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Why Is Ludo Considered More Than Just Another Game?


Ludo is one of the oldest games from India that has evolved from a medieval game called Pachisi. The game Pachisi was quite popular in earlier times, and research has revealed that even Pachisi has taken inspiration from another ancient game of India called Pasha that has been mentioned in the book of Mahabharata.

The game from the rock ages has left a very indelible mark in the modern age by keeping spirits high and alive in today’s households. Ludo has erupted in online portals beating every game in the segment and ranking as the most played game during the pandemic of 2020. The online apps are very small and can be easily played across all devices with great comfort. You have to visit the site and click on the ludo game download link to get the game of your choice installed on your phone, and you are set to play.

A game of such interesting heritage demands an in-depth analysis of its raging popularity. Let’s glance over some major facts that make Ludo a bigger than a game phenomenon in the new decade.

Simplest Rules Yet Maximum Fun

The minimalist aspect of Ludo makes it stand out from all other games, both in the online and offline sections. Ludo is played with a minimum of two people and a maximum of four people. The game requires the Ludo board, which contains four different colored quadrants allotted to each of the four players in the game. Each quadrant is of a different color, and the player is granted four tokens to play the game. The aim is to throw the dice, get the right numbers to move your pieces forward, and win by reaching the end goal point. The rules are absolutely easy, but the gameplay is completely up to the player and his choices. Each player has to carefully move their pieces so that other players cannot predict the moves, so they can stall upto the opponent’s token and capture to push back their progress in the game. The balance of luck and skill to form a perfect equilibrium gives Ludo unparalleled power over other games and makes this the sole reason behind its centuries-long superiority. 

Bridges Old-Age With Childhood

Everybody wants to experience the age when they were young and could do whatever they wished with their time. Ludo allows that opportunity for people who are adults to take a relaxing time off and find solace in reliving old memories. When people are young, they are quite impressionable and develop memories of everything they learn and experience. It is hard to forget certain things, which intricately give structure to their older selves. In the modern world, it’s tough to connect to such essentials of life that people have long forgotten in this new fast-paced world. Ludo comes as a savior to deliver us from the monotony by giving us a pastime where we can enjoy the lost days of being a toddler and take comfort in our happy memories.

Makes You Intelligent

Not all games are responsible for increasing your Intelligence Quotient, but Ludo sure does take up that challenge quite easily. Decisions are crucial when playing Ludo, and each turn you get while moving your token around the board can change the game either in your favor or your rivals. While playing Ludo, the player must observe his opponents keenly and understand why they are choosing to make certain moves on the board with the numbers they are getting on the dice. While making this deduction, the player has to set his pieces in order so that they can advance with caution and avoid being captured by the other rivals. In certain games, you also have to let a rival that has fallen behind get ahead in the game. This unofficial help lets players gang on to the one player at the top and brings him down together, which again levels the playing field. This analysis to understand what sort of game is required in which match makes for a good brain exercise. It forces the player to think creatively and make wise judgments. The more you play the game, the more you will realize that there are several creative ways to win a match and all you have to do is think.

Teaches Life Lessons

A game is only considered great if it elevates you morally after spending hours playing it. Ludo teaches you how to handle loss in the best manner. The game of Ludo does not end when one player wins but also goes down to decide who will place third in the game. Ludo teaches us that everyone has a position in life, and only the story’s hero does not matter. Ludo also teaches you how to strategize and deal with constant drawbacks. If your token gets captured too often by the opponents, your lesson is to remain calm and play a better turn to get a new chance in the match. The game also lets you keep your head down when you get too many good turns. A lesson in humbling yourself is key for the winner in Ludo.

The values of Ludo are immense, and it is much more prominent in present times when people feel so stressed and worked up from daily life. The game teaches genuinely invaluable lessons that come in handy for everyone on the long path of life. These aspects have made Ludo a larger-than-life game, and the proof is its rising prominence in the new world of digital advancement.



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