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What is Programming? Master the Programming| Detailed


In our daily life, we use mobiles, computers, and many other electronic devices, and we play games. From using a small T.V. remote to making cars, rockets, and surfing the web, all use programming.

In this blog, we will discuss Computer Programming and Programming languages and even learn to program without any Computer Science course.

What you are going to see in this blog?

  1. Why does everyone say Programming has Scope and it’s going to be beneficial for you?
  2. What is Programming?
  3. Programming ( Brief )
  4. Variables and Data Types
  5. Examples of Programming :
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQ

Before starting Read This:–

Why does everyone say Programming has Scope and it’s going to be beneficial for you?

Programming is the backbone of technology. Everyone from a small business to Multinational Companies, everyone is moving towards the Internet and this makes the scope.

Big companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Google, Microsoft, Zerodha, etc all are doing their business online, maybe you knew that most of the employees in these companies are programmers. To handle these companies’ websites, mobile apps programmers are needed.

In today’s world, IT sectors, AI, Game developments, Automation Technology, etc are growing widely. The need for technology is increasing every day and growing tremendously.

Programming is needed everywhere.

Computer Programmers are paid extremely well almost all across the world. In India, the average salary of Programmers is ₹7,00,000 per annum.

Learning Development through Programming languages and getting a job don’t need a degree. Only skill is required.

What is Programming?

Getting work done by an electronic device and teaching it is knows as Programming.

In simple words, if you have to make your own game/app, what should you do? You will teach your devices. That’s it.

Wait! do you have a bit of knowledge of Programming? So then, why don’t you visit and start learning C Basics and Fundamentals?

What is Program?

It is the set of instructions that are provided by a programmer/coder to make the device work as he wants.

Who are Programmers and Coders?

These are the people who Codes/writes Programs.

What is a Programming language?

It is that language that you will use to instruct a task to a device.

For eg., If you want to create your own calculator app to perform calculations then firstly, you have to teach the system how to do calculations.

However, many Programming languages are created for specific purposes, although these languages are little-bit hard to understand.

Programming ( Brief )

Let’s get into deep, an electronic device cannot understand human language like Hindi, English, French, etc.

By the way, what devices really understand?

Basically, Devices only understand electronic signals that are denoted by 0 & 1, which means it is impossible to get understand by us, so we use programming languages.

There are lots of programming languages, to program, you have to know the syntax. Mostly, computer languages have similar formats and keywords.

You may find your first language too difficult to understand. However, if you mastered the language then the next language that you will be going to learn, will become much easier to understand and learn.

The difficult part of Programming is LOGIC.

The logic is the instructions you will have to give the device/platform, it’s the weakness of most of the programmers.

What is Syntax?

It is the structure/format in which you are going to write the code.

Most of the programming languages are of the same type of syntax.

Ex. If you search a letter’s format by different regions, you will notice that most regions share the same format. That format in these languages is called Syntax.

Types of Programming Languages and their purpose

Below are the Most Popular Programming Languages and their use.

CEmbedded systems, Hardware drivers, Local Applications
JavaServer-side Applications, Video Games, Android Applications
PythonArtificial Intelligence(AI), Web Applications, Data Analysis
JavascriptLocal and Web Applications
PHPWeb Applications
C++Local Applications, Web Services
SQLDatabase Queries
RubyWeb Applications

How does a Program interact with a device?

Every time, when a Programmer compiles the code, the compiler compiles the program. In other words, the compiler check for errors regarding syntax. As a result, when an error occurred the compiler report to the programmer.

Finally, having a successful execution, the compiler converts the code to Machine’s language, which is 0 & 1. Then, the machine will read the converted program from top to bottom and perform the task that’s provided.

What you have to know before learning a programming language?

  1. You have to select a language based on your interest.
  2. Start with only one.
  3. Learn the basics, debugging.
  4. Take efforts in applying logic.
  5. Practice Everyday.
  6. It’s going to take time, be patient.

Variables and Data Types

What are Variables?

Generally, in programming Variables are the IDs for your data. In other words, variables are used to store data.

Let’s take an example :

Why we use drawers? To store the same types of things.

Considering the above example, if you want to store the number ‘23’ you have to use a variable(drawer).

An alphabet and a word can be used to store a variable.


a = 23; or myFavNumber = 23;

You can see I used a and myFavNumber to store 23, and at the end of the statement, I used a semicolon(;), which is a sign to show the compiler that the statement is ended.

The number to store is always on the left of = (equals to) and the variable is on the right.

What is Data Type?

It is the representation of the data which you are going to store. Example, 

‘2’,’3’ (all whole numbers) are an Integer.

‘A’,’z’,(all alphabets) are Characters.

‘Hi’,’Hi how are you’,’Hi! me@gmail.com’  are Strings.  

There are lots of data types that are used in all the programming languages.

Let’s take a look:

Data TypeDescription
byteByte-length integer
shortShort integer
longLong integer
floatSingle-precision floating point
doubleDouble-precision floating-point
charA single character
booleanA boolean value (true or false)

Do you want to know more about Data Types – Visit Wikipedia, however, we displayed that data types which are mostly used.

Examples of Programming :

Let’s Print “ Hi! How are You??

  • In C Language:
void main()
 printf(“Hi! How are You?”);
Want to Start Learning ‘C’ Language? Check our C Basics Blog
  • In Java Language:
Class Hello
 public static void main(String args[])
  System.out.println(“Hi! How are You?”);
Hey! for Android Apps developement you need to start with Java tutorial.
  • In Python Language:
print (‘Hi! How are You?’);
To learn one of the easiest, widely used, powerful general-purpose languages. Visit the Python Blog.

From the above codes, you can see every language shares the same syntax except Python because Python is the recently developed language and easy to understand. By the way, it is one of the powerful languages. 


Programming Languages are very interesting to learn and it unlocks more scope for the future.

It is everywhere. A good programmer is one who has good logic. When you start to write programs on your own, after learning the basics and syntax, you will be able to understand more.

Logic is basically ‘how you can solve’. Before, writing a program you should plan for the features, modeling, how and what to write in the code.

Generally, there are various ways to write a single program, but you have to write one with less execution time, faster processing of task, and easy to understand.


Q1. Are Programming Languages Free?

Yes. Programming Languages are absolutely free for learning (by the documentation) and also the software to write and run the programs are free.

Q2. What’s the best age to learn Programming?

No. There’s no age to learn Programming. Anyone can learn Programming from the age when you understand English to old age.

Q3. Are Programming Languages all in English?

Yes. Programming Languages are fully in English because English is the only language that is used globally.

Q4. Are Programming Languages Software available?

Yes, the software is available on the Language’s website and it’s free.

Q5. What’s the use of Programming Software?

The Programming Softwares are used for Compiling and to Run the Programs.

Q6. Can I learn Programming Languages my own?

Yes, you can. It is available freely on the Internet and in Books.

Q7. Which Programming Languages should I learn in 2020?

– Android Development:- Java
– Web Development :- HTML, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, BOOTSTRAP, CSS, etc.
– Data Analytics and Data Storing:- Python, XML
– Database Management:- SQL.

Q8. Will Programming be automated in the future?


Q9. What are the skills I need to get a job?

You just need good knowledge in Programming languages, good problem-solving skills, good in Communication skills(English).

Q10. Do I manage to get a job after learning Programming without a degree?

Yes, you can. Even in Google, there are more than 30% of employees who don’t have any degree.

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