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Best Youtube Channels to follow to Crush It! (in 2020)


Access to cheap internet in India has made people consume a lot of video content in the past three years. Many Youtube channels have crossed thousands of subscribers in the time gone by.

In my opinion, we become what we consume. You should consume high-quality content to become a high-quality human being.

Here are some of my most favourite and in my opinion the best youtube channels to follow:

  1. Best Youtube Channels in India
  2. Smart Comedians of India
  3. Best Youtube Channels in the world


1. Mensutra / Shwetabh Gangwar

The first channel on the list is my personal favorite, Mensutra. The Channel is run by Shwetabh Gangwar. He also has a Hindi Channel on his name.

Shwetabh is a professional problem solver and a writer. He just wrote a best-selling book “The Rudest Book Ever”.

His youtube videos are probably the most knowledge pieces of content you will ever find!

His perspective about every topic is extremely realistic and practical. If on a topic, you have seen Shwetabh’s video, I am sure, you have got the right information and perspective.

He creates content about Love, Goals, How to Think, Movies, Trends, Values, Ethics, Productivity, Growth, English Speaking, Common Life Problems, Books, and lots more.

He doesn’t hesitate to talk about stuff that people don’t talk about, which is the best part of his channels. His English channel has more than 1 million subscribers and the Hindi Channel is also closing in on 1 million subscribers.

2. Fit Tuber

Again one of the most knowledgable youtube channels in India, Fit Tuber is run by Vivek. His content revolves around fitness, workouts, food, and healthy diet recommendations and consumer products.

He has been one of those YouTubers whom I have been following since 5k subscribers and the content has just keep on getting better and better since then with the channel nearing 3 million subscribers on Youtube. His content is in-depth and well researched.

Vivek is an avid follower of the Ayurveda and most of his content is researched from the Ayurvedic sculptures.

He comes up a video every single week on Friday without fail.

His channel went viral after his consumer products series where he exposed the top FMCG Brands in India in his series.

He covered products like Soaps, Face Washes, Shampoos, Conditioners and lots more spread awareness about the harmful chemicals used by these so called big brands and the dirty marketing tactics of these companies.

I have loads of respect for this guy and I am sure you will love his content

3. Intellectual Indies

Intellectual Indies run by Sahil Khanna is also one of those channels that have been unstoppable in the last 2 years.

His content revolves around Digital Marketing, Business Lessons, Case Studies, Selling, SEO, Marketing, and lots more.

His content is made for the current and future content creators and getting to so many subscribers in much a niche is commendable.

He keeps his content transparent and provides as much value as possible through his in-depth content. He has free Digital Marketing, Marketing, Selling, Body Language courses on youtube. Currently the channel is running with more than 650k subscribers.

4. Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari is well known in the Youtube Community in India. He is one of the most subscribed youtube channels in India with almost 15 million subscribers with just 250-300 videos in his channel.

Highly intelligent, Sandeep Maheshwari is one of the most successful businessmen in India being the owner of ImagesBaazar, the largest Indian stock images site in the world.

He talks about the common problems of the people in India and the solutions for those. He talks about Spirituality, Expanding your Mind and everything else that helps a person to get better and move forward in life.

Fact: His youtube channel is the most subscribed channel in the world which is not monetized.

His videos get millions of views daily but still he has kept his videos add free just to keep his videos user friendly for the viewers.

5. BeerBiceps

BeerBiceps aka Ranveer Allahbadia is one of the original YouTubers, who have been creating content on Youtube even before the Jio Internet Boom came in India.

His content has evolved a lot in the past 5 years. He started by creating content on fitness, weight training, workouts, and nutrition science.

Then he started creating healthy cooking videos.

After that he started posting fashion and grooming content which grew his channel exponentially. Then he slowly transitioned his channel to more self-help content like Body Language, Communication Skills, Spirituality, Entrepreneurship, and Finance related content.

Then he started interviewing famous celebrities on his Interview show named The Ranveer Show and now he has transformed his content into a Podcast form with the same name where he brings guests from various fields and talks about spirituality, success secrets, and much more!

He also has a Hindi Channel, where he is creating the fitness, fashion, and other forms of content that he used to make on his English Channel.

His podcast is currently one of the most popular podcasts in India. His English channel is closing in on 3 million subscribers and his Hindi Channel is also closing in on 2 million subscribers.

6. Sadhguru

Sadhguru is one of the biggest spiritual leaders not only India but all around the world. He has a huge fan base with well over 4.5 million subscribers on Youtube.

His knowledge and wisdom are just impeccable. I just love listening to his content on Youtube. Do watch his videos on Youtube!

7. SeeKen

SeeKen is a youtube channel where you get to watch the summaries of various books. His book summaries are just amazing.

He keeps bringing new book summaries every single week. I have been watching his content for over two years and after watching his content, I started reading books, and his book recommendations to have been fantastic.

Do watch his content if you are a book lover. And if you are not a book lover, you will start loving books after watching his content.

8. Asset Yogi and Pranjal Kamra

Asset Yogi and Pranjal Kamra are two different youtube channels and because their content is in the same niche and are similar, I have kept both of them together.

They create finance-related content. They create content on Stock Markets, Mutual Funds, Financial Plans, Insurance, and explaining finance in a very easy way.

Both Channels have more than 1 million subscribers on Youtube.

If you are interested in finance, then these two channels are my top recommendations.

SMART Comedians in INDIA

Comedy Channels on Youtube in India is huge. But there are very few smart comedians in India and here are some of my favorites.

Out of these, Salil Jamdar and Co. and Slayy Point are my all-time favorite comedy youtube channels.

Salil Jamdar’s content is extremely professional and unique. I haven’t seen anyone else in the Youtube community who has combined comedy and intellectual knowledge for the audience. His content is almost impossible to copy.

His Latest Web Series tackles a very taboo topic in India, PORN ADDICTION. I think his web series deserves many more views than he currently has. Do watch out for his web series!!

So, Here is the complete list of all the youtubers:

  1. Salil Jamdar and Co.
  2. Slayy Point
  3. Saiman Says
  4. Mythpat
  5. Dank Rishu

So, we have talked about all of the youtube channels in India which can help you get smarter. But I have a surprise for you! I have also compiled a list of foreign youtube channels which deserve a mention!

Best Youtube Channels in the World

  • Alux.com (Channel with more 2.5 million subscribers, content revolving around Businesses, Billionaires, Productivity, Wisdom, Spirituality, Premium Experiences, Luxury Items and lots more)
  • Alpha m. (With more than 5 million subscribers on youtube Aaron Marino aka Alpha m. is someone who has been creating content on youtube for the last 10 years regularly. His content revolves around Hair, Skin, Grooming, Entrepreneurship, Business, Fashion Sense, and lots more.)
  • Valuetainment (Content revolves around Entrepreneurship, Business Knowledge, Financial Advice)
  • Thomas Frank (Content revolves around Self-Improvement, Productivity Tools and Hacks)
  • Matt D’Avella (He is a minimalist film-maker who creates content on Minimalism, Self-Improvement, Habit Creation, Crazy Experiences. His videos are extremely professional and he is one of my favorite YouTubers in the World. His channel has more than 2.5 million subscribers as of now.)
  • Nathaniel Drew (Another Minimalist Film-maker, pretty similar to Matt D’Avella, but his content is more about experiences and opinions of his own.)
  • Dan Lok (A multimillionaire businessman talks about high ticket closing, marketing, sales, digital marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, finance, and lots more!)
  • Charisma on Command (A Channel run by Charlie and Ben is one of its own kind. They breakdown the personality of various famous personalities all around the world. Their breakdown is very detailed and knowledgable.)

So these are all my favorite youtube channels to follow and I am sure these channels if followed regularly can make you smarter for sure!!

I hope you liked these Youtube Channel recommendations.

Comment down below your favorite youtube channels and YouTubers you admire the most!



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