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Zen Meditation|Best Way To Learn Zen Meditation Fast


Zen meditation, also known as season, originated from Buddhist psychology.

It is used to regulate attention or we can say that a Zen meditation is used for practicing ‘thinking about not thinking.

In this article

  1. History of zen meditation  
  2.  What you can get from zen meditation  
  3.  Benefits of Zen meditation  
  4.  3 Types of Zen meditation   
  5. How to practice zen meditation 
  6.   What is the effect of zen meditation? 
  7.   Effect on the Unconscious mind   
  8. Zen meditation for rehab  
  9.  Things to remember  
  10.  Conclusion
  11. Frequently asked question   

History of zen meditation

Buddhists originate zen in the 7th century in China in Tang dynasty ruling period.

Japanese word zen is a derivative of Chinese ch’an and its translation of Indian meditation word Dhyan. Which means concentration.

Daisetz teatro Suzuki

It spread from China to Japan, Korea, India, and western countries.

Daisetz teitaro Suzuki’, a Japanese made it famous in western countries. He used to run classes and courses in the Westry Countries. Various camps were organized by them, due to which people got awareness about it.

What you can get from zen meditation

There are many types of benefits you can get from it. This is a process that calms your mind. Doing a lot of meditation can give you such types of benefits. Now this is the most effective technique for dealing with depression and anxiety.

People sit in the position of Padam. He holds his breath in this state and counts them. It is a very necessary phase. It is a very deep state which restricts the thoughts of the mind and restricts more thoughts and concentrates the mind. Does.

                                                                                                                                Instead of providing temporary solutions to life’s problems, it provides a permanent solution that develops the mindset in such a way that it is able to deal with it by understanding every situation in life.

Benefits of Zen meditation 

Meditation is a means of achieving peace in everyday life. This meditation is the best way to get better physical health, increase your focus rate, gentle nature, welfare personality and regulates blood pressure.

According to research, meditation provides physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional benefits that are suitable for making human life happy.

It is possible that Zen gets benefits similar to meditation and other remedies but experts also say that zen is also effective to maintain self discipline and focus on something that prioritizes for you.

Research also shows that the way this meditation affects the brain is different from other treatments, it is possible that it may have different benefits from other treatments.

Find out usual benefits of meditation here

3 Types of Zen meditation 

Although there are many types of meditations in this meditation, these three meditations are the main.

Breath observation 

The meditator must sit in a comfortable posture during this meditation. It can be a  mat or a yoga mat. Breath observation meditation mainly involves observing your breath as to how it is entering and exiting. This technique Increases alertness.

Quite awareness meditation

It does not focus on the breath from other forms of it. It teaches you how to make your thoughts flow without judgment and rejections. we also do meditation without any equipment. The goal of this meditation is not to achieve any goal, it only teaches you how to sit.

Intensive group meditation

It is a deep meditation process. A session of this meditation is of 30 to 50 minutes.

a semicolon is included in the meal, the food is consumed silently. The shortest duration of meditation is also completed by staying active.

In the olden times, sadhus were practiced by the sadhus during the entire time of their lives. The focus of the sadhus was only on concentrating the mind, this period was from 1 to 2 days.

How to practice zen meditation 

There are many ways to learn Zen meditation such as audio, video, or online video courses. You learn it offline at the nearest meditation center, you can hire a personal meditation master. You can also take the help of some books. Zen school are called zazen

 Apart from this, there are some meditation retreats which can teach you Jane Meditation on a weekly level, you can also take their help. So according to your budget, time, and interest, choose the method of your choice.

You can also wath this video

What is the effect of zen meditation?

In 2006, the practice of Zen meditation of 12 people was studied.

 His brain scan and his breathing speed were studied in the study. The study revealed that people who had the experience of Zen meditation had higher mental development than those who did not have the knowledge of meditation.

 In this way we come to know that by doing it, our mental development is accelerated, our mental development is more than others. Only regular practice can make us capable of all these things.

Effect on the Unconscious mind 

A conscious minder is one who helps us in making decisions or in any action, we have complete control over it. While the unconscionable brain is one in which we do not have perfection control, it does not actively influence our decisions.

                                                                                                   The unconscious mind is larger than the conscious mind. Many researchers believe that the unconscious mind is activated even when it is in a state of unconsciousness.

One study found that meditating leads to greater development of the unconscious mind compared to those who do not meditate so that meditators are able to use their brain better.

Zen meditation for rehab 

In Taiwan, Zen Meditation is used as rehab in Taiwan for drug addicted people . It helps in the fight against addiction to calm the mind.

 It helps to calm the nervous system of those who are emerging from addiction, which is responsible for the control of the whole body, this generates the craving for the drug in the mind of the person.

 The doctor found that with only 10 minutes of meditation, the nervous system of the patients showed considerable improvement. It also calms the mood of the person and is a major element in mood addition.

it also helps in headache relief.

Things to remember 

Zen meditation is not the kind of meditation that you can learn on your own at home. You need to join an expert class to learn it. There are certified experts who provide courses on a monthly basis.

Rearch out something about centers and master to get best couching. Try to attention every classes.

It might be hard for the beginning, you can watch some video before start the training. It also might be hard for old age persons and physically weak persons.


In the article, we discussed it and its topics. You can read the summary of The whole article below.

  • Buddhists discovered the zen meditation in china in 17 century.
  • D.T.Suzuki makes it famous in western countries.
  • Zen is an effective technique to fight depression and anxiety
  • To do this, meditation is done by sitting in Padmasana.
  • Zen Meditation provides sustainable solutions for fighting the terrible conditions of life and mental development.
  • According to research, meditation has many mental, physical, and spiritual benefits.
  • breath observation, quiet awareness meditation, intensive group meditation are the 3  main types of meditation. 
  • There are so many ways to learn Zen like online and offline 
  • IT makes your Mental development faster. 
  • This improves your decision-making ability.
  • It helps to leave the addiction and strengthen your nervous system.
  • You need to join the classes to learn Zen and practice daily.

Cheackout other types of meditation

Frequently asked question

Question 1. Is zen meditation mindfulness?

       Answer. Zen Meditation is somewhat similar to Mindfulness but Zen Meditation and Mindfulness are not the same. Zen Meditation focuses on the Present Mind while Mindfulness focuses on a Pacific Object.

Question 2. What is Soto zen?

      Answer. Soto zen or Soto school is the largest zen Buddhism school. Which was discovered during the tang dynasty.

Question 3. Which is better Zen meditation or mindfulness?

      Answer. Both have their own importance. Both are better in their place. Zen meditation is used to stabilize the mind in the present, while mindfulness is used to focus on something.

Question 4. Can zen meditation cure depression and anxiety?

      Answer. zen meditation can be used to cure depression and anxiety. Basically  Zen meditation is used to stabilize your mind in the present.

 It trains us in such a way that we can give direction to our thoughts, Without any negative and critical consideration, it makes our nervous system strong which changes our decision making and our Area Mental Power also increases it can increase your self-motivation and can help to cure your depression and anxiety.

Question 5. Can a Christian practice Zen meditation?

Answer. Yes, a Christian can also practice Zen meditation. Actually Zen meditation is not a religion based meditation. Zen meditation is a process used to purify one’s mind. It can be used by anyone in Western countries too. Where Christianity is more prevalent, of course, it has been attributed to original Buddhism, but it does not make sense by this, only by Buddhists. could be or could not by any other religion. Islamists can also practice it. In short the answer is that a Christian can also practice zen meditation.



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