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What is SEO Search engine optimization complete guide 2020

Search engine optimization is the process to fine-tune your web content to get the targeted and organic traffic through search engines

In other words, SEO means making your web content as per the guidelines of the search engines.

So When you enter any online business, may it be eCommerce, blogging, or any information website, your target is to reach more and more people. The best approach to reach most of the people is through the search results.

Just imagine, you have a website with quality content in it. You have made a lot of pages on this website. The visuals like images and videos, all are very classy. But, due to some reason, you are not getting any traffic from the search engines.

Do you think your website is worth? No, it has no worth at all. It is the same as you have spent a lot of money on your showroom. But, you have no customer. In such a scenario, you need a good marketing strategy to promote your business or product. For your website, you do the same by Search Engine Optimization. to understand the SEO concept, you need to understand the importance of SEO

Table of Content

  1. Why SEO is Important
  2. How SEO Works
  3. Types of Search Engines
  4. Why Content is the King
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQ
Search engine optimization complete guide

Why SEO is Important

Today, customer behavior has changed a lot. With the usage of smartphones and a high-speed internet connection, the majority of people want instant results.

The days are gone when you go to libraries to get the details of any topics.

Now, almost everyone is holding his personal library in his hand called the smartphone. When a question arises into your mind, intentionally or unintentionally, the first thing you do is to have a Google search.

Google and search engines are smart enough to answer each of your queries in seconds. It is nothing but a miracle.

The same is the case with online shopping. Think when you need something unique, you do a Google search or you try to find such products from the eCommerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. Most of the time, you get the same or similar kind of product from these websites. When you find the product you end to buy the same.

This is how consumer behavior works these days. Now, let’s back to our topic

Search engine optimization complete guide

SEO importace

By applying SEO to our website, we can increase the search engine ranking of our website.

You need to remember rule # 1 of SEO. The websites come in the first fold of the search engine results to get the most of the traffic. Here first fold means top 5. To get the most out of search engines, your website should be in the top 5 search results.

The user trusts the results shown by Google and search engines. If your website is recommended by the search engines, then, the user tends to believe in your content and promises. It becomes easy for sales conversion.

SEO plays a key role in keeping your business ahead of your competition. If your business website is having good SEO done than your competitor, then you will get more sales which means more revenue and more profits.

Today with the high increase in internet user base, the marketing strategies of the businesses have changed a lot. Every business that has a futuristic vision, will add SEO in its marketing strategy.

SEO is a long term strategy. The early you adopt in your business the most you will get from the SEO. It is like planting a mango tree. In the early stages, you will feel it difficult to do. But with continuous efforts and patience, you will get the fruit out of this tree for years to come

How SEO works?

What is Search engine optimization

I hope you have understood ‘what is SEO and Why SEO is important’ so far.

Now, I will explain how SEO works for you. SEO works in three steps Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking. Let’s discuss the same in detail.


When search engine bots come to your website from any source. They look for your content, code, and URL is of your website. This process is called crawling.

The first and foremost thing for your web content is to be visible for search engines. If your website or web content is not visible, then there is no chance of crawling. It is very important and it is the first step of your SEO. Without crawling, your content cannot be indexed or ranked.


When the search engines crawl to your website, they store important information like your URL, title, and highlights of your content into their database. Organizing and storing web content into a search engine database is called the indexing. The content needs to indexed first, only then it can be shown in search results.


When a user sends the Google query, the search engine matches the query with the results stored in its database.

The algorithms find the best results based on the query of the user and displayed as the Search Engine Ranked Pages (SERP). A high ranking means more traffic. Today, there is immense competition in the SEO industry. You need to optimize and fine-tune each and every SEO factor to get high in rankings.

Types of Search Engines

Search engine optimization complete guide

The search engine is an application or software designed to store and searches the information over the internet and displayed the top results based on the user’s query.

There are mainly three types of search engines.

Crawler Based Search Engines

This kind of search engines use bots or crawlers to search the new content available on the World Wide Web. When it finds new content it stores the same in its database. These search engines answer the queries of its users by comparing the keywords with the results of web content stored in its database. Based on the keyword and the relevancy, the search engines display the top search results pages, where the top result means the most relevant and accurate result as per its algorithm.

Directories Based Search Engines

These search engines are powered by human-powered. There is no artificial intelligence (AI) in such search engines. It is an open-source directory listing where humans list their business or web content. Yellowpages, Indiamart, JustDial is the examples of directory-based search engines.

These results of DBSE are not reliable as compared to crawler-based search engines. Still, DBSE is popular over the internet, especially in the case of local listings.

Hybrid Search Engines

These search engines use both crawler and human-powered mechanism for crawling and indexing the web content. Google is an example of a hybrid search engine. It uses crawlers as its main mechanism and human power as its secondary mechanism.

Why Content is the King in SEO?

What is Search engine optimization

You may hear this phraseContent is the king’ quite a lot of times. But do you know what the exact meaning of this phrase in context with SEO is?

It means if you write or create content that is unique, high-quality, relevant, and interesting, you will be able to get the high search engine rankings. In simple words, your content should deliver value to your audience. Your content should be thorough and after grasping your content, your user has no doubts left in his mind.

When you write a thorough and unique content and publish it regularly on your website with internal linking to other relevant pages of your website ranking will come up automatically. A higher ranking means more digital customers.

Moreover when you publish more and more content consistently, the authority of your website increases, which makes it easy to contain your search engine rankings.

High-quality content increases user engagement. When you get a good piece of content, you spend time-consuming, grasp, and also comment & share the content. You tend to spend more time on your website. This will send a good signal of good user experience (UX) to the search engines. The search engines give you high rankings as a reward of good UX.

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From the above discussion, I have tried to make you learn about what the SEO is and its importance? For any website, SEO is like a lifeline.

It will come in spikes. Sometimes high rankings and other times loss in rankings. It will keep running in spikes. When it is in a straight line, it means you have lost your rankings. No ranking means no traffic. I hope you have learned the basics of SEO. Do let me know if you have any questions or feedback in the comments sections. I will eagerly be waiting for your reply.


1. How difficult it is to learn and implement SEO for my website?

In the past few years, learning SEO was not difficult. But with the updates in search engine algorithms at present it is a bit difficult and technical to learn the art of SEO. If you are new in this industry and want to learn and implement SEO from scratch, make sure you keep on updating yourself on algorithm changes.

2. How long will it take to rank my website in the TOP 5?

To ranking a website in the top 5 in search results it depends on a lot of factors such as the selection of keyword, domain authority, competition analysis, etc. If you have selected a keyword with the low competition then it may take six months to rank in top 5 with a condition that you have well-written unique content.

3. What is SEO marketing?

SEO- (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.
By doing professional research and implement the insights you find in your website and future content, you:
1. Increase the chance You will get high rank on search engines
2. you are ensuring a cost-effective long-term source of targeted and interested traffic.
3. You significantly improve your branding.


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