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What is 5G Network? Everything About 5G Network


The world is growing faster day by day through its new technologies. The most important asset nowadays is a network. People always want good internet speed instead of voice calls and SMS. Networks are updating according to the consumers’ needs. It all started from 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G and the future network which will bring massive change to the digital world is the 5G network. Have you heard about 5G before? Let’s discuss this here.

What will you get from here:

  1. What is a 5G network?
  2. How does the 5G network build?
  3. When 5G will launch in India
  4. Speed of 5G internet
  5. 5G  Smartphones
  6. Advantages of the 5G network
  7. Disadvantages of the 5G network
  8. Comparison with other networks
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQs

What is a 5G network?

First, there is a need to know what exactly 5G is. 5G or the fifth generation of mobile technology which will provide the fast download and upload speed. This network will allow multiple consumers or users to share the internet at the same time. This network will be less costly than the 4G network and will be more efficient with improved performance.5G network will change the world by powering the hottest trends like IoT(Internet of Things), AI(Artificial Intelligence), etc. So basically 5G will provide faster, stable, and more secure connections along with new services.

We are all going to enjoy the best performance on the internet than ever before.

How does the 5G network build?

 Ericsson is the first company to launch live commercial 5G networks on 4 continents. They are currently supporting 20, 5G live networks sharing experience and learning through this. Many other companies are building the 5G network. They are working hard to develop these technologies and hardware which are required for 5G to launch in the market.

For the fast request and response, 5G is using radio waves or radiofrequency energy to transmit data by which it delivers the faster connection and greater capacity. This wireless communication will be 40 times faster than the 4G LTE network.5G network may use various spectrum bands including radio spectrum which will carry large data.

Ericsson which is one of the leading providers of Information and Communication Technology to service providers developed the Ericsson radio system which enables smooth, fast, and cost-effective transformation from 4G to 5G.

When 5G will launch in India

 India is working on a campaign to improve the online infrastructure and making the country digitally empowered in the field of technology which is known as “Digital India”.This campaign is launched by the government of India to transform the country into a digitally empowered society.

If 5G network launches in India then it will increase the use of wireless technology. And will create completely new sectors of the economy from industrial, educational, health care, agriculture, and social sectors.

Smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S20, Realme do have 5G technology but India does not support the 5G network yet. According to the research, the 5G network will be available in India in 2022 and it will represent 11 percent of mobile subscriptions at the end of 2025 said by Swedish Telecom gear maker Ericsson in a report. This report also estimates that there will be around 2.6 billion subscriptions of 5G covering 67% of the world’s population.

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Speed of 5G internet

5G will be going to suppress the 4G LTE network through its speed and efficiency as 4G suppressed 3G. It’s all not just about speeding up the smartphones but to create wireless internet everywhere and for everyone.

This 5G technology is going to be 100 times faster than 4G technology.4G network provide 100 Megabits per second(Mbps) and 5G will be going to provide 100 gigabits per second (Gbps)

 The maximum speed of 5G is 10 Gbps and the average is 50 Mbps and above. This operation will help to deliver fixed wireless broadband services to consumers.

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5G  Smartphones

As we discussed above, some smartphone companies have added 5G technology as one of their specifications in their smartphones which leads to future proof and adoption. Here is the list of smartphones:-

  1. Samsung Galaxy S20+
  2. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 
  3. Oneplus 8 pro
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 
  5. Moto Z4 
  6. Xiaomi MI 10 pro etc.

All these falls in different 5G categories like low, middle,high-band, and DSS.

Advantages of the 5G network

One of the biggest advantages of 5G is the highest speed and lower latency. Apart from these 5G provides many more benefits and they are as follows:-

1.Evolution IoT:

Though the 5G network is 10 times faster than 4G LTE it will benefit the IoT devices to transfer data at a faster speed. It connects the number of devices at the same time and they can access instant connection to the internet which ables to exchange information with each other instantly.

2.Increased Bandwidth:

As there is a need to upload or download large amounts of data we need greater speed along with network capacity. So 5G has the potential to transmit large amounts of data. As the architecture of 5G and 4G are different which leads 5G networks allowing greater optimization of network traffic and smooth handling.

3. 5G in AI(Artificial Intelligence):

As many industries or enterprises are using AI, they require the ability to process and transfer a huge amount of data. Also AI diagnostic helps to detect disease in human beings which increases the potential of AI in the field of health care by healing human beings. 

4. 5G in Cloud Computing:

5G will bring a massive change in cloud computing. With the help of 5G consumers can access their data faster anytime anywhere also they can increase or decrease their resources according to their needs without any time lag.

5. Greater number of connected devices:

5G enables multiple users to connect to a network at the same time. It will go to a millionaire scale per square kilometer.

Disadvantages of the 5G network

5G offers many benefits to the people and society but it has a negative side too.

1. Expensive deal:

As 5G technology is under process, many old devices would not compete with 5G or will not be able to add 5G features in them so all of them need to be replaced with new devices which would be expensive.

2. Developing Infrastructure:

This is going to be a huge project for any country to replace or upgrade any network which is going to be very costly for them.

3. Harmful for human health:

5G increases death rate because of electromagnetic radiation which is harmful to humans especially kids and old ones. It can be dangerous to us because our bodies cannot be neutralized at all.

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Comparison with other networks

Each generation of network delivers more data per hertz than the previous one. 4G is faster than 3G and 5G is faster than 4G representing the newer or better versions of a particular technology. Here is the comparison chart of the three-generation of the network.

      3G      4G      5G
Deployment2004-052006-10After 2020
Bandwidth2mbps200mbps Greater than 1 gbps
Latency 100-500 milliseconds20-30 millisecondsLess than 10 milliseconds
Average Speed144kbps25mbps200-400mbps


At last, the conclusion is that the deployment of the 5G network will lead to a huge transformation of people’s lives in the future. Many countries are spending a huge amount for its deployment as it offers lower latency, higher capacity, and increased bandwidth compared to 4G. This change will impact everyone’s life.


When 5G network will launch?

It was assumed that 5G might be launched in 2021, but after Covid-19, We can not assume anything, It can be delayed 1-2 years.

5G will be faster than 4G?

Of course, It will much faster than 4G.

Is 5g network dangerous?

As every technology somehow affects something, Same 5G will also harmful to the environment.



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