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Generating income by Youtube (Passive income guide)

Youtube - Generating Passive income by it.

Youtube is a video sharing platform and it is the world’s second-largest search engine. Anyone can upload their videos and anyone can watch them. There is almost every type of videos available on it.

It works as a search engine too, you get video results of anything you search for. Many people use it as a search engine. Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—created the service in February 2005.

Google bought the site in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion. It is now a subsidiary of Google. People gain name, fame, and money through youtube. It also gives equal opportunities to everyone. It also runs advertisements on different channels and in return for that, it provides the money.

There are many channels on youtube who are providing the knowledge and teachings that a person learn from college. Some YouTubers save so much money of ours. There are many channels on it which provide us so much knowledge that we don’t get in many universities. We can enhance our skills by youtube. Basically, It is a great resource.

What’s in it for me?

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  2. Ways to generate income by youtube
  3. Earning Money from youtube is Good idea or Bad
  4. Youtube vs other video sharing platforms
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It also can be a way of generating passive income. Anyone can upload their videos and their video is being watched you will be generating passive income. It monetizes your video and youtube also takes some amount which was generated through ads and you get your percentage of the amount.

I think it provides a great opportunity and everyone should try to make youtube videos. If you do anything and if you have any kind of skill or knowledge or you are a singer or dancer or anything, I think that anyone can make videos and upload it on youtube.

I seen many creators grow from zero to hero. I have seen how the youtube community changes the trend. When PUBG(Player Unknowns Battle Ground) mobile launched, many saw the opportunity. People made different kinds of gaming videos previously but PUBG gave a boost on youtube.

People got millions of views by uploading videos only playing PUBG and it is for sure that the Indian public has supported these kinds of videos so much. Now after watching this PUBG official started PUBG tournament online on it and they get millions of audiences and views online.

Ways to generate income by youtube

There are so many ways of generating income by youtube. People are influenced so much by YouTubers so that companies nowadays start seeing this as an opportunity and there are companies who give money to channels who have so many subscribers for promoting their brand and that is called paid promotion.

People earn a good amount of money by doing this and monetizing their youtube videos. It looked like a career nowadays. Many peoples daily living is totally dependent on it. There are different types of shows are being started and promoted. Many actors have now started their movie on it as youtube creators have a huge amount of audience. So it brings so many opportunities.

You can earn so much passive income by youtube as if you are sleeping and some random person is watching your video that is also contributing to your income. If you make good content it’s algorithm also promotes you. Your videos appear in suggestion and you are able to convert traffic on your videos while sleeping too and able to earn.

Earning Money from youtube is Good idea or Bad

Earning money from it is not a good idea, but uploading videos to youtube is a good idea. You should not upload videos on youtube just for money, your intention should be given knowledge and if you do this you will automatically generate money.

Many people who just upload any random videos on it are not able to generate money as a person who uploads a video just to educate people, your intention should be helping others and not just generating money. People prefer good content over any random content and also people prefer quality over quantity.

I will say that if you want to start a channel I want to say that make those type of videos which is not already available. Because many people search for many types of informative videos but many times they are not available over it. You should be consistent on youtube to hold your subscribers.

Many people only make one or two videos and they don’t get views and after that, they lose hope and do not try again. I want to say that to them be consistent and make videos on the topic you love or make the video you want public should know. Make videos for them and not just for earning money.

Youtube vs other video sharing platforms

YoutubeOther video sharing platforms
It is the biggest video sharing platform worldwide.There are other video sharing platforms TikTok, Instagram, and others.
It has the most number of videos as it is one of the first video sharing platforms.Other video sharing platforms do not have a large number of videos and sometimes you are not able to find videos you want.
Youtube is a search engine also.Other video sharing platforms don’t work as a search engine.
There is no limit on the length of the video.Some video sharing platforms only allow short videos.


Youtube can be a great source of passive income if you have a passion for sharing knowledge in the form of videos. You can make different types of videos on it.

I think everyone should make videos and start their channel. In this blog, I described how you can monetize your videos and different ways to earn money from it. Now I am leaving you with some frequently asked questions.


What can I do on youtube?

You can upload videos on any topic. Youtube is a video sharing platform and you can create any type of videos like entertainment video or intellectual video or any videos of your choice.

Then you upload your video on youtube and after that people start watching that stuff. They can like, dislike and comment on the video. People can also share your videos

How to earn money from youtube?

YouTubers earn money on it by the views they got and many people watching their ads. The more people watch ads the more money youtube provides.

You can also do paid promotion of any company. People make videos on any problem and for the solution mostly then suggest the product of the company which they promoting.

You can also make some video people search often and also you can merge videos with affiliate marketing. Let me tell you how.

How youtube monetize videos?

After a certain time when you got some views and gain some subscribers and reach on certain criteria of youtube. It offers you to monetize your videos. You can enable it afterward it will start showing ads on your videos. The number of ads being watched on your videos will tell us about the amount of money you will generate.

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