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What is M.Com all about? Full form, Course detail, Syllabus, and Career.


Do you know a Master of Commerce? Yes, you know its because it is the best option for a student who wants to make their career-making Banking & Accounting world but still if you don’t know what is M.Com., this blog post is only for you.

Managing an account is not liked by most of the students as it is very likely to be at fault and once a mistake is made it is very difficult to find it.

But some students like this subject and most of them want to pursue their career in this field.

If you also want to pursue an accounting career, then after passing 12th, there are options like B.Com.

Students who want to pursue a career in accounting after completing their 12th standard are interested in the B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) degree course

And after completing B.Com, they have options like M.Com for mastering in accounting, that’s why most students do M.Com ( Master of Commerce) post-graduation degree course after B.Com.

Keeping this in mind, we will discuss the Master of Commerce today, so let us know the complete information related to M.Com.

Let’s find it….

  1. What is M.Com.?
  2. Eligibility
  3. Top 10 Colleges in India for M.Com.
  4. Admission
  5. Course or syllabus
  6. Fees
  7. Duration
  8. After M.Com best course
  9. Career option after MCom
  10. M.Com. Employment area
  11. Conclusion
  12. Q&As

 What is M.Com.?

Its full form is Master of Commerce.  It is a post-graduation degree course related to commerce stream, which is full 3 years.

The recognition of this course is in the whole world except India, it is the first and quite good option for students studying their 12th and graduation from commerce stream.

Subjects like Accounting, Financial, Tax Planning, and Marketing Management are studied in this course.


It is a master degree course, so to perform this course, the candidate must have the following qualifications.

  •  ‌It is mandatory for a candidate to be a graduate along with being a 10 + 2.
  •  ‌12th must have at least 50 to 60% number and similarly, graduation should also have at least 45 to 60% number.

Subject and Steam are not required to do this course but still, some college has the following qualifications mandatory.

  •  ‌Candidate should have 12th pass and graduate with Mathematics subject.
  •  ‌12th and graduation must have at least 60% numbers

  Top 10 Colleges in India for M.Com.

  1.  Shri Ram College of College of Commerce New Delhi
  2.  Banaras Hindu University Uttar Pradesh
  3.  St.  Xavier’s college Mumbai Maharashtra
  4.  Lovely Professional University Jalandhar Punjab
  5.  Loyola College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  6.  Christ University Bangalore
  7.  Karnatak Hindu College New Delhi
  8.  Hansraj College HRC New Delhi
  9.  Narsee Monjee college of commerce and economy, Mumbai, Maharashtra 
  10.  St Andrew’s College of Arts Science and Commerce, Mumbai, Maharashtra


 For admission in M.Com.  college, the candidate must have the above qualifications.

Admission in M.Com  is done in different colleges in the different mediums which is as follows …..

Direct admission

In order to take Direct Admission in M.Com…..

  • The candidate should have passed 12th with Math subject.
  • Candidate should have graduation degree with minimum 55% marks.

If you meet the above-mentioned qualifications, then you can take admission by going to the college in which you want to take admission and face the personal interview.

 But keep in mind that not all colleges or universities directly apply for admissions.

 Entrance Examination

To get admission in M.Com, entrance examinations are conducted by the college and university.  You can join the entrance examination of the college or university in which you have to take admission and can get admission by achieving good marks.

Interested students can apply by filling the form available in the university or their website.

Course or syllabus

In this course you get the opportunity to learn about all the important topics related to commerce and accounting.

The basic course curriculum of M. Com…..

1st year- compulsory paper

  (You have to read these subjects)

  • Accounting for managerial decisions
  • Computer application in business
  • Business environment
  • Corporate tax planning
  • E-commerce
  • Economics of global trade and finance
  • Corporate legal environment
  • Management concept and Organization behavior
  • Financial management
  • Marketing management
  • Corporate financial accounting
  • Managerial economics
  • Statistical analysis
  • Strategic management

  second year- (optional paper)

  (You can choose any topic)

  • Banking and Finance
  • Financial markets
  • Financial bank management
  • Entrepreneurial management
  • Commercial Bank management
  • Investment management
  • Research methodology in commerce


The fee structure in M.Com is different in different colleges, which can vary according to college facility and placement.

However, if we talk about the average fees, it can be between 2,000 and 8000.


M.com is a post-graduation degree course which is a full 2 ​​years and consists of 4 semesters.

MCom exams are conducted semester wise it means examinations are conducted at the every semester’s end.

After M.Com best course

  After completing your MCom, you can opt for the following long time programs.

 Option available for M.Com student these course short term certification course like.

Career option after MCom

Before doing any course, all the students are interested in knowing where to get a job after doing this course, so let’s know the answer to this question …..

 after completing your m com you can wark as …..

  •   Accountant
  •   accounts assistant
  •   Cashier / teller
  •   Executive assistant
  •   finance manager
  •   marketing manager
  •   Money manager
  •   Investments analyst
  •   financial analyst
  •   business analyst
  •   assistant accountant
  •   corporate analyst
  •   senior accountants
  •   securities manager

  M.Com. Employment area

  • Various corporate sectors
  • Banking sectors
  • Export/import companies
  • Customs department
  • Indian Civil Services
  • Economic consulting firm
  • Indian statistical services
  • Insurance industry
  • Indian economic services

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Its full form is Master of Commerce.  It is a post-graduation degree course related tocommerce stream, which is full 3 years.

You can do this course after your graduation degree. This course is 3 years old.

In this course you get the opportunity to learn about all the important topics related to commerce and accounting.


  • Accounting for managerial decisions
  • Corporate tax planning
  • Corporate financial accounting
  • Financial management
  • Marketing management etc


Can I do M com after BBA, BA, B tech?  

Yes MCom is a post commerce degree course related to commerce stream which is full 3 years and 3 years. To do this course, a candidate must be a graduate.

Mcom does not do the subject and stream matter. Matter does not mean that subject or stream from which you have completed your Bachelor’s degree does not matter.

Who can apply for MCom?

M.Com is a post-graduation degree course related to commerce stream, however, any graduate candidate can do M.Com. Commerce subject or Steam is not necessary

Which entrance exam for M.Com?

To get admission in M.Com, different universities do their different entrance exams, they do the entrance exams, you have to go to the university where you want to go.

M com is better or MBA?

There are many similarities in both the M.Com and MBA courses and both courses are the best. It depends on you what you want to do next.

If you want to do lectures or research especially after completing your graduation or if you want to do Ph.D., then M.Com is the best option for you.

If you want to get into corporate jobs after completing your post-graduation, then MBA is the best option for you as most corporate companies prefer to hire MBA students than M.Com.

M.Com versus MBA salary?

If your main objective is just to earn money, then you should give more priority to the MBA than M.Com.
Because if you have done MBA from any best university then you will get a more salary job than M.Com.

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