Saffron growing states of India.

Coriander is mainly grown in the only U.P., Uttaranchal, and Rajasthan, and Kokum is mainly grown in Karnataka as shown in the map.

Defrent spices growing states on Map

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Indian spices industry –

As we are discussing the Masalas then it is necessary to discuss the industry of the same in India. The reason as we discussed above India is the largest Spices growing country, largest consuming country, and largest exporting country for the same.

In India as per atmosphere in the deferent state. And all states are spices growing states, that’s why in the Indian industry, spices come directly from the farm to market.

But, as we discussed above different states, produce different spices. that’s why in this cycle government comes to the help of spices business. And distribute these spices as per requirement and also introduce deferent policies to process on spices and export.

Producer to consumer procidure of spices

When it comes to the top level of the distribution cycle. then it gets distributed to the second level in which top processing companies & food processing companies come.

After the second level of distribution, it goes to the third level in which second wholesalers come. Then it goes to the retail market and gets distributed to the end-user.

In this complete journey, the lakes of people come and survive for all the level distribution. has their separate percent of Profit. And it getting change on the basis of the level and next level.

Like at the level of farmers profit is very low because it is an unorganized sector. After which it increases with respect to level and quantity also with respect to quality and tag of brand.

Producer to consumer procidure of spices

Spices Board of India.

What is the spice board? For any category of bushes there is one board in India likewise for spices there is one board or one organization to manage the spices business of India from production to distribution and import-export also. Website of this board is https://www.indianspices.com/

Currently, in the year, 2K20 Shree Subhash Vasu is the chairman of the board. And Shree D. Sathiyan IFS is the secretary of the board. Board collects and processes the complete data of all the spices. Above given and others to maintain the streamline & continuous flow of spices.

Starting of board

The board was started in the year 1987 under the act of spices in 1986. This was developed to organize the unorganized sector of the Masalas. And currently because of the development of information technology, the spices board got the power to expand and it expanding also.

Spices board helps the small scale industry to grow next level and it happening, the small industries in this sector growing fast now. Board also helps to the women’s saving groups of small towns to grow their own bushes of spices by using products of their own farms.

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Current market and future scope –

What is the current market situation of this industry and what will be the future? So as per the statistical data coming, India is the big market for the same. And also it is growing with the increasing purchasing power of the people. Also, the external demand for the same also increasing day by day.

But because of that big tragedy of coronavirus, there is the chance of reducing the income of the people. that affects the purchasing power of the same.

This will affects the marketed and as per news agencies, there are currently no workers coming to work in space and tea farms to work. that output is the loss of ₹1200 core in south Indian tea and spices farms.

In the future, there is a big scope for the new coming companies, but it will for a short time. The reason behind that is, currently employed or workers of these big companies are shipped to their home and they will not come back soon. So it will reduce their product that’s why new companies have a good chance to make their name.

Economical contribution

In Indian GDP there is above 1% shear of food and beverage industry and spices are necessary for both industries. So it is not wrong to say that the spices industry can also help us to grow the GDP.

In today’s case, the rate of Indian rupees ₹ is very low as compared to the American dollar. Which makes the Indian goods chipset as compared to others for the outer countries. Which will create the India first mentality in the mind of importer countries. it will give a positive indication to the future of Indian spice bushes.

Export market of spices.

As we know India is the largest spice producing country in the world. No one can able to beet it. One biggest reason behind it, the different types of spices we are growing in India in our deferent states. Also, we are the largest tea producing country in the world if we compare with other countries to India the table will as follows.

List of top spices growing countries

Sr. No.countries

In the year 2018 – 19 India made a record of spices export which in large quantity that is in tons 11, 00,250 tons which produces the value of ₹19505.81 crores from the international market we increase our export by 7% by a tone and 8% by value as compare to 2017.

By the analysis of the above data, it shows that the export of the spices increasing day by day. Not only export but also the value per unit also incising day by day. Which is also the positive signal for the future of spices business.

As we discussed above also, currently Indian rupees value in the worldwide market is reduced as compared to us dollar. Which causes the rate of Indian spices to oversees market costumers is very low. which causes the customer will attract to India.

Also, the condition of other countries is very bad now because of this virus. This reduces the production of the others that’s why by my calculations. In the upcoming time India will be the first choice of importers.

Value of spices export

Percentages of defrent spices export

If we are discussing the export of spices. Then it is essential to discuss the export percentages of all separate spices comparatively other spices. that as follows in the picture below.

Also if we again consider the data of 2017 then it shows that. in our export, the Cumin is on top which is nearly 40%, and the Green Cardamom is at the bottom which is nearly just 3%.

If we discuss other than the red chili will come in the second position by 18.40% of export. Pepper will appear in third position by16.26% and finely turmeric in the fourth position by nearly 8%.

We also export lots of spices but this is in very lase quantity in percentages but very high quantity by value.

Top varieties of spices export

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  • India is the highest spices growing country
  • History Indian spices is too old nearly from or before Ramayana
  • Andhra Pradesh is a top spices growing state in India
  • Indian spices industry is one of the biggest spices industry in the world.
  • Spices Board of India is a helping organization run by a government of India
  • future of Indian spice id too bright
  • India is the highest spice exporting country in the world.


1 .Will spice kill you?

Actually spices are one type of medicine if you use it out of limit then they will show the side effect and side effect has no limit.

2. What are the seven Indian spices?

a) Cardamom
b) Turmeric
c) Clave
d) Coriander
e) Saffron
d) Cumin Seed
f) Asafetida

3. What are the examples of spices?

a) Cardamom
b) Turmeric
c) Clave
d) Coriander
e) Saffron
d) Cumin Seed
f) Asafetida

4. Who is the king of spices?

Black Pepper is the king of spices



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