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6 Reasons Why [WordPress] Is The Best Blogging Platform To Use.


World’s Top Bloggers are making Millions of money using WordPress platform as known as Best Blogging Platform.

So, before starting your blog, you should know why it is the best and what are its features.

And, after reading this article you have the basic knowledge of how WordPress works, what are their free features, why it is very user friendly, and why every blogger loves WordPress.

Table of Contents.

Let’s get started.

1. What Is WordPress?

WordPress is open-source online software and a content management system (CMS in short) tool.

That, you use to make your website and showcase your text, images, videos, software, services, etc. for free that you use on the blogging platform.

WordPress founder is Matt Mullenweg and he made it when he was only 20 years old.

But, It was launched in 2003 and that time he also didn’t know that it can popular very soon and can be used by professional bloggers and businesses.

It is written in PHP language and supported by Unix-like, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

2. Why WordPress Is The Best CMS For Blogging?

The main reason why WordPress is the best CMS platform is that they provide user-friendly features that are available for free.

Well, this blogging platform is also popular to make a blog look like a professional website by using their easy to use themes and plugins.

For example:

If you want to create a professional website then the first thought comes into your mind, that I need to learn Website Designing, Programming, or anything that helps you to make a better website.

Well, that’s not the case with WordPress (CMS).

It is not Important! If you don’t have any knowledge of website designing or programming.

Still, you can make a professional dynamic and static website using their easy to use tools.

WordPress is also best for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

That’s why the world’s most popular sites businesses and bloggers use WordPress.

Like: TechCrunch, Mashable, ShoutMeLoud, Reuters, Windows, Mozilla, Moz, and many more.

3. Blogging on WordPress Is Free?

Yes, WordPress is a FREE blogging platform. But, you need to understand that if you want to build your online presence then you have to have a Domain name and Hosting to use WordPress platform for free.

For example:

WWW (WORLD WIDE WEB) is free for everyone.


If you want to use the WEB then you need to have at least a computer and an internet connection to surf the WEB for Free.

4. Why WordPress Is Best For Blogging Beginners?

WordPress is like a must-have tool for every beginner blogger and for those who want to create a website for himself.

It has very powerful features that you can use to optimize your website regularly, easily.

Powerful features like:

Customized Designs.

Just like drag and drop feature to give your website a professional look.

SEO Friendly.

You can make your website SEO friendly using free plugins.

Responsive Mobile Site.

You can make a responsive mobile website layout using AMP plugins that can help you to optimize your site for Mobile Phones.

High Performance.

It can help you to keep tracking the performance of your blogs regularly with the help of plugins like Google Sitekit.

Manage on the Go.

Yes, that very amazing feature it has that you can manage your website for on the Go. You just have to install the WordPress mobile app.

High Security.

It is believed that WordPress is a secured platform that can protect your data and files from hacking or malware. However, you can also increase your website’s security using free plugins.

Powerful Media Management.

Yeah! That’s an awesome part of the WordPress that can help you to use high-resolution images that can be automatically optimized with the help of an image resizer plugin. These types of plugins can reduce your image size without losing image quality.

Easy and Accessible.

You can access your WordPress website online from everywhere in the world.

I know you are now excited to know what themes and plugins are available for free that you can use.

However, you know that WordPress has so many themes and plugins. So, I will recommend the best ones that I use.

Let’s checkout.

5. What Are Best Free Responsive Blogging Themes on WordPress?

Now, I will be sharing with you the Top 5 Free Responsive WordPress Themes. These are the best themes for a beginner blogger.

The User Experience (UX) and User Interface is very easy to use and are highly customizable.

That means, you change theme color, background, font, text size, menu bar, header, footer, page size, theme layout, featured image size, social icons, and almost whatever you want to change in your theme settings.

Let’s see what are these themes.

1. Generate Press – Best Blogging Theme

Ratings5 Star

2. Astra

ByBrainstorm Force
Ratings5 Star

3. OceanWP

Ratings5 Star

4. Neve

Ratings5 Star

5. Hestia

Ratings5 Star

6. What Are Best WordPress Plugins For Free?

There are usually Top 6 WordPress plugins that every blogger use to optimize and increase their website performance.

You can also use these plugin to

  • Increase your blog performance.
  • Write SEO friendly articles.
  • Keep tracking your visitor’s behavior on your website.
  • Mobile-friendly pages.
  • Compress your high-resolution images.
  • Create a contact us form.
  • Etc.

Let’s explore these 6 must-have WordPress plugins.

1. Yoast SEO – Best Plugin on Blogging Platform

ByTeam Yoast
Active installations5+ million
Ratings5 Star

Key Features:

  1. Write SEO Friendly Articles.
  2. Add Focus Keyphrase.
  3. Create Own SEO Title.
  4. Add MetaData and Meta Description.
  5. Create XML Sitemaps.
  6. Add How To Structure Data.
  7. Add Your Website In Google Search Console.
  8. Manage Breadcrumbs.
  9. Make Any Page, Post Noindex.
  10. Updated Every Two Week.

2. AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

ByAhmed Kaludi, Mohammed Kaludi
Active installations100,000+
Ratings4.5 Star

Key Features:

  1. Makes Your Website Mobile-Friendly.
  2. Place Ads In AMP Posts and Pages.
  3. Add Google Analytics.
  4. Change AMP Themes.
  5. Report Bugs.
  6. CSS Optimization.
  7. Google Fonts Support.
  8. GDPR Compliance.
  9. Divi and Elementor Support.
  10. Gutenberg Support.
  11. Compatibility for Yoast SEO.
  12. Google Tag Manager Support.
  13. Mobile Redirection.
  14. Google Adsense Support.
  15. Social Sharing Buttons.

3. Smush – Compress, Optimize, and Lazy Load Images

Active installations1+ million
Ratings5 Star

Key Features:

  1. Lossless Compression.
  2. Lazy Load.
  3. Bulk Smush – Optimize up to 50 Images.
  4. Image Resizing.
  5. Automated Optimization.
  6. Convert to WebP.

4. Contact Form 7

ByTakayuki Miyoshi
Active installations5+ million
Ratings4 Star

Key Features:

  1. Create a Contact Page.
  2. reCAPTCHA (Google).
  3. Akismet (Automattic).
  4. Collects Data.
  5. Customizable Contact Form.

5. W3 Total Cache

Active installations1+ million
Ratings4.5 Star

Key Features:

  1. Improves SEO.
  2. Reduced Load Times.
  3. Leveraging Browser Cache like CDN.
  4. AMP Support.
  5. SSL Support.
  6. Minify CSS and Jawa Script (JS)
  7. Posts, Pages, RSS Feed Minification.
  8. Reverse Proxy Integration Through Nginx.

6. Site Kit by Google – Free for WordPress Platform

Active installations300,000+
Ratings4 Star

Key Features:

  1. Connect Google Search Console.
  2. Analytics.
  3. AdSense.
  4. PageSpeed Insights.
  5. Tag Manager.
  6. Optimize.
  7. Site Kit is Free.
  8. Manage All Google Above Mentioned Products at One Place.
  9. Keep Tracking Your Visitor and Their Behaviors.


In this article, I have shared the best of my knowledge which I’m using currently.

As all of you know, everyone starts their blogging journey as a beginner. And, I had also suffered in this blogging journey and learned so many things.

I would also suggest that if you are serious and want to make your blogging life successful then you must invest in this blogging industry and start using WordPress.

And, you just need to invest in a domain and hosting in the starting.

WordPress helped so many bloggers and businesses to grow their business and build brand value as well as the audience too by using above mentioned these easy to use and user-friendly themes & plugins.

FAQs related to Best Blogging Platform.

Q1. Who is the founder of WordPress?

Matt Mullenweg is the founder of WordPress.

Q2. When WordPress started?

WordPress Started on 27 May 2003.

Q3. Where WordPress pages, posts, and plugins stored?

They are stored in your WordPress Database and that database is connected to your hosting.

But, In general, all the things you do in your WordPress website are stored in your hosting server.

Q4. Is WordPress plugins free?

Yes, most plugins are free in WordPress with limited access. But, if you want full access then you have to purchase the plugin.

Q5. Is WordPress themes free?

Yes, most themes are free in WordPress with limited access (which is enough for beginner).

But, if you want full access then you have to purchase the theme.

Q6. Is WordPress plugins safe?

I would recommend that before installing any plugin in your WordPress website you have to read maximum reviews on WordPress.org as well as research online.

Pro Tip: Install the plugin that has maximum downloads and reviews.

Q7. Are WordPress sites responsive?

Not all of them. And, if your website is not responsive then simply install a plugin that helps your site in making it responsive.

Q7. Can WordPress be used for eCommerce?

Of course, Yes! You can build your e-commerce website on WordPress. And, WordPress supports Woo-commerce as well.

Q8. Why WordPress is so popular?

WordPress is very popular because you don’t need any professional qualifications to build your website.

It’s Interface, user-friendly experience, easy to use plugins, and themes are so easy that’s make it popular.



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