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Whirlpool 265 L 3-star double door Refrigerator

Whirlpool Refrigerator

Are you tired of searching for a perfect refrigerator for you on the web? Are you a whirlpool fan? Then you are in the right place. The Whirlpool 256 litre Refrigerator. which sales rate is very high nowadays.

It’s mainly a double door Refrigerator That works with frost-free Technology, Therefore let’s talk about the key feature of this refrigerator.   


Lets find out–

  1. Specification
  2. Top Feature
  3. Conclusion
  4. FAQ with answer
  5. Customer ratings and reviews



  •     Power Rating- 3 stars.
  •     The capacity of the Refrigerator- 265 Litres
  •     Refrigerator- double Doors refrigerator
  •     Colour– Arctic steel, Magnum steel, Argyle Black.
  •     Refrigerator compressor– Digital Inverter Compressor.
  •     Type Of Defrosting – Frost free
  •     Door numbers- One for Refrigerator and one for the freezer
  •     Refrigerant- Eco-Friendly refrigerant.
  •     Stabiliser– Built-in type stabiliser.
  •     Type -Double Doors.
  •     Freezer Interior Light– yes.
  •     Ice Tray – yes available and movable and twist available
  •      Air Flow Type- Freshflow Air Tower.
  •      Display- available
  •      Design- Solid.
  •      Handle Type- Metallic.
  •      Egg Tray- yes, available
  •      Refrigerator Doors Bins- Yes available
  •      Door lock– Not Available.
  •      Child Lock- Not Available.
  •      Door Alarm- yes, Available.
  •      Deodorizer- Yes Available
  •      Type of airflow- Freshflow Air Tower
  •       Temperature Control- Yes Available
  •       Moisture control- yes  Available
  •       Type of body material– Metal
  •       Refrigerator Shelf Material -Toughened  Glass
  •       Depth- 670mm
  •       Width- 570mm
  •       Height- 1590mm                         
  •       Weight– 56 Kg

               Warranty- One year on the whole body unit and 10 years on the refrigerator compressor

              Package Contents- main unit user manual, Warranty card, power cord and attachments.

2.Top Feature-:

6th SENSE DeepFreeze Technology

It’s an outstanding feature of this Whirlpool 265 litre refrigerator and this technology also keeps ice cream cold and also remain the temperature perfect. In that way, you can keep fresh your favourite ice cream and frozen Dessert in this refrigerator for a long time.

 Chilling Gel technology    

It’s also a prominent feature of this refrigerator that traps the icy air in the refrigerator, and when power cuts happen that traps icy air helps the refrigerator to keep our food fresh for a long time.

Microbiology Technology

This Refrigerator Has microbiology technology. As a result, this technology helps to slow down the growth of bacteria by 99% and in this way we can keep our favourite food for a long time.

Fresh flow Air Tower

 This Refrigerator works with all-round cooling that works in a very specific manner and sent the airflow in the inner part of the refrigerator. Similarly, this system helps us to keep food fresh, healthy for a long time and ensure all-round cooling.

 Everyday Fresh

 It’s a prominent feature of this refrigerator, This Everyday Fresh tray helps us to keep our every food at one place and also help us to eat more fresh food every day 

Anti-bacterial Filters

This anti-bacterial filter helps us to keep the inner part of the refrigerator. As well as, this filters neat and clean.


It’s a dominant feature of this refrigerator. Hence, this feature helps us to keep all our food safe from many types of oxidisation and remain the original freshness of every food.

Stabiliser-free operation

This Whirlpool 265 Litre refrigerator needs a very low power to run. That’s why this refrigerator doesn’t need any kind of power stabilising unit. In other words, you can run this refrigerator without a refrigerator or you can say you can operate this refrigerator without a Stabiliser 

Active Deo

This is an impressive feature of this whirlpool 265-litre Refrigerator. it helps us to reduce the terrible smell of the food. In other words, the deodorising filter mainly absorbs the terrible smell of the food and spread freshness throughout the inside of the refrigerator. As a result, the inside of the fridge became free from any kind of terrible smells…  

Ice Twist Collector

Ice twist collector helps us to collect all ice cubes with the help of easy ice twist action and save a lot of time. 

Mini Tray

 It’s a very convenient feature of this refrigerator. It helps us to keep all small vegetables like chilli, the carrot at one place, and also keep our favourite vegetables fresh for a long time.   

3star rating

The three-star rating of this refrigerator helps to reduce the electric bill. As a result, it saves some amount of money.

 Extra Shelf

 This refrigerator has an extra self that helps us to keep all extra food at one place and also keep the freshness of that food for a long time

Easy Access Vegetable Crisper

 Easy Access Vegetable Crisper is mainly a vegetable bucket. It helps us to keep our favourite vegetable fresh for a long time.

Eco-friendly Refrigerator

 This refrigerator is emitting a very less lot amount of carbon that helps us keep our nature clean and neat. On the other hand, most of the parts of this refrigerator were made by eco-friendly plastic that also helps our nature neat and clean.  

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 After, An extensive discussion, I Can tell you one thing that is this whirlpool refrigerator is a great option for you if you want to buy a double door refrigerator. Whirlpool also a great brand. This refrigerator also has a 3star rating that also saves some amount of energy. So if you one to buy a 3stardouble door refrigerator then you can consider this whirlpool refrigerator.

4.FAQ with answare

Q: Do we have to contact someone for the installation? How long does it take?

A: No, they will contact you by themselves within 48-72 hours

Q: Does this fridge has a lock?

A: Yes

Q: Bottle cool airflow indoor?

A: yes

Q: Can’t decide what size of fridge is fit for me. How do I decide on the capacity that is ideal for me?

A:40-80L: Ideal for Bachelors or a bedroom fridge, 80-240L: Ideal for Couples and Small families,  240-400L: Ideal for Family of 4 to 5, 420L and Above: Good for Large Families.

Q: According to new norms 4-star refrigerator will be 3 stars it is true or false?

A: True

 Q: How many shells are there in the door?

 A:2 On the top first door and 3 on the second door.. just as shown in the picture.

Q: What is the actual weight of this Whirlpool 265 litre refrigerator,54kg or 127.43kg?

A:56 Kg

Q: Is a door cooling option available..?

A: Yes, Ice beam door cooling is available…It’s good..go for it..from my experience

Q: Which compressor technology is best and efficient, inverter linear compressor or smart inverter compressor?

A: Smart inverter compressor

Q: Is there any demo required for this fridge? we can open the fridge before demo person comes or not?

A: It’s up to you. If this is your 1st fridge, then just wait two days maximum the installation team will arrive. Then they do what is needed else you may damage the body or parts of ignorance.

Q: Which is the best for using single /double door refrigerator?

A: the double door is best, but you also focus on your needs.

Q: Best refrigerator brands?

A: LG, Samsung , Whirlpool etc.

4.Customer Ratings and Reviews

1) Highly recommended

Design is good.

working is good.

cooling is good.

If you wanted to save electricity, then buy 4 to 5-star fridges.

BY Nilesh Patil.

2) Brilliant

This is my second refrigerator from Whirlpool. prior to this, I have ordered a triple door refrigerator from Whirlpool, which is awesome in performance and power consumption. Because of the performance of my first refrigerator,

3) The best Company of refrigerator

I went for a second whirlpool refrigerator and let me tell you, this whirlpool 265-litre refrigerator is just awesome.

I Am not finding any sound, it is fully silent. Since it is spacious, build quality is awesome. It gives a premium look as well as simple features.

By Subhash Nayak

4)Classy product

I recently bought this fridge, and I Am impressed with the look and design of the fridge. I would rate the product to 5 stars as consumption power is also less. this fridge is also so specious with more packages to be kept inside.

Me and my mom like the double door facility in this fridge. This ability to separates the ices, ice cream and juice in one part. Likewise, the vegetables & other items in the other parts.

By Deepak Jangra


Excellent product overall. One starless then space utilisation could have been better with a smaller freezer and a roomier refrigerator. Light in the freezer would have made it perfect.

By Rohin Dhar

6) Super!

Excellent product, worth for money. But the right side of the refrigerator gets heated up a time. i asked the installer about this issue.he said heater pipes are sideways in this refrigerator. Nothing to worry about it. I have been writing this review after 15days. 

I strongly recommend everybody to go to this awesome product.

By Nagarjun G

7) Grate product

It is an excellent product.I have 3 members in my family and its perfect for us. So if you have a small family than go for it.

By Rajan



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