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World’s Best Search Engines (Top 10) | Very Important you must know about

A web search engine or internet search engine is a web tool or a software system that is being invented to find a web or a world wide web for the various textual search queries that are searched by the people over the internet. Similarly, these search engines show the related website or result for the query being asked.

Everything you should know about these 10 Search Engines

  1. Google
  2. YouTube
  3. Bing                       
  4. Yahoo
  5. Baidu
  6. Yandex.ru
  7. DuckDuckGo
  8. Ask.com
  9. AOL.Com
  10. WolframAlpha
  11. Conclusion
  12. Frequently Asked Questions
World's Best Search Engines (Top 10)  Very Important you must know about

Google– Search Engine

US multinational technology company Google LLC is a very famous company in the world. The company is specifically established for Internet-related services, advertising technologies, software, cloud computing, a search engine, and hardware.

CEOSundar Pichai (2 Oct 2015–) Trending
Founded4 September 1998, Menlo Park, California, United States
HeadquartersMountain View, California, United States
Parent organizationAlphabet Inc. (2015–)
FoundersLarry Page, Sergey Brin
SubsidiariesYouTube, Google.org, YouTube TV, Firebase, MORE
Source: Wikipedia
Google- Search engine- world best search engine

It’s received more than 63000 searches a day. And that is only an average result that how many people use Google in a day. Because Google is the largest search engine.

In other words, The data touches around 2 trillion searches every year, 3.8 million searches every minute, 228 million searches every hour, and 5.6 billion per day. Therefore a very famous company and in the world wide user.

However, the number one search engine in the world is Google we all are familiar with this. Because it is the most commonly used search engine. So it is the most used search engine in the world, covering 76% of searchers in the world.

In addition, this is followed by YouTube which is second. Mostly market is covered by Google and it is because Google shows the accurate and mostly the best result for the query searched. So that Google is taking the biggest market share.

It takes more than 90% shares in many popular countries which are India, Germany, France, the United States, and so on.

YouTube– Video Search Engine

It is one of the world’s largest and well-liked online video sharing platforms and headquarters located in San Bruno, California. However, this too belongs to America. YouTube is also now known as Google subsidiaries.

CEOSusan Wojcicki (5 Feb 2014–) Trending
Founded14 February 2005, San Mateo, California, United States
 HeadquartersSan Bruno, California, United States  
FoundersJawed Karim, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley
Parent organizationGoogle (2006–)
Revenue1,500 crores USD (2019)
Source: Wikipedia
YouTube- Search engine- world best video search engine

On YouTube more than 3 billion searches every month. It is the search engine bigger than Bing, Yahoo, and AOL combined.

It generates a massive amount of information and results. More than 100 hrs of video are being uploaded every minute.

This search engine is the most-liked and best search engine after similarly Google. It comes on the second number, And more than 60 billion hrs of the video is being watched every month is a large contribution to bandwidth.

It is a video sharing platform. However, there is too much content for everyone. There are music videos, sports content, movie trailers, dance videos, TV shows content, kids shows, news, personal blog video, and so on.

Above all they Mostly individuals used to upload the videos. Therefore, anyone can make its personal youtube channel.


It is a search engine owned by Microsoft’s. Therefore bing provides many varieties of searches similar to search the web, videos, images, search maps. It’s also a famous search engine in the world.

Date launched3 June 2009
OwnerMicrosoft Corporation
Type of siteWeb search engine
Written in ASP.NET
 Available in 40 languages
Source: Wikipedia
Bing- Search engine- Microsoft's saech engine

It is Microsoft’s attempt to challenge Google but despite their efforts. Bing is still not able to connect with the users of Google that its search engine can be an alternative to Google.

In addition, Bing is the default search engine in all their window PCs and mobiles. Therefore their frequent search engine market share is below 6%. So that this search engine takes third place in the search market.


It is the most popular email provider. Therefore it is a search engine with an average of 2% market share holed by it.

Type of businessSubsidiary
Type of siteWeb portal
FoundedJanuary 1994; 26 years ago
HeadquartersSunnyvale, California, U.S.
Area servedWorldwide
Founder(s)Jerry Yang David Filo
Source: Wikipedia

This is the most visited website in the United States. Therefore it is being used widely for news and media website and over 7 billion views per month.

But it is being ranked as the sixth most visited website in 2016. Yahoo is a web search engine it has too many results of news, images, videos, media, and so on.

From October 2011 to October 2015, But now Yahoo search engine was being exclusively powered by Bing. But after October 2015 Yahoo agreed to merge with Google to provide search-related results and services.

However, it is mostly used for emails and it is the most popular email website around the world.

Yahoo holds fifth place in the market of search engines and also Yahoo is the no. 1 email website. And the Yahoo web search engine is very popular but is ranked 11 most search website on the internet according to Alexa.

Until October 2018, Yahoo was powered by both Google and Bing. Therefore from October 2019, Yahoo again exclusively powered by Bing.


It is a Chinese multinational company, incorporated in January 2000. Baidu is a Chinese search engine that provides various services including the Chinese search engine, Baidu maps, and offers more than 56 search communities and services. But Baidu holds the fourth position in the market according to Alexa.

Type of sitePublic
Traded as     Beijing, ChinaNASDAQ: BIDU
Founded   January 18, 2000; 20 years ago
Area servedWorldwide
HeadquartersBeijing, China
Founder(s)Robin Li Eric Xu
Key peopleRobin Li (Founder & CEO) 
Source: Wikipedia
Baidu search engine

It is the most popular web search engine in China. So its market share is increasing and according to Wikipedia its search engine serves billions of searches every month. Therefore Baidu is accessible worldwide, but it is available only in the Chinese language.


It’s a highly used search engine in Russia. Because Yandex.ru is a Russian technology multinational company. But the company incorporated in the Netherlands.

Yandex.ru served the service first in Russia and the commonwealth of independent states. But this search engine is one of the biggest companies in Russia. And also the largest search engine in the Russian internet, with a share of 65% of market share.

It serves various services including transportation, searches, and services. In other words it is one of the 30 most popular websites visited on the internet and therefore this holds the 4th position in Russia.

Yandex.ru- Search engine- Yandex
TypePublic company
IndustryInternet Search engine
Founded1997; 23 years ago (Yandex search launched by CompTek) 2000 (Yandex company founded)
FounderArkady Volozh, Arkady Borkovsky, Ilya Segalovich
Headquartersul. Lva Tolstogo, 16, Moscow, Russia, 119021
Area servedRussia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Israel and Estonia
Key peopleArkady Volozh (CEO)
Source: Wikipedia


DuckDuckGo is an internet search engine that protects searches, privacy, and avoids the filter bubbles of the personalized searches. According to DuckDuckGo traffic stats, they are providing services on an average of more than 46 million searches per day. But after that, their market share is constantly below 0.5%.

Type of siteWeb search engine
Available inMultilingual
Headquarters20 Paoli Pike Paoli, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Area servedWorldwide
OwnerDuck Duck Go, Inc
Created byGabriel Weinberg
Source: Wikipedia
DuckDuckGo- Search engine

Most people believe that DuckDuckGo doesn’t have its own index just like Google, and Yahoo.

But they depend upon the other search sources and they generate their data or search results from various sources, which means that they don’t have their own data but they are being depended upon other sources like, Yahoo, and Stack Overflow.

Here is a limitation of this search engine that they don’t work on algorithms as Google does. Google has set the algorithms to find the best result for the query is being asked. They set the algorithms to determine the best result of all the websites on the internet.

There is also an advantage that the DuckDuckGo has a clean interface and it does not track the users and it is not fully loaded with ads.


The Ask.com is a question and answering website. Early it was designed as a core search engine.

And it had its own algorithms but after facing trouble and the competition in the market in front of many popular and large search engines like Google, so the company outsourced its web technology and backed to its roots which are a question and answer site. It holds only 0.42% of the search market share.

Ask.com- Search engine
Type of siteAnswer engine
Available inEnglish
FoundedJune 1996; 23 years ago (as Ask Jeeves)
Headquarters555 City Center
Oakland, California, U.S
Created byGarrett Gruener
David Warthen (Founders)
Douglas Leeds (CEO)
Source: Wikipedia


According to the net market share of the old age, AOL is still in the top 10 search engines in the world with a market share of 0.05%. Although it is one of the top 10 search engines but still it is not able to compete with Google, Yahoo, and even with Ask.com.

The AOL.com search engine shows many results including many popular websites. And from 23 June 2015, the AOL company is being acquired by Verizon Communications.

Aol- Search engine- AOL.com saech engine
IndustryThe media industry, technology industry, software, mass media, web search engine, internet industry, the software industry
Founded1983; 37 years ago (as Control Video Corporation) 2009 (as AOL Inc.)
FoundersMarc SeriffSteve CaseJim Kimsey William von Meister
Headquarters770 Broadway,  New York City  
Area servedWorldwide
Key peopleTim Armstrong (CEO)
ServicesWeb portal and online services
Source: Wikipedia


Wolfram Alfa is not like another search engine which does not works only by crawler and index and create hyperlinks for the query searched.

This is the unique one which is a computational knowledge engine that gives you data and facts of the number of topics.

Type of siteAnswer engine
OwnerWolfram Alpha LLC
Alexa rank5,078 (November 2019)
Created byWolfram Research
Current statusActive
LaunchedMay 18, 2009; 10 years ago (official launch)
May 15, 2009 (public launch)
Source: Wikipedia
WolframAlpha- search engine

WolframAlpha is the search engine of Mathematica software. The search engine is developed and advanced by Stephen Wolfram.

It is being launched in 2005 and it is spotted by media because of its unique search results and the question was that this search engine can kill Google.

Search Engine is such an amazing one that can able to do simple and even more complex calculations. Wolfram alpha can search and solve the matrices, the question of algebra, it also has command on trigonometry.

And with all this, it can solve chemical formulae, the physics calculations. But most of the search engines only solve the finance-related calculations.


We have seen the top 10 search engines in the world, now let’s just conclude the same that which search engine is the best and which one is best for what?

So, as we all know that the Google is leading the world and it is proved that this is the best search engine in the world the quality of results for the query is the best, and Google is using sophisticated algorithms to show the best results.

Yahoo is the search engine for emails. This is the no. 1 search engine for emails.

Ask.com is the search engine which does not only shows the top websites and hyperlinks but also shows the question answers even the other users can also give the answers for the same.

Wolfram alpha is the search engine as well as a computational knowledge engine. This solves many mathematical problems, chemical formulas, and physical calculations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How search engines make money?

Search engines like Google, Bing, and others earn money from advertisements.
Whenever someone searches a keyword and on top and right side it shows the ads. And many people click on that, whenever someone clicks on that ad the search engines earn money from that.
The search engines pay-per-click and earn money from those ads.
The search engines show the related ads. So that more people will click on that and more revenue will be generated by the search engines company.

How search engines rank websites?

The search engines have their own algorithms to rank websites. The search engines make sure that they show the relevant content for a query being searched. The search engines use crawling and indexing to rank a website.

Which search engine don’t track?

The search engines that don’t track are as follows:
• DuckDuckGo
• Ecosia
• Start page


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