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Lose Belly Fat: 5 Unique Yoga Poses


The major problem that most people are facing is increased belly fat.  

There are many reasons which are responsible for the increased belly fat.  

And science also says that the reason behind more than 70% of health problems starts from our stomach.  

So, it is our responsibility to keep our belly normal to live a healthy lifestyle.  

Following are the major causes of stored belly fat  which we should  take care of:

Poor diet, lack of no activity, taking more stress and depression etc.

These all are the factors which are responsible for the belly gain.

Now we will discuss the best 5 yoga poses which will help you to lose your belly fat with ease:

  1. Uttanpadasana
  2. Naukasana
  3. Padahastasana
  4. Paschimottanasana
  5. Chakki Chalanasana


The first pose is uttanpadasana,  this asana helps to cure stomach disorders, digestion constipation and acidity.  

It is also helpful in strengthening our abdominal organs, hip and thighs muscles.  

It also helps in curing digestive gases and removes gas problems, acidity, arthritis and back pain etc.  

To start this procedure, first of all,  sleep on a yoga mat by keeping your back touching the floor.  

Take the position of savasana while relaxing your body.  Now keep your hands and legs in a straight position and take a deep breath. 

Raise your right leg upward without bending it and make an angle of 30 degrees to the floor.  

Hold it for at least 15 to 20 seconds.  You will feel the tension in your stomach as well as thighs.  

When you reach your capacity slightly put your leg down and exhale.  

Again take a deep breath and repeat this process on the left leg by raising it upward and make an angle of 30 degrees.  

Again hold it for 15 to 20 seconds and then put it down with exhaling.  Repeat this procedure for 8 to 10 times.   

After completing this procedure, this time lift your both legs and make an angle of 30 degrees to the floor.

This time you will feel more stretch in your stomach, back and thighs.  

Try to hold as much as you can and then release it by exhaling.

Repeat this procedure 10 times for getting better results.


Next asana is Naukasana which is also known as boat pose.  

This pose also stretches the belly and tries to reduce it.  

To perform this, firstly sleep in a savasana pose by relaxing your body now take a deep breath and put your both hands on the respective thighs.  

Now raise your upper body as well as both legs at the same time and try to push the hands just above the knees of your legs.  

By doing this you will feel that you have made a pose like a boat and try to hold it for some time. This will burn your fat and contract your belly.  

When you reach your capacity slightly release your body from both sides by exhaling.  

Do this procedure 8-10 times with proper attention.  Try to put your mind towards the belly.  

This asana also helps in improving the function of our digestive system, develops six packs abs.

It also helps in regulating the function of pancreas, lungs, liver and improves abdominal muscles and blood circulation as well.

This asana is also helpful for the diabetic patient to maintain their sugar level. 

So, include this asana in your daily exercise because even if you do not have more belly fat, this asana will help you to develop good six packs abs. 

And as we discussed earlier, an increased belly is the major cause of health issues for almost all the people of India.


Next asana is pad hastasana,  this asana is very helpful in making the body flexible,  eliminating excess belly fat, tones the nerves and also stretches back as well as leg muscles. 

It helps in improving the digestive system and reduces constipation.  To start this asana,  stand on a yoga mat with your head, hands, legs and waist in a straight position.  

Take a deep breath and raise your hands upward. Try to push them slightly backward for some stretch in the stomach as well as back muscles.  

Now move downward by exhaling slowly and try to touch your toes.  

But if you are a beginner then you will not be able to touch your toes in one go.\

So, you should try to contract the stomach and leg muscles and push your body down as much as you can.

And your eyes must be pointing 3 to 4 steps forward.  

Hold in this position 5-7 seconds and now release raising your hands but taking a deep breath and again push slightly backward after coming in the straight position.  

By exhaling,  put yourself in the initial position and relax.  

Repeat this procedure for at least 10 times in your schedule to get the best results to reduce your belly fat.


The next pose is paschimottanasana. This asana helps in calming our brain and relieves stress or mild depression.

It stretches and stimulates the liver, kidneys, ovaries, uterus and ultimately improves digestion which is good for reducing belly fat. 

To start this process,  sit in a dandasana position by keeping your legs in a straight position and making an angle of 90 degrees from your body.  

Now take a deep breath and raise your both hands upward and then slowly try to touch your toes.  

After touching your toes try to put your head on the knees.  

Again at the beginner level, you will not be able to touch your toes very easily and it is very hard to put your head on the knees because of your belly fat.  

No worries,  do not force your body to touch the toes.  But push your body towards the toes and knees.  

This will develop stretch stomach back and thighs muscles which will be very helpful for you to reduce belly fat.  

Hold it for 8 to 10 seconds or as per your capacity after you reach your inhale and come back to the initial position of the dandasana by raising your hands upward.  

Now slowly hands downward and exhales. 

Chakki Chalanasana

The last asana comes Chakki Chalanasana also known as Mill Churning Pose. 

It helps in strengthening the abdominal organs, increasing the function of the digestive system and blood circulation of our body. 

It is also helpful in preventing back pain and help in regulating the menstrual cycle effectively.  

To start this position  sit in a  dandasana position,  shift your hands forward and join them like you are holding something.  

No keeping your hands straight and make a big round from left to the right side like you are churning of the mill.  

When you are round making around, shift your upper body to and fro,  this will create a stretch in the back as well as stomach.  

Make at least 15 rounds from right to left.  After completing these rounds 5-second rest and again revolve the hands from right to left this time.  

This will be very helpful for you to reduce instant belly fat.  Doing it regularly will help you to lose your belly fat rapidly.


I hope this blog will help you to reduce your belly fat.  

In this blog, we have discussed how benefits increase and what are the measures we can take to reduce it.  

Also, we have discussed the best five yoga asanas to reduce it if you do these above-mentioned postures regularly.

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