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What I carry in my travel bag? – Travellers Backpacking


Few weeks ago I visited my friend. It was February, not much cold, not much hot so it was a good time to travel. She decided to go for a tour and the day when I visited her she was packing her bag for her tour.

As soon as I entered her home  there were 2 big trolley bags with handbags ready for a 5 days trip for two people. I was shocked by looking at this much belonging and she was also worried because they had to carry this throughout their journey.

Then I offered her help in repacking . I closely observed her packing and realized that there were many unnecessary things packed in the bag and few extremely necessary things were missing. Finally we identified necessary and not necessary things and repack the bag.

This experience made me write this blog. Here I am trying to explain to you how your travel bag and what all things should be there in your travel bag. So let’s begin.

What will you find here:

  1. Steps in bag packing for travelling
  2. How to carry minimum clothes?
  3. Other Tips
  4. FAQ

It is very important to carry proper and helpful things with you while travelling. It is not necessary to use  each and every thing which you are carrying while travelling but importance of things and use in emergency should be taken into consideration. Now let’s see how to segregate things.

Steps for packing travel bag.

Step 1. Preparation of list.

There should be different types of lists such as list of toiletries, list of food products, list of clothes, and list of other material.

You could make a single list but section wise which will help you in packing. If you list down random things then you could miss a few things while buying. It could also cause difficulty in packing.

Step 2. Segregate things.

Segregate things as important and less important . Try to carry only those things which are in the important section.

Step 3. Buy things.

Buy those things which are not available at home but you want to carry with you.

Step 4. Collect all the things at one place.

Collect all things which are mentioned in the final list at one place in ready to pack condition such as clothes should be ironed, shoes and socks should be well washed and dried etc.

Step 5. Start packing.

How to segregate things?

Start packing this belonging as per the size of product and space available in the bag.

Things should be divided into 3 parts Viz. Important , less important and not Important. If you are traveling in summer then sunglasses are important, if you are carrying a hat or cap then scarf is less important.

Repetitive things like many clothes, clips-pins-combs like material, shoes are not important.  Single piece of each of these products  is important but there is no need for multiple things.

Supplementary things are always less important but to carry one thing from all supplements is important.

Few things are always in important sections such as seasonal clothes like raincoat or Poncho in the mansion, sweaters in winter etc. Medicine, some food items etc.

How to pack minimum clothes in your travel bag ?

It is very important to carry minimum clothes during travel. Everyone wants to wear good clothes and have many pictures for social media. We go to travel for enjoyment and clothes are one of the important things to enjoy. But it is possible to carry optimum clothes and reduce your weight.

Travelling clothes tips for girls.

  • Carry day wise clothes so that you can exactly figure out how much and which clothes will you need.
  • Try to select those clothes which require minimum jewelry.
  • Try to select jewelry and footwear which are comfortable and go with all cloths eg. white shoes are in trend and they also look good with maximum colors and with wastewater.
  • If you are visiting a cold region then carry thermals that are light in weight and could be worn inside your clothes so you can have photos on different clothes.
  • One piece is one of my favorite options as it is a single dress and can be fit in less space.
  • You can carry palazzo, trousers and loose jeans. These types of loose clothes are comfortable in travelling and you can also wear different tops on a single bottom if needed.
  • Try to carry multi-purpose belongings like a thick scarf that can be used as a shawl .

Travelling clothes tips for boys.

  • If you are not visiting a very hot or very cold region then shorts and T-SHIRT are the best option. They are comfortable as well as can fit in less places.
  • Try to keep things properly in bags throughout the trip so that there will be a place for all things.
  • If possible carry a long T-shirt in a hotter or cooler region as wearing a jacket will not make you feel comfortable every time.
  • Things to be done for safety of your belongings
  • carry locks are a chain to tie your belongings while travelling by train or bus.
  • Physical locks are better than numeric locks in the bag because there is no risk of forgetting the number even if you miss the key you can break the lock easily.
  • Always lock your big bag.
  • Have the bag so that it could save from dirt, water and dust.

Other tips:

  • Always bring two bags one big bag like trolley or air bag for your cloths and other stuff which is not required frequently and another small handbag or sack to keep frequently needed stuff like your glasses, water bottle, money to spend for a day, scarf/cap/hat, mobile , power bank and other necessary stuff.
  • Carry a fully charged power bank because most of the time we capture photographs by mobile and there are chances that mobile gets discharged.
  • Keep mobile safe because most of the time we need it for bookings, finding ways and paying to people. Losing a mobile phone at an unknown place can cause trouble.
  • Carry some packed food or home made sustainable food (avoid oily food like pickles) because you may miss timings of meals during sightseeing.
  • Packaged products category wise in different small bags , it will be easy to keep in a big bag and you will find products in the right place at the right time.
  • Categorize products like toiletries, cosmetic, medicine, cloths etc and keep them in small packing bags.
  • Make small folds of clothes.
  • Bring extra carry bags for wet clothes as well as for unwashed clothes.
  • Also carry a shoe bag to keep a pair of shoes or slippers while not in use.
  • Don’t forget to carry empty envelopes or small bin bags to keep waste and garbage in the absence of a dust bin.
  • Carry metal bottles to avoid waste created at tourist places by packed water bottles.
  • Don’t forget to carry your identity proof because it is required at every place. Also carry passport size photos if needed.
  • Things like thread and needle, extra buttons, knife, extra safety pins and bandaid are advisable to carry.
  • Keep a list of things which you are carrying with you to tally the things which you are bringing in and which you are leaving with.
  • Always keep your address card and contact no. in your wallet and also in bags so that if in case of missing if anyone finds it, can return you.
  • Arrange the clothes in a bag such that the dress you are going to wear on the next day will be on top so that other things remain untouched.

So that’s all I do while packing my travel bag. I am sure you will not miss any necessary thing and also will have minimum weight with you if you follow these tips. Happy journey.


How many bags should be carry during travel?

Minimum 2 bags one sling bag or small bag to carry frequently needed things and one comparatively larger bag of other belonging.

What kind of bags should be carry?

carry as per your convenience but always remember to carry only that much belonging which you yourself can handle.

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