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Easy Weight Loss: 3 Powerful Yoga poses


Nowadays many people in India have the problem of being overweight and they are keen on weight loss.  

So, in this blog we will be talking about the following:

  1. Causes of Obesity and solutions.
  2. How we can lose it?
  3. And how yoga can help us with weight loss?

Causes of Obesity and Solutions

Many people suffer from the issue of overweight and desires for weight loss due to these following activities:

Overeating, less physical activities, without starving, eating, beauty increasing food, fast food eating, oily food, an excessive amount of drinking tea.

These are the major causes of increasing weight.

Do you know what problems you are inviting if you are overweight?

Here are the issues you will face if you are an overweight person:

Heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, asthma. Colon cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia.

Now we will discuss what precautions we should take so that our weight will not increase.

Have a balanced diet

If you eat a balanced diet,  then it will help you in weight loss and also leave a positive impact on your body functions.  

In this scenario, you should avoid sugar fatty foods carbohydrates that have low nutritional content. 

And what should you eat then?  Half of your diet should be fruits and vegetables.

Consuming alcohol will be not tolerable

If you are an alcoholic, then it is the major cause of your belly fat.  

The people who consume alcohol regularly have excessive abdominal fat. 

So, if you want to lose your fat do not drink alcohol because in the alcoholic drink the additional sugar content is much more which contributes to drastic weight gain.

Do exercise

Doing regular exercise is the best option for weight loss.

So, from today itself make a schedule for regular exercise and make it a daily routine on which exercises you should do.

You can go to the gymnasium. All the best thank you can do at home is yoga.

We will discuss several yoga poses which will help you stay tuned in this blog.

Try to reduce your stress

If a person takes it then it will be the major reason for them to gain weight. 

So, reduce your stress and connect with nature for losing weight. 

Because if you take stress to send your body will release stress hormone which influences you to eat more even if you are not hungry.

Take a deep sleep

Sleep is essential for the body’s functionality and well being. If we manage our sleeping pattern wisely, then we can lose our weight easily.

Because at the time of sleeping your body still works so if we give optimum time to the body for its functionality then it will be helpful for us to lose weight.

Quit smoking

If you are a chain smoker then it may cause severe problems as well as increased belly fat. 

If you quit smoking today then you will find that your weight will lose at a significant rate.

Now let us discuss how we lose our weight by doing various yoga poses?

  1. Tiryak Tadasana
  2. Trikonasana
  3. Konasana

Tiryak Tadasana

This yoga pose is also known as swaying palm tree pose which is a lateral bending asana that gives contracting effect on one side and stretching effect on another side. 

This asana also helps in stretching muscles, joints, spine and arms. Also, it helps children to increase their height.

How to practice?

Stand on a yoga mat. And straightly raise both your hands upward and join them. 

With keeping your hands straight take a deep breath and bend towards the right. 

After doing this you will feel stretch in your left waist side and contraction in your right waist side. 

Again come to the previous position by exhaling.  Now bend towards the left side of your left waist side and stretch the right side while doing this again, take a deep breath and then come to the initial position. 

Do this exercise at least 25-50 times in one go for weight loss.


This pose is also known as the triangle pose, it helps us in strengthening our legs, knees, ankles, arms as well as chest and weight loss.

Also helps in stretching and opens our hips, groins, shoulders etc.

Trikonasana helps in increasing our mental as well as physical health and also improves digestion.

It is best for reducing our anxiety, stress, weight loss and back pain.

How to practice?

Stand in the tadasana position and now stretch your feet while keeping a distance of 3.5 feet to 4 feet between them. 

Now raise your hands parallel to the shoulders in a straight line. Make an inverted v shape between your legs. 

Bend on the right side with touching the toes with your right hand and keep your left hand straight upward. 

While performing this pose take a deep breath.

After that come to your initial position and now repeat this procedure on the left side while keeping your right hand straight upward. 

The desired repetition ranges in between 25-50 times in on go for rapid weight loss results.


This asana is also known as angle pose. It helps us in stretching our sideward waist as well as the abdominal part and it is crucial for weight loss. 

It also stretches our muscles of the body and also improves the health of internal organs. 

This is slightly different from the previous asana named trikonasana.

How to practice?

Firstly stand in a tadasana position,  now again stretch your both the feet by keeping the distance of  3.5 feet – 4 feet between them. 

Raise your hand to parallel to the shoulders sideways and try to touch your toes and meanwhile stretch your left hand towards right sideways.  

Hold this position and again repeat this procedure in the left side sideways stretching the right-hand left side. 

Repeat this procedure for 25 to 50 times in a single go for better results.


I hope you find this blog helpful, we have discussed how your weight gets increased and then discussed the causes of obesity. 

After this, we have learned about the precautions and measures we should take so that our weight will not gain rapidly. 

If you take care of these precautions then definitely your weight will not gain rapidly.  

After that, we have discussed various weight losing yoga poses including tiryak tadasana, trikonasana and konasana which are helpful for weight loss.  

Practice them regularly to get better results.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Will these poses really help in weight loss?

Yes definitely,  every person has different body requirements and cases.  
But these poses help anyone to lose their weight condition as you have to do asanas regularly.

What will be the best time to do these asanas?

The morning will be the best time to perform these poses for faster weight loss.

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