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What Is Ethical Hacker | How To Become Ethical Hacker

­Ethical hacking is a process to enter the system. So that the users, threats, and any other harmful online activity can be detected. If spoken in simple language, ethical hacking is done to improve network security.­­

In 1878 it was the first time. Therefore the one who did this hacking was a group of teenage boys. Disconnecting this call can make him use it incorrectly. The first computer hacker appeared in the 1960s.

Ankit Fadia is considered the number 1 hacker in India. Ankit Fadia is an Indian speaker, writer, television host, and the biggest hacker in computer master. Their leprosy and morality have been debated a lot.

  1. Types of Hacker
  2. Why You Should Learn Ethical Hacking?
  3. How To Become a Hacker in Just some Steps
  4. Conclusion
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
What-Ethical-Hacker- become ethical-Hacker

Types of Hackers

It was discovered in the west in the 1950s. Jha is believed to be wearing a black hat and the same good people are wearing a white hat.

There are three types of hacker 

White Hat Hacker


White Hat hackers detect Weaknesses in computers, Internet connections, websites.

Strengthen that Weakness so that no one else can do any kind of cyber attack. All these tasks are cut for a company and that company allows it to do this work.

Hackers of this type do not harm anyone. Because they protect the information of companies from their information, keep their website’s data from being leaked, and avoid any other type of cyber attack.

Protect companies’ systems and create new security to avoid these attacks. Therefore white hat hackers are considered to be good hackers and are also respected.

White hat hackers specialize in penetration testing and many other testing techniques have very good commands. They are also known as penetration testers at the best place.

Black Hat Hacker


Black hat hackers are Criminals by common means. Violate the law and carry out its activity. Their purpose is to achieve the personal information of the people and any organization.

They can release malware that destroys the file. Take the computer into its control. Many types of personal details such as credit cards, bank details, personal messages, and more also steal information.

The WannaCry ransomware released in May 2017 is an example of this. It infected 150 countries and around 400,000 computers within the first two weeks of its release.

Security experts released decryption tools in time and caused a loss of about $ 120,000, which was only a little over 1% of all losses.

Grey Hat Hacker


Gray Hat Hacker is a computer hacker or computer security expert. Gray Hat Hackers can sometimes break the law, but do not do as Black Hat intended. Like, the intentions of a black hat hacker are not good at all. As you have already read.

Why You Should Learn Ethical Hacking?

Hacking provides a good career in nowadays. All IT companies need huge amounts of professional hackers. Because security is the first aspect.

You should enroll yourself to become a professional hacker. It is very important to join the course to learn your skills correctly.

How To Become a Ethical Hacker in Just Some Steps

Become-Hacker-some Steps-Ethical Hacker

Run-on OS


UNIX- Operating systems such as UNIX are the operating systems of the Internet. However, a person can learn how to use the internet without knowing the graphics. But no person can become a successful hacker without the graphics.

Hence the basic ghost tools of hackers and OS should be learned. There is a lot of ora that match up with UNIX. Buttons are very liked OS.

The reason for this is that a person can run on the same machine with Microsoft Window.

UNIX operating systems are available under FreeBSD, macOS on Darwin. Darwin is available on “http://opensource. Apple .com” and is a completely free open source.

Learn HTML

HTML-hyper-text- markup-anguage

If programming is new to a person. Then it should refer to the basic language “hypertext mark-up language”. It is very important to have good expertise in HTML in a hacker.

To know the source of the page in your browser, you have to open the source code and understand it. For example – Go to Web Developer> Page Source in chrome and learn the code.

HTML can be written in a basic word processing program like Notepad or Simple Text, which can be saved as “index HTML” Now, upload this saved file to any browser and that browser translates the work done in that file and shows it to you. Learn HTML.

Gain knowledge of Programming


If the main objective of a person is to become a hacker master only. He should learn very good English from his basic English. Programmatic languages provide a very important role in the life of a hacker.

Python languages are the best programmatic languages for hacking. Because it inspires well for big moment planning or project, Clean, relatively beginner, compelling, flexible, and well suited.

It is considered the first best language in programmatic language. Java is the best alternative language in the program and for good growth.

The most preferred language in 2020 is Python.

Be a Creative Thinker

Be- Creative-Thinker-hacker

After learning the basic skills of hacking, you have to learn to think artistically like a hacker. Hackers work as much as they can.

They keep playing for that time. While doing this work, they end up having all the limitations of art science and playwork. Are lost in a high. Their level goes into creativity and versatility.

To become a hacker, you need to study science and get into being. Hackers should go to all types of computer seminars from science to lettered seminars.

This will give you a chance to meet the hacker and you can also take some tips from them personally.

Make a Habit of Solving Problems

Hackers believe that information sharing is a moral responsibility. If a problem is found, then it should be told to everyone so that everyone can avoid this problem.

You should continue to solve the programming problem and do a variety of experiments so you can identify yourself.

You should keep regularizing your practice.

Be Competent

If someone spends hours on a Reddit site and writes a random cyberpunk username. He can also be a hacker. But the internet is a huge equalizer.

One who values ability over ego and posture. A good hacker should constantly increase his skills to highlight his image.

Start Writing Open Source Software

Those who are new to this field should write their knowledge, technique, their skills on the open-source platform to help the hacker community.

You can also get information on their methods and software. You can also talk to them on personal massages.

All of you can make a community together and by working in groups, learning will get you very high education very quickly.

Promote Valuable Information

Related to hacking tips and collecting information about hacking tips from other computers. Collected from different webpages or elsewhere and put in open source platforms.

This is the information asked by Rax Ligwago. They are the best of a good hacker.

Helps in keeping the organization working

These days, many students are attending training courses to pursue a career in a specific field.

Now in this field too, to make a career, many coaching centers make hacking happen. These fields provide an opportunity to create a bright future.

The CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) course is the most preferred course in the world. This is a certificate course in ethical hacking.

This is a great course for those who are willing to make a career in it. Ethical you learn the techniques, tools, and mindset of hackers.

Pro Tips

For any language to become its expert, it is very important to understand the language of the storage level of that OS as much as possible. To know its main model and study it in depth.

Do not be disappointed. If you do not know how to complete your task soon.

The faults of that task before you, then practice it well and achieve it well.

You have to motivate yourself to move forward. Therefore, never work backward.

Never underestimate the administrative powers of networks and systems

They can make you “imaginary” slaves by bringing you into imaginary environments.

Also, read Amazing Ethical Hacking tools.


You may have learned how to become an ethical hacker.

 If, I am an ethical hacker, then I will work in a good reputed company.

I will provide security for that company’s data, website, and all other information. I will get a good salary

As a security hacker never think of doing black hat hacker work and you should not do it anytime.

Hackers actually believe that if there is knowledge then use it for good work.

If black hat hackers do the job, if caught, they will be jailed and will also face fine. There will be a separate settlement in society.

I advise all of you to never go to the Black Hat Hacker’s field by mistake by mistake.

Frequently Asked Questions

How ethical hackers earn money?

Ethical hackers work primarily on bug bounty programs to earn money.
In this work, companies give the task of finding and exposing weaknesses in their product.
The companies give him cash prize for this work. This award depends on the seriousness of the weaknesses that occurred.

How to become an ethical hacker after 12th commerce?

you can become an Ethical Hacker after 12. You will have to take coaching in a Certified Ethical Hacking academy.

Top 5 reasons to become an ethical hacker.

High salaries- The salary of the ethical hacker very high.
Threats are never going to go away.
Cybercrime is constantly increasing in the world and it is not going to stop. Therefore, the demand for ethical hackers continues to increase.

Is an ethical hacker a good job?

Yes, if you are interested in cybersecurity and Ethical hacking.
It provides a very good career.
If you really say to take admission in this field, then you have to understand IT very deeply.


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