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Why freelancing work is best in 2020

Who don’t want to be independent, wants continuous growth, learn and explore new things, travel the world, then freelancing work is best for you. In other words, you are living your life to the fullest, which more important in life.

Then freelancing career is the perfect opportunity for you to grow and earn, but it is not an easy career path to pursue. There are lot of challenges associated with it as well. Freelance seem to very happy and cheerful, but in reality, it not that simple.

What’s in it for me:

  1. What is freelancing.
  2. Advantages of freelancing.
  3. Disadvantages of freelancing.
  4. Scope and future.
  5. Conclusion.
  6. FAQ’s.
Freelancing - Simplified Career Opportunity
Freelancing – Simplified Career Opportunity

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is the career in which we work independently on a project or the task. We are responsible for the complete execution of the task on the other hand their is responsibility.

It requires lot of hard work and perseverance to go forward. When compared with the regular job, regular jobs are monotonous in the nature. Studies shows that there is very little growth in the terms of mental growth while doing regular job.

But remember freelancing is not for all, it very specialized thing required lot of hard work and dedication. While doing it you must be ready to experiment with the things and keep on learning and growing.

 Because there is no one there to help you with the things, you alone are responsible for the things happening. You need to address all the problems by yourself.

You need to build that trust factor with your client. Make them realize that you are the right person to work with. Not only your skills will never make you better freelance, but moreover your other soft skills are also as important.

From day one when you decided to opt to freelancing you need to remember all the points mentioned above and start working on yourself.  After sometimes when you feel confident that now it is the perfect time for you opt for it, then only you should opt for the freelancing.

When you are beginner and starting your career, try opting for the job. With job you will understand how things work and your skills will also improve. Apart from it you will start building links with industry leaders in your domain.

So, in future if you need any help it will be very beneficial, you can take guidance from them going ahead. There is absolutely no problem in doing the regular job, but you must remember one fact that is their any growth in terms of skills and personality.

If you are in the regular job, then you can also opt for the freelancing in the part time. By choosing freelancing in the part-time you will learn new skills.

You will understand new project and your skills will grow at the rapid pace. In the five-day week environment is very easy path to choose and opt for freelancing, as it not only enhances your skills but make you financially more stable. We also want financial stability in our life, as we see today’s world is very dynamic and we never know how things will go.

Advantages of freelancing:

Advantages of freelancing as a career
Advantages of freelancing as a career

There are many advantages associated with the freelancing. It has more pros than the cons. Let’s discuss each of the pros in a detailed and a well-defined manner.

We can choose on what type of projects we want to take. However, you can become much wiser on which type of projects you want to work depending upon your skills and knowledge.

There may be certain times you choose particular project in order to increase your exposure and knowledge. There may be some situations where you care about the cash. Freelancing work will give you lot of exposure.

No fixed location of work it is very flexible in nature, your time and your place. You can assign your time to most important work first then looks to do the other work. You can even work while travelling that how you can define your priorities.  

It becomes very easy to devote time to family and the love ones easy. So, from it you can become more social type of person attending important functions of your friends and family. Moreover, you can plan for some social work that you can do for the well-being of the society.

Freelancing in terms of monetary is very high paying as compared to regular jobs. It is more or less like a business or you can say it is self-own business. The more you work the more you earn. So, we don’t want to work lifelong to survive; therefore we want to work enough to survive the whole life.

The amount of expose the freelance has no other individual have, because they have interacted with the variety of the people under the same domain in which they are working.

As result they know what people are seeking from them as well as they know their art very well.They can quickly deliver you the desired results.

We all get bored after monotonous job or the job which has no excitement. In the regular cooperate culture, the work you do is more or less monotonous in nature. But in the case of the freelancer, you have a lot of creative freedom to do the work and do the new type of work, and in the new domain as well.

 You can keep on learning new things and then working the new clients of the skills which you have enquirer. For instance, with the advancement happening in the going world, we need to keep on learning new things and exploring new opportunities.

Disadvantages of the Freelancing:

Disadvantages of the freelancing
Disadvantages of the freelancing

 Always remember everything has pros and cons. That goes with the freelancing as well.  It is not an easy path to become a freelance. In addition it is not like that one day you thought that you will start with the freelancing and next day onward you started making money with it.

However, it is very risky thing to start with you never know when you will start making money with it. There is list of few cons associated with the freelancing. In addition to it their is no job security in the field of freelancing, there is no guaranteed income in it.

There may be few days where there is no work and there may be few be days when you are fully occupied with the work. This is the problem that every freelancer faces and there are no possible solutions to it.

Especially when you are starting with it, it is the biggest problem. You are never sure how things will go in the future.In freelancing there is no fixed timing and you never know when and at which time work will arrive and you need to act accordingly about it.

In freelancing deadlines are very short and if you miss the deadlines, moreover the relationships with your client gets spoiled. It indirectly spoils the connect with the client. And there may be possible chance that you lose on potential customer. And always remember, one regular customer is the key to unlock other new potential customers.

Your personal life in the freelancing career is also affected, sometimes you need to say no to some important functions in your life. In this field client satisfaction is the almost priority in the life. In order to fulfill that priority, you need to sacrifice on many things in life.

Apart from it, there are few clients who are not sure about the what they are seeking, as a result they waste our lot of time and efforts. This type of clients is very problematic to work with.

best way to improve and grow

Scope and the future of freelancing:

There is huge scope in the field of freelancing, but you need to work very hard on your core skills and soft skills as well. Freelancing is not a job or work but it is exploring new things and working for experience and learning new things with time.

If you take freelancing for the working and learning & growing then only freelancing is for you. Otherwise freelancing is not for you, if you are person you is not willing to work hard and happy with how things are going forward in the life, in that case freelancing is not the field you should look for, regular job is perfect for you in that scenario and you can grow financially with the time.

Freelancing is very trendy term but, in the reality, it is hard-core dedication-oriented work. It is for the person who love to practice their art with full dedication without getting detached with it.

In today’s era freelancing has lot of potential and one can grow big in it and establish themselves as the industry leaders in their field. It will definitely take time to do so but it is worth then doing the regular 9-5 job whole life.

Instead you should aim for the working for your own self going further in the life. Figure on the basis of your skill set what is your current level, what you need to learn going further in your domain. That’s how you going to win in the domain of the freelancing over time and it is the best practice to go ahead in this domain.

freelancing futures best option


If you consider yourself as the domain expert of the skills you posses than freelancing is the best career alternative for you. So, work on your skills and aim for this path going forward in life. Explore platforms like upwork so you can establish yourself in this domain.

So, following freelancing path you can earn lot more than the regular job and expand rapidly in your career. But , remember it comes with lot of responsibility as well, it requires lot of dedication and handwork to pursue it. You need to manage personal finance while doing freelancing.


1. Is freelancing recommended for beginners

No, you need little experience going further.

2. Can we do freelancing in parallel to our current job.

Yes, you can if you are able to manage both the things in parallel.

3. When is right time to start freelancing.

After few years for job or professional experience.

4. Is full time freelancing advisable.

Yes, you can no problem


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