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What Is Google Adwords How To Create Amazing Ad-Group

Google AdWords is Online Advertising And Marketing Service.

As we see that whenever we search on some chrome or any search engine. We see that the result that comes on the top of the page is displayed by advertising. There are ads that we see from google Adwords They appear.

As we see that when I ever watch the video, you see that some ads of phototype come while walking through the video, you call them to display ads.

So, due to the video, you see that some ads of photo-type come, you call them to display ads.

Google AdWords Display Ad Image

I have tried to fully expand what is google AdWords.We also watch videos on Youtube. So there are also ads that we see while playing video or in the middle.

As we will all be using E-mail, we have the option of social or promotion in E-mail as well, in that option. We see Ads, that are also visible through Google Adwords.

These are all one of the types of ads.

How Does Work Google AdWords

  1. What is Google Adwords
  2. How to work Google Adwords 
  3. What is Ad-Group 
  4. Conclusion
  5. Frequently Asked Question About Google AdWords

1.) What Is Google Adwords

As you know from the name of Google Adwords, it seems that it is an online advertising service.

Through which we run advertisements. We usually see that through many services like poster or banner, we advertise and also watch.

Like if you have an institute, you usually use advertising for publicity. to know about yourself even to the people.

Due to which people reach you and know you. Due to which people come from far away to meet your institute or interested people who also take admission here.

In this time, we can do all this process off-line online through Google Adwords.

As we know that in today’s time almost all people use Smart Phone.

And if you are using a SmartPhone. So you will be using Google’s service like Chrome browser or Gmail, Play Store, Youtube which is all Google’s service, you must be using this service for reading or entertainment.

When you use these services That is, whenever you watch the video or you use Chrome Browser. Then when you watch the video.

Let us see that there are many types of Ads Show when the video is play or on the go.

And if you search on chrome too, then you see that you see ads there too, whatever you search. Then you see the top result which is the first, you see ads.

I think I am expanding Google AdWords completely.

Adwords Search Ads Result

What Is Google AdWords

That is, whenever you create ads on Google Adwords. You select the keyword on that keyword, meaning the user who searches by typing it. You have used that keyword in your Ad You call it keyword.

Whatever is shown after your search on the basis of that keyword, you call it keyword, on the basis of that keyword you get all the results. Now you will find out what is Google Ads. You see the result on your search.

As you would know that whenever you do some search. Google shows you the result on the basis of the same, in today’s time 90% of people use Google.

Because Google gives us real results in today’s time. We know that in today’s time Google speaks on our phone. In today’s time, there is no phone and without Google’s service, the phone is incomplete.

Because we also have to do some search, we also type Google, no matter what we are on search engines, we need Google even if it is Google’s play store for App.

Here, we said the search engine. So we also know a little about the search engine. Because if you have further information to get here, then we also know the search engine.

Search engine means.

Whatever you search for, be it any platform where you search on anything and get information. All those platforms are called search engines.

Be it YouTube, or platforms like Quora or Bing, Yahoo, they are all search engines.

When we know so much here we go 98% of google’s business is from Google Ad-words.

 2.) How to work google Adwords

As you may have heard the name of google ads from some people or google Adwords from some people, then we know that google ads. Only speak Google Adwords, Google Adwords was previously known as Google Ads. Now we can call it Google Adwords Know by name.

As we know that this is a paid service where we pay money and through that, we work to reach our ad [ads] to those people who need the service that searches for it.

what is google adwords

Through Google ads, we work to reach our service or product to the people through ads. We can also do this through search engine optimization. SEO, but as we all know that this work takes a lot of time.

Which determines above our keyword that we can take 4 months or 6 months or even longer. About one year also, if we have any service or product that we will start getting results through google Adwords from day one.

Then why would we choose SEO option if we start getting results through Google Adwords.

We promote our service through Google Adwords, but here is how Google Adwords takes money from us.

So let us know how we give the money you give to Ad-words.

Work AdWords

Google AdWords which shows our Ads, whatever after user search, which is the result show on the search engine which is done through Ads, does it take money from us to show ads or money after clicking on that ads?

If it takes, then let us know that the result of the results shown on the search engine. Through Google Adwords. Google Adwords charges us for every click.

Not just a show. The charge that Google takes for each click determines above our keyword, as the keyword we take. That keyword has its own different click charge.

Google Adwords takes charge of us.

Example: – Like if you searched a shirt for men on the search engine. You get to see a lot of results, such as Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, etc.

And if you click on that ads, then it is charged PPC also speaks. Pay-Per-Click means every click has to be paid.

That is, you see what you search on here, its money is not charged till you click on that ads. Google Adwords does not charge it.

Work Google AdWords

Let’s see it through some images. Now we know that the person who creates ads on Google does the show. As we have known, whatever the user searches, we call it keyword. On the same basis, google shows them the result. Those ads that show while searching, we call them to search for ads.

There are many types of ads. We will also know them further, but how they work, we know them a little. Just like display ads are also video ads, so how do they work. That is, when the user searches, then the user will show it, but how do these ads work.

When we create display ads, these display or banner ads are not only for us to search, but we see them on some other website, that is, when you do some search, you see two types of ads.

Through pay per click and other search engine optimization. Whenever some blog like you are reading my blog, it is ranked here through SEO. We have not advertised any of it.

So whatever you go to the website of SEO to read on this website, in this way. You see the display ads or banner ads on here, whatever your searched word. whatever you search for.

Through this, you see these banner ads and display ads.

When you click on those display ads or banner ads, you go to their website. That is, through these ads, if you land on your website.

On your website, then you must have understood here how this display ads work. This process is done through google Adsense after getting approval from Adsense.

These ads start appearing on the website. Ads are also shown on google service and google partners. There are about 700000 app shows on ads.

3.) What is Ad Group

Whenever we create ads in Google Adwords, we create a campaign. We will learn about the campaign in the next blog, here we know about the ad group.

As soon as we create an ad group, we have the option to create an ad group name.

How do we write the ad group name? If you have a textile business and you are creating ads for it, you want to sell sharts?

So you can shirt the name of the ad group because it will make it easier for you to identify your ads. If you ever had to customize, you can easily and this will also help you in the quality score of the ads which is very important.

If we discuss further quality score, then we have interchanged the ad group name. Now we will set the keyword according to our product or service.

We will set our keyword, whatever your keyword is, it should be according to your service or product. As we have taken a shirt and our ads are also shirts.

Then we will take a keyword shirt, we should be related to a black shirt. White shirt, and whatever will be in it because our keyword is going to rank full ads only.

Both your ads and your quality score are the best.

We can only create 3 ads in an ad group. But you can create more than 3 ads in 1 ad group. Such that our ad group is done, hope you have received the information, thanks for reading the blog.

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4.) Conclusion

Through Google AdWords, you can promote your business through advertisements, which can benefit your business, on Google AdWords. You can create all kinds of ads like video ads.

5.) Frequently Asked Questions About Google AdWords

Q 1.) What is Google AdWords?

Ans 1.) Google AdWords is Online Marketing Service.

Q 2.) What Is Ad-group?

Ans 2.) In the ad group we make different types of ads.

Q 3.) What Is Search Ads?

Ans 3.) Whenever we do some search on the search engine, the website that shows through advertisements during that time is called a search ad.

Q 4.) How To Look Display Ads?

Ans 4.) We display ads through organic websites through Ad-sense, this show is also done through an E-mail campaign.


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