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Weight Gain: 4 Astonishing Yoga Poses


 As we already know the majority of people in India are suffering from obesity and increased belly fat.

When these obese people see any person who is thin or slim, this starts saying that he or she has a nice body because that kind of body pretends to be a dream body for them. 

Do you think being a person with a thin body is the sign of being fit and fine?

 Are they suffering from any health-related problems?

If you’re one of them who feels insecure with the body you have and want to become a fitness freak with weight gain.  

You have come to the right place in this blog,

we will discuss causes of weight loss and also discuss the yoga poses which can help you to gain weight and become a person with good physique.

Causes of Under Weight

Low weight can be caused by these problems such as infections, dental problems, malabsorption medications, depression anxiety, bowel diseases,  lack of nutrition or balanced diet and overactive thyroid etc.

These are the major causes of low weight issues which a person can suffer from. 

The problem of low weight may become chronic if taken with a suitable prescription from the doctor or a physician. 

We are giving some yoga poses to help you for weight gain practice them regularly to get best results.

Let us now discuss the yoga poses for weight gain.

  1. Virabhadrasana
  2. Sarvangasana
  3. Pawanmuktasana
  4. Savasana
  5. Vajrasana

Virabhadrasana (The Warrior Pose)

Now, we will discuss the first yoga pose for weight gain known as virabhadrasana also called warrior pose. 

Firstly, stand on a yoga mat keeping your back and head in the straight position.   

Now jump and stretch your both the legs making 3.5 to 4 feet difference between them and make an inverted v shape. 

Take a  deep breath and stretch hands sideways parallel to the floor and perpendicular to the head.  

Now slowly bend your left leg forward and feel stretch in the right leg as well as on both the hands. 

After holding for some time, again come to your initial backward position make sure that your head and back are in a straight position. 

Again repeat these steps in the left side position by bending your left knee and again keeping both the hands sideways parallel to the floor and perpendicular to the head. 

Repeat this process 25 to 50 times for better results. This procedure will help you to gain your weight and muscles.  

But the condition for getting weight gain rapid results, you must do this asana continuously, consistently and patiently.

Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand)

Now we will learn about the next weight gain pose, Sarvangasana which is also known as shoulder stand. 

This asana also helps in increasing concentration and helpful in removing back pain.  

First of all sleep on a yoga mat while keeping your touch on the floor.  

Now put your both the hands on the floor and slowly raise your both the legs upward without bending them.  

Try to raise as much as you can and the best position to raise them is, in the straight position with stretching your toes upward. 

Now put your back on the back by making a stand for the body to hold.  

Keep your both the elbows in the 90-degree angle then try to hold as much as you can. 

You will feel stretched in your back, stomach and both feet.  

After you reach your capacity slowly remove your hands from the back and keep them in the rest position on the floor. 

Now, move your feet without bending them to touch the floor and then exhale calmly.

Pawanmuktasana (Wind-Relieving Pose)

Now let us consider next weight gain pose, Pawan muktasana which is also known as wind relieving pose. 

This asana helps us in getting rid of constipation and also health and releasing digestive gases from the intestines and stomach. 

We can do this pose in two types. Firstly we will do this with a single leg each and then with both the legs.

Firstly sleep in a rest position while keeping your stomach upward and back downwards. 

Now take a deep breath and bend your right leg and stretch the knee towards your head. 

While stretching the knee hold your leg by both the hands and try to touch your nose on the right knee. 

Hold for some time, release the right leg and put it on its initial rest position. 

Now again repeat these steps with your left leg and again touch your nose to the left knee.

Do this process, 10 times with both sides of the legs.

So this is known as single leg Pawanmuktasana. Now we will learn about both legs of 


This is similar to the previous one. Take a deep breath and bend your legs, now hold both your legs with your hands. 

Stretch your legs towards your head and bend your knees putting your nose between the knees. 

After holding for some time, release your legs as well as your head with exhaling. Again do this process for better weight gain results. 

This time after putting your nose in between the knees. Swing your body forward and backwards 5 to 7 times and then again swing it sideways.

This process will help you to release the digestive gases and make your body feel better with weight gain.

Savasana (The Corpse Pose)

Now we will discuss Savasana which is also known as the corpse pose and helps in weight gain. 

After doing all the yoga asanas, this asana helps our body to feel relaxed, remove stress, anxiety as well as depression.

This asana sounds very easy but it gives a much more positive impact on our body. 

So, to start simply sleep in a rest position with keeping your both the hands resting on the floor and the legs position should be relaxing straight with keeping both toes outward and heels in the inward position. 

Now keep your eyes closed, relax your whole body without contracting or stretching any muscle of your body. 

Breathing plays a vital role in performing this asana. Try to keep your breath short and feel your body in no or lightweight position.

Doing this asana with resting your body at least five minutes will make it fresh and release all the tensions of your life which will result in weight gain.

Vajrasana (Diamond pose)

Now we will discuss vajrasana which is also known as the diamond pose. 

Firstly, sit in a dandasana position, keeping both your legs straight on the floor and also keeping your back and head perpendicular to the floor.  

Now bend your right leg and put it below the thighs and hips. Now shift your weight left side and again fold your right leg below right thighs and hips.  

Put your both hands on the thighs and sit straight.  This will help you in making your digestive system strong and also helps in weight gain.  

You can perform this asana after eating whether it would be lunch or dinner.  Sit in this position for at least 5 to 7 minutes. 

Again release the left leg and put it on the floor. Now again shift your weight left side and release your right leg also. 

Make sure you sit in a dandasana for some time to release the tension from your both the legs.  

We should do this regularly for better results in weight gain.


I hope after reading this blog, you have understood everything related to weight gain and positively start practising the above-mentioned yoga poses as soon as possible. 

So to conclude in this blog I have given you the causes of low weight and the solution with yoga poses that you can do for weight gain.

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