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What is An Atom | Amazing facts about it


Our planet, universe, world is very bigger than our think but, are you ever think that this world, universe, planet is made up of ? What things make this big ?. Had you ever think about this ?

If not then you should think about this because in this world of science you should know about all these things.

All this world is made up of a very small particles even our body and all over things that you see in your daily life are made up of these tiny particles.

That you can not see by your naked eyes and these particles are atoms.

You need a powerful microscope to see them

If you belongs to science background or you are science lover and if you had a little knowledge about science and chemistry then you often listen this word atom.

But if you are not a science lover or student then it is also a interesting topic for you,

Because I express all over things about it in a simple way. It is very joyful and easy to learn about it.

It is a part of chemistry (a branch of science) in which you have to learn about-

Chemicals, molecules, particles and others.

It is the base of all things in this universe and our body. Even air and gases also have it. Hence there is nothing in this world that made without it,

It doesn’t matter it is living thing or non-living . but the question is what is it ?

Things that you are going to know in this post-

  1. What is an atom ?
  2. Discovery of an atom
  3. Overview of an atom
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQs

What is an atom ?

Definition of  atomIt is the smallest particle in the world that neither can be created nor destroyed in any physical or chemical process.

In other words it is constant it can never be created and never can destroyed in any of the world. Like as

H2O     +        electricity        =     H2            +         O

Here in this process you can see that when H2O (water) reacts with electricity then H2 (Hydrogen) and O (Oxygen) separated with each other but it not destroy yet,

Now you can understand that it can neither be created nor be destroyed in any physical and chemical change, It is clear.

It is like a magic of science. When you goes deep in the study of it then you take it as a miracle of the universe because nobody can create it and nobody can destroy

it is immortal and you can’t see it by your eyes but it is present in all around us, Truly it is like a miracle.

Even science can’t do complete research about atom today, It is like a mystery to do complete study of it for modern science.

 After knowing that what is atom ? may be a question appears in your mind that Who discover it ? I know you all wants to know about discovery of it like,

it is a magic of science who discover this miracle and all about it’s invention.

Discovery of atoms

Discovery of atoms is very old. It was discovered in very long time ago, basically it is discovered in India and Greece both has different ideas of origin in ancient time.

According to ancient Indian science a ancient scientist Maharishi Kanada discover it first in around 600 BCE and named paramanu.

Maharishi Kanada was a great ancient Indian scientist who discover this without any modern equipment and microscope, that was very difficult at that time. The credit of discovery of atoms goes to Maharishi Kanada.

After knowing the history of discovery of it you feel proud because our country India discover this it first and the great scientist like Maharishi Kanada born in this great land.

Maharashi Kanada

And according to Greece ancient science they said they discover it first according to them it was discovered by Leucippus an ancient philosopher at 5th cent. BCE.

He gave a atomic theory called atomism. They called atomos which means “uncuttable” that can not be divide. Leucippus and his pupil Democritius together responsible for discovery of it.

After that there are many scientist born that gave their atomic theory and hypothesis according to them as they research or as they found. But all these scientists improved study of it as time,

That’s why now we can easily study about discovery of atoms in this modern world of science with the help of many scientific equipments like as microscope, electric screen and many others.


Overview of atom

It is very small as we think. But in this world of modern science now you can get the approx right weight size and all physical review of it. Most of them has different size and weight.

There are many different things present in this universe and all these different things has different atoms that has different size, weight.

Well scientists gave just approx value of weight, size of it because it is very difficult to find a definite value of weight and size it.

Atomic weight
1 × 10-10 m
Atomic Size
1.67 × 10-27   to  4.52 × 10-10  kg
Atomic overview

Numerical values of atom –

It is very small particle in the universe and to see it by our eyes it is impossible, we can see it through a microscope but can’t see properly .

To see complete detailing of its you have to use a powerful microscope which are mostly present in science laboratories.

With the help of this microscope scientists find the approx size of it. The approx size of it is about  1 × 10-10 m, a ten million of a millimeter, or 1/254,000,000 of an inch approx.

It is very typical right ? but I told you early that it is like a miracle or a magic of science. It is micro sized so usally it is measured with negative sign (-).

Weight of atom

After knowing about the discovery of atoms now you think that has it contains any weight ?, and the answer is yes, it also have some weight.

All things in this universe has a mass or weight even gases has it’s own weight it doesn’t matter it is living or non living thing.

The mass (weight ) of it or atomic mass is about  1.67 × 10-27   to  4.52 × 10-10  kg. The SI unit of measuring weight of it is kilogram (kg)

it also expressed in the non-SI unit Dalton (symbol: Da or u) where 1 Dalton is defined as  1/12 part of a single carbon-12 atom.

It also carries the weight of proton, neutron of the nucleus.

Now you are thinking what are these things nucleus ? proton ? neutron ? but I will give you a complete knowledge about these in next article so don’t worry about this.


Now you can understand all thing about it but there are more knowledge present that you should know like as it’s structure of atom, types and many more thing.

It is like a ocean when you goes in it’s dept then you get a proper knowledge about it. Chemistry science is a very interesting subject you should learn about this it is a part of our daily life.

In this article you got all the information about discovery of atoms. Discovery of atoms is very deep topic and can’t explain in a single article.


When atom was discovered ?

According to ancient Indian science a ancient scientist Maharishi Kanada discover it first in around 600 BCE and named paramanu.

Where atom is present ?

All this world is made up of a very small particles even our body and all over things that you see in your daily life are made up of these tiny particles that you can not see by your naked eyes and these particles are atoms.

Will atom die ?

No, Atom is the base of whole world and atom is immortal it can’t be created nor be destroyed. If it will die then this whole world become destroyed.

How it works ?

It works to maintains the stability of this whole world. and helps in taking part of any chemical or physical reaction.

Are atom divisible ?

No, it is never be divisible because it can’t never be created not be destroyed.



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