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Which are top spices growing states? Top spices growing states in India in 2020-21

Do you know about Indian spices production?

Currently, in India, there are 28 states and 8 union territory, and all have their own contribution in spices production no matter is state small or large.

India is the largest spices producing country

Nearly all types of spices we grow in India.

The quality of Indian spices is the best in the world.

So let’s start the study of Indian spices.

What’s in it for me?

  1. State-wise spices overview
  2. Top spices growing states
  3. Highest spices growing state of India
  4. Top chili growing state of India
  5. Top cumin growing states of India
  6. Highest turmeric growing states and export
  7. Top Saffron growing states of India and export
  8. Future of spices industry.
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQs

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State-wise spices overview

As we know India is the world’s top spices producing country. No other country even near, by the last economical year’s numbers. For achieving this position contribution of all the states is very big. That’s why it is very important to study the state-wise spices production.

In India, there are some states which grow the spices that have very high value in both national and international markets. The best example is Kashmiri saffron which is the world’s best saffron. The main thing in this saffron is its exotic aroma and as a flavor in culinary preparation.

If we are discussing the spices then one name is so important which is chili because it is the main in all spices. In the production of chili, the Rajasthan is on top of all. Also, some spices which grow in India are the best in the world.

Currently, the Kandhamal Haldi (Khandhamal Turmeric) of Odisha got the GI Tag i.e. Geographical Indication which shows that the quality of Indian spices likewise lots of Indian spices from different states of India created their own identity in the world.

Top spices growing states


Which are the top spices growing states in India? If we are studying the top spices growing states of India, then it is necessary to talk about Andhra Pradesh.

Andhra Pradesh is one of the highest spices growing state in India for lots of spices. Also, the other states grow the lots of deferent spices which are very important for the Indian spices industry.

To know detail about the top spices growing states see the picture above.

Basic about top spices growing states

Andhra Pradesh –

As we know Andhra Pradesh is one of the highest spices growing state in India the people of Andhra are the highest chili and spices consuming people. Andhra Pradesh grows the spices as follows, Ginger Turmeric, Chilli, and Muster in very large quantity, lots of farmers in Andhra Pradesh depend on the spice.

Maharashtra –

Maharashtra is an anther State for growing the spices, the Vidarbha region is one of the highest spices consuming region of Maharashtra. Spices production in Maharashtra is as follows Chilli, Turmeric, Pomegranate seeds, Garlic. etc.


Another spice growing state is a Rajasthan. Rajasthan is one of the best Red chili Growing states of India. No only chili it is also best for growing the Cumin, Coriander, Fennel, Fenugreek, etc.

Karnataka –

Karnataka is another region of growing high quantity of spice, nearly 11 types of spices grown in the Karnataka which are as follows Peppercorns, Bay Leaves, Turmeric, Dried Ginger, Nutmeg, Mace, Cumin, Cloves, Green Cardamom, Cassia Bark, etc.

Tamil Nadu –

As we know maximum spices in India are growing in the south region of India and Tamil Nadu is an also one of the south Indian states and it grows, Garlic, Tamarind, Coriander, Cardamom, Pepper, Curry leaves, Ginger, Cloves, Chilies, and Mint in very high quantity

Kerala –

Kerala is an anther state which grows the spices in very high quantity and with the best quality. Pepper, Cardamom, Clove, Cinnamon, Ginger, Turmeric, Tamarind, Nutmeg, Curry leaves

Uttar Pradesh –

U.P. is another highest spice growing the state of India, which grows, Turmeric, Chilli, Aniseed, Coriander, Cumin, Fennel, Fenugreek, Celery, Garlic, Mustard, etc.

Gujarat –

Gujarat is another highest spice growing state in India that grows Chili, fennel, fenugreek, cumin, garlic, dill seed, etc.

Madhya Pradesh –

is not so big spices producing country but some spices are grown in M.P. Which are Ginger, garlic, cumin.

Odisha –

Now Odisha created their name in the world for their spice “Khandamal Haldi” This Turmeric selected for the GI Tag. With turmeric Odisha also grows, Ginger Garlic & Chilli.

West Bengal –

As we know West Bengal is famous for the political atmosphere. But it also famous for spices like Large Cardamom, Turmeric, Chili and Ginger.

Jammu & Kashmir –

as we know Jammu & Kashmir is one of part of India and the “Kashmiri Kesar” or Indian Saffron is one of the best saffron in the world, not only saffron Ajowan is also the best product of Jammu & Kashmir.

Himachal Pradesh-

Himachal Pradesh grows the Ginger.

Punjab –

Punjab Grows the aniseed, & Celery.


Uttaranchal Grows the Ginger, coriander, Aniseed, and Chilli.


Jharkhand grows ginger.


Bihar grows the turmeric, garlic, ginger, and Ajwain.

Arunachal Pradesh –

Arunachal Pradesh grows turmeric, Tejpat, Ginger, etc.

Assam –

Assam Grows turmeric and aniseed.

Haryana –

Haryana Grows the Garlic only.

Tripura –

Tripura grows the turmeric only.

Meghalaya –

Meghalaya grows Ginger and Turmeric.

Sikkim –

Sikkim Grows the Large Cardamom only.

Mizoram –

Mizoram grows the Ginger.

Chhattisgarh –

Chhattisgarh is a state from central India grows the Ginger and Garlic.

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Highest spices growing state of India

As we discussed above the Andhra Pradesh is one of the highest spices growing the state of India, not also spices they grow coffee also. Andhra Pradesh is in the southern region of India and its capital is Amravati.

Andhra Pradesh food is very spicy as compared to other states of India not only the spice it too hot also.

As Andhra Pradesh is growing chili also that’s why they use lots of chili in their food. And if we think about the spices grows in the state then the list is as follows

The spices grow in the Andhra Pradesh

  1. Ginger
  2. Chili
  3. Turmeric
  4. Mustard

As Andhra Pradesh becomes the highest spice growing state in India now they are started a new spice park at Guntur. Spice Park is a complete package of buyers, sellers, processes, packagers, and exporters.

The aim behind the establishment of the spices park at the Guntur is to increase the complete income of the chili farmer.

Because of this initiative the relation of the farmers, with all the people coming in this chain will increase and it directly affects again to the farmer’s income.

Condition of farmer’s

In India as current scenario condition of the farmers is in very bad condition, there is no one is coming forward to help them.

If the government helps them by providing actual rate to their product then no other people can afford it.

To save farmers it is a very good initiative to provide them external market or export market and spice park is one of the good initiatives.

Investment by Govenment

At the initial state government was a plan to invest the ₹14.62 crores of Indian rupees. Till the completion of the complete process, it increases to the 23 crores it almost double of the predefined value.

Also to support that initiative the Andhra Pradesh government also takes one decision to allocate the land of 124.78 acres at Maidavolu and Venkayalapadu village of Edlapadu Mandal of Guntur district to the Spices Board.

Currently, maximum work is completed and parks in running condition. But also some developments are also in running condition. With this, all the above investments Andhra Pradesh government also allotted the 38 acres of land only for the export of the spices.

So it will help to improve the export of the spices. As we know India is already the world’s largest spices exported and producer. By my calculations in future small Indian framers also will grow as an exporter.

Top Red chili growing state of India –

India is the highest spices growing country in the world, and the chilly is one of the main spices. So it is necessary discos, about the top chili growing state in India. As we discussed above the Rajasthan is one of the best chili growing states in India.

List of chilli produsing states


The following are the top chili Growing states of India with the highest production to lower by the data of 2017.

  8. ASSAM
  10. PUNJAB

All the above mention states are the best of the chili producing the state of India. In all the above states the Andhra Pradesh is one of the highest chili growing states of India. Other states are also the best in chili production. Also, the Rajasthan’s chili, especially of Jaipur’s is in very demand not only in India but also in total word.

Some of the popular chili found in India

  1. Bhut Jolokia of Northeast India
    • Bhut jolokia also called Ghost Pepper or Ghost Chili, as the meaning of Indian word Bhut is a ghost in English. It also called the king of all chilies.
  2. Guntur chili of Andhra Pradesh
    • Guntur chili is a group of export quality chili it contains mainly four types of chili which are as follows.
  3. 334 chili (it is a premium quality chili)
  4. Teja chili
  5. Guntur Sannam
  6. 373 chili
  7. Kanthari Chili of Kerala
  8. Jwala Chili Of Gujarat
  9. Kashmiri chili of Kashmir
  10. Byadagi chili of Karnataka
  11. Ramnad Gundu/Mundu of Tamil Nadu
  12. Dhani Of Manipur

Top cumin growing states Of India

Cumin is also one important spice, it uses in all type and all state of food people loves to drink the buttermilk with cumin powder. This all above things makes cumin more important as a spice and it is another reason that we added cumin in the list of top spices. And the main reason is its quantity of export.

Importance of Cumin


As shown in the above picture, the export percentages of the cumin are very high. As compared to other it is nearly double the second-highest exporting spice, and it is nearly 40% of the total export of the spices from India.

In India cumin is also called “Jeera” as per some researchers the people using the cumin from a very long time nearly from 5000 years, some proof of use of cumin is founded in the pyramid of Egypt also.

contribution of states

In the production of cumin, there is very tough competition between two states which are Gujarat and Rajasthan, these two states are the highest cumin growing states of India.

As per the data of the year 2019, the production of total cumin in India in the year of 2018-19 was nearly 661,870 tons, and shear of the two states i.e. Rajasthan and Gujarat were above 161,780 tons and 207,830 tons respectively.

The above data also shows that Gujarat grows more cumin than Rajasthan. If we calculate some of that both state then it comes to then it comes 369,610 tons it means above 56% of the total cumin of India grows on the Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Other cumin producing states are Uttar Pradesh & Madhya Pradesh. The remaining presents of cumin come from these two and some other states.

Cumin export

As current India focusing on the export in which cumin is one of the highest exporting spices from India. But if we discussing the export of coming then it is necessary to know the market competitors and their export also. It will be easy to understand in the picture shown below.

By the above data, it is clear that India is a world leader in the field of cumin production which is nearly 70% of total cumin growth in the world. It is a very big quantity.


Also if we discuss the competitors then Syria is the second-highest cumin growing country in the world which is nearly 12% of the total cumin production of the word.

The number three country in the cumin production is Iran with 8% production of the total. And number four is Turkey by 6% cumin production of total world. The overall calculation of the production of this 4 country is 96% of total cumin production of the world remaining 4% cumin come from the other countries but which very small in percentage.

Highest Turmeric growing states and Export

Turmeric also one of the important spice, another importance of the Turmeric is its medicinal specialties, like the ability to hill the internal and external body injuries also and the ability to increase skin glow. This all properties make the turmeric important to study. Because of all above mentioned important points, it is important to study the turmeric.

Now the one thing that happened in India which suddenly increases the importance of the Indian turmeric, which is the “Kandhamal Haldi” got the GI tag. Which means The Geographical Indication Tag, this thing is now helping us to improve the market value of the Indian turmeric.

Important turmeric growing states

Now if we think about turmeric growing states of India then the following are the important turmeric growing states.

  1. Andhra Pradesh
  2. Tamil Nadu
  3. Orissa
  4. Maharashtra
  5. Assam
  6. Karla
  7. Karnataka
  8. West Bengal.

The all above mention states the Andhra Pradesh grows the 60% of turmeric on 40% of total turmeric growing aria of India. Orissa grows 12% of total turmeric production in India by occupying 17% of aria and Tamil Nadu grows 13% turmeric of total turmeric grown in India by occupying the 13% area of total turmeric growing area of India.

Turmeric cultivation area of India reducing year by year, which reduced the direct production of turmeric.

Like other spice for turmeric also the Andhra Pradesh is one of the highest Turmeric growing states of India. Which grows around 60% of total turmeric

Turmeric export and important importers

If we talk about the export of turmeric. India is one of the highest turmeric growing countries of the world, also we are the top exporter of the turmeric, and quality of Indian turmeric is best in the world. A top importer of Indian turmeric is North America. There are also some other important importers for Indian turmeric which are as follows.

  1. USA
  2. Iran
  3. UAE
  4. Malaysia
  5. Morocco
  6. United Kingdom
  7. Shri Lanka
  8. Germany
  9. Japan
  10. Saudi Arabia

This will easy to understand by the picture shown below.


As above shown the world’s biggest countries are the customer of Indian turmericor we can say that Indian turmeric has created its own identity in the worldwide market.

As per the above data America (USA) is one of the big markets for Indian turmeric which consumes 29% of Indian exported turmeric. In my opinion the reason behind this the Indian people working in America.

The second-largest market for Indian turmeric is Iran. Iran consumes 15% of Indian Haldi, In Iran also the lots of Indian working currently, they also consume lots of Turmeric.

Third and fourth Indian turmeric consumers are UAE and Malaysia they consume 10% and 9% Turmeric respectively. Fifth, sixth and seventh highest Indian turmeric consuming countries are Morocco, U.K., and Shri Lanka this all three countries consume 7% turmeric per country.

The eighth number country is Germany which consumes the 6% Turmeric of total export. Ninth and finely tenth number Indian turmeric consuming countries are Japan and Saudi Arabia this both country consumes 5-5% turmeric separately.

competitors in the turmeric export

As we are discussing the export of turmeric, then it is necessary to know the competitors of the export industry. The competitors in the turmeric export industry are as follows.

  1. Pakistan
  2. China
  3. Haiti
  4. Jamaica
  5. Peru
  6. Taiwan
  7. Thailand

All the above data is in ascending order.

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Top Saffron growing states and export

As we know saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world. Its price started from ₹100/kg to the ₹100K/kg. And it also is known in the world for its fragrance, some people say that they fill the fragrance of the same saffron is deferent.

The Kashmiri saffron is one of the best saffron in the world and is exported to all over the world. The reason behind the high price of the saffron is it is totally labour oriented work. Labour needs to collect the flowers of the saffron. Which directly creates an impact on the price of saffron.

competitors for Indian saffron export

If we think globally then there are very big competitors in front of Indian saffron which are as follows

  • Iran
  • India
  • Afghanistan
  • Italy
  • France
  • New Zealand
  • Pennsylvania
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Greece
  • Morocco
  • Turkey
  • China

In overseas production of the saffron, Iran is on number one, and India is on number two.

Future of spices industry

What will be the future of the spices industry?

Now if we are discussing spices growing states of India then it is necessary to discuss the future of the spices industry. For the growth in the future, it is necessary to study and plan it today.

In the current situation, India is one of the biggest spices producers, users, and exporter of the world. So in the future, if the market requirement has grown in any ware in the world then it directly grows the Indian spices market. But is it possible?

Situations after Covid – 19

Now because of this critical condition created by the virus, other spices growing countries like China, Pakistan, etc. are affected badly, also the industrialization in all over the world reduces the agricultural land all over the world, which will directly affect the production of the spice of all over the world.

This condition will help us to increase the sale of spices. Because of the tragedy happened in china, the other countries are trying to reduce the relationship with china then all customers will be diverted to India.

But with this, all one thing is necessary to know. Which is government policies towards the farmers, no government can make the plans to develop the farmer not only economically but also mentally.

Bad policies of governments

because of all the bad policies of governments, farmers are not interested in doing any type of farming if it is of spices or other. Farmers selling their farms to the builders and getting settle in the city or attempting suicide.

This condition reducing the production of spices in the future this will be one of the big problems in the spices business.

To know more Please visti – What is the spices Board? Spices Board of India 2020-21.


By the above all discussion we can conclude that.

  • All the states of India have a big contribution to the total production of spices.
  • Andhra Pradesh is one of the highest spices growing state of India
  • Andhra Pradesh is one of the highest chili producing state of India
  • Gujarat and Rajasthan grows the maximum quantity of all cumin grows in India
  • Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are highest turmeric growing state of India
  • ‘Kashmiri Kesar’ or saffron is one of the best saffron in the world.
  • If the government take some good stapes for the farmers then  Indian spices industry will grow faster


1. Which state is the largest producer of spices in India?

Andhra Pradesh is the largest producer of spices in India

2. Which state is famous for spices in India?

Ans – Andhra Pradesh is famous for spices in India

3. Which city is called the city of spices?

Kozhikode is called the city of spices

4. Largest onion producing state?

Ans – Maharashtra is the largest onion producing state of India.


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