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Do you love playing video games? Can you imagine you can also be a Millionaire by playing video games? How to start a career in gaming? Everything about Career in gaming. Let’s Find Out.

The video game industry has come a long way since the mid-70s. The video game industry is now more profitable than the Film & music industry Combined. According to Statista.com, in the fiscal year 2019, the gaming industry was around 62 Billion Indian rupees. It is expected that the industry will be worth over 250 Billion Indian rupees by 2024.

With taking this in mind, a teenager who is passionate about gaming must consider Career in gaming. It was the best time to pursue a career in the video game industry.

As the Industry is rising new opportunities are opened in the field. Fortunately, there were many career options in gaming you can choose from artists, programmers, developers to audio engineers. It’s not just about playing games but you can also create them.

How to Get Into the Gaming Industry:

  1. Find a video-game related college

  2. Get a traditional college degree

  3. Learn More about gaming & game industry

  4. Get an internship at a video game studio or Get an entry-level job as a Game Tester

  5. Build your own indie games

  6. Start a gaming blog

  7. Post your work on discussion boards

  8. Get a job at a gaming studio in a non-gamedev position

  9. Start Live Streamings

  10. Be persistent, focused and don’t give up

Have You Ever Played a Video Game & Passionate about it? Ever Thought about a Job in the video game industry? Want to know everything about gaming?

Do you Want to Get into the Video Game industry? But Don’t know where to get started? We are here to help you out to get your dream job!

5 Best Career in Gaming Industry

  1. Video Game Designers
  2. Game Testers
  3. Game Developers
  4. Audio Engineers
  5. Professional Gamer
  6. Conclusion
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

Game Designing as a Career in Gaming

Let’s start with our first dream Career in gaming video game designer. Designing Video games is Awesome but it’s Competitive, You must have some unique skills to stand out from the crowd. Video game designers are an important part of the Team who develops a video game. As a game designer, You will bring ideas, build prototypes of games, create interactive content, and majorly develop game mechanics, and sometimes you have to lead a whole team.

Game Designing is an awesome career in gaming if you are creative, enjoy using tech, have leadership skills, and enjoy playing games. It was the most desired & respected position among other game jobs. Although competition is High.

Types of Game Designers:

  • Gameplay designers
  • Level designers
  • Content Designers
  • UI/UX Designers
  • System designers
  • Technical Designers
  • Game Writers.

Job Profile:

Firstly it’s not easy, getting a job as a designer is extremely Hard, but not impossible.

  • Qualification required: Bachelor’s Degree in Game Design, Computer science, and computer engineering. You must have a strong understanding of gameplay experience, Technical skills, 2D & 3D Modelling, good command on some programming languages. Whereas Some  Employers are interested in your work experience & game Knowledge they don’t need any type of degree or certifications. It’s important to build the online portfolio of your projects & work you’ve completed showing your game design, skills & Experience.
  • Responsibilities: The game designer has duties like designing characters, levels, the environment of games, puzzles & quizzes, art & animations, Pitching ideas to Teams or Clients, Team Leading, Quality control, Testing Games, etc.
  • Skills: You need to have- Creative, Passionate in gaming, Artistic vision, storytelling ability, knowledge of game trends, programming skills, etc.
  • Salary: that’s an important part of JD everyone works for it. The average salary of a video game developer in India is ₹623 K/ Yr. The entry-level fresher gets ₹35k as you complete three-four projects it can reach as high to ₹60K, as you complete six-seven projects it can grow up to ₹85k. With hard work & Dedication you can be an executive producer and gain a six-digit salary.

Game Tester as a Career in gaming

Video game tester Sounds like a dream job in gaming for many of Us. After all, you get paid for playing games all day….. Long right? Not, Exactly it’s not like that.

Testers are Quality assurance inspectors of the company. They play again & again the same level of the same game, to find the problem & Bugs in-game. Then Reports their findings to Designers and Developers.

Job Profile:

  • Qualification required: Science, Commerce, Arts, Graduate- Undergraduate wherever you are, you can be a game tester. You just have to prove your Bug finding abilities, good communication skills, and also you have to be a decent gamer. You can do possible degrees like Game Design, Software development, Software Engineering, Software Quality Assurance, Software Testing, etc.
  • Responsibilities: A Game Tester is responsible to test games to find & report the bugs to developers or designers before releasing the game for the public. They work with designers and programmers to ensure that the game works flawlessly before going out in the market.
  • Skills: Being Detail-oriented is Important.Must have problem-solving skills, knowledge of computer games & Industry, able to work under pressure, Strong attention on the details, and patience for repetitive work.
  • Salary: According to Indeed.com The Average Salary of a Game Tester in India is ₹2,65,351/Yr. Your Salary will Depend on your Education, Skills & Experience. The basic Starting for a fresher is Start with a minimum of  ₹16k and with the experience it may rise up to ₹150k.

Game Developer as a career in gaming

Game Developer as a career in gaming is best for People with Good in Maths & Computer, Has Creativity Skills. they use these skills to Program or develop video games. They are also called Programmers. As the name suggests they develop “Video Games”.

Job Profile:-

  • Qualification required: although you can start with any college degree or an HND or foundation degree. You are also required to master some programming languages. C# is most popular today or we can say it requires you to start your journey & learn more programming languages to step out of the crowd.
  • Responsibilities: Writing the codes, Plan Game Projects, Design Games, Debug programs, solve technical problems.
  • Skills: Creative, Passionate about video games, technical ability, team-leading skills, flexible to meet the deadline, proficiency in programming languages such as C++ & C#.
  • Salary: according to Glassdoor.co.in the average salary of a game developer in India is around ₹501k/yr. The starting salary in India is around ₹30k & it will grow with experience and hard work.

Audio Engineers

Have you ever thought of a game without it’s audio? It’s like a SuperHero without its SuperPowers. Just like that, an Audio engineer is important for game development.

Audio Engineers are responsible for the overall Audio of the Game such as the game’s music, Sound effects, and Voiceovers. This may be a simple task back in the days of Space invaders or Super Mario Bros. but nowadays each character requires unique audios & dialogues, unique audio of surrounding to make a real like experience, So….it’s not Easy. They use computers and electrical equipment to create soundtracks for games. They are responsible for what you hear during the game.

Job Profile:-

  • Qualification Required: Basically you do not need any degrees you just have high school qualifications and some work experience as an assistant audio technician in a related field such as the music industry. Although some employers require a bachelor’s degree in audio engineering.
  • Responsibilities: Removing unwanted sounds, inspecting volume levels and sound qualities, Meeting client requirements, maintaining and repairing instruments, creating audios, etc. in short everything related to audio is the job of an audio engineer.
  • Skills:  While most of the employees don’t need degrees but you have to show a good understanding of the physics of sound, technical aptitude, good communication skills, and acute attention to the details.  
  • Salary: According to Payscale.com the average salary of an audio engineer in India is ₹411k/yr Approx. The starting Salary basically starts with ₹22k & increases with experience of audio instruments.

Professional Gamer

Enjoy Playing games? Spends the whole day in front of your PC or Console while playing games? Also, have some entertaining factors?

Then this is the best career for you in the gaming industry. Most of the people who seek Careers in gaming prefer to be a Pro Gamer. You must have to be incredibly talented or extremely entertaining to make it Big.

A pro gamer is a person who gets paid to play games. most of the players get paid through a company or Sponsors to Compete in any E-sports tournament around the globe. Most of these tournaments offer huge Rewards as money.

Job Profile:

  • Qualification required: To be a pro gamer you don’t need any degree. You just have true dedication towards the game, you need to be a good gamer and an entertainer. If you want to give an edge to your career in gaming then you do some bachelor courses. It helps you to understand games better than how it should work.
  • Responsibilities: the gamer must have to be loyal towards its audience and team members. Be a good player, try different things to entertain people.
  • Skills: Ability to remain patient & Calm, Good Hand-Eye Coordination, Good reflexes, good reaction time, and decision-making skills.
  • Salary: The Professional gamer in India can start their career in participating in E-sports. Starting Salary may start with ₹5k to 45k per month. But if you are a very good Gamer then there is no upper limit of Salary because big E-sports events offer Rewards of Millions of Dollars and a player also gets Sponsorships as he becomes famous.

In Short, if you like to play games, & want to pursue gaming as a career. you can choose any of the above career options. you only have to be passionate and hardworking. learn new skills, learn more about gaming focus on one game at a time. You are good to Go!.

Also if You are interested to take it as Part-time, read our Blog about “How to Make Money Online Through Video Games”.


A Career in Gaming is the most liked career option for a Passionate Gamer. Most of the Youngsters want to make a career in the gaming industry. as new games are being developed and no. of gamers are increasing. New Job opportunities are increasing with the demand for better video games.

There is no simple way to get into the gaming business, it’s a world loaded with Hardcore and Professional Gamers. Although! The gaming industry in India is ready to Boom so this was the best time to start learning & making a career in the Gaming Industry.

Frequently Asked Questions about a career in the Gaming industry

1. Why is it Important to Have More Than one Person In Video game development?

it’s important to have more than a person because video game development requires multiple skills & one person is not perfect in all of them.

2. Some Common rumors in-game testing jobs that it’s fun and you can play games without investing in them. Is it True?

Playing games is fun but if you have to play a particular level again & again over the months to just find bugs I don’t think it remains interesting.

3. What Degrees Do Someone Need to Enter in the Industry?

No specific Degrees are required to enter the field you just have to be passionate about your work & Knowledge is everything.

4. What is the basic structure for developing a game?

The Basic Game Structure. From a bird’s eye view, the game code of all games is divided into three sections: Initialization, the game loop, and termination.

5. Do Gamer get paid?

The regular monthly salaries of average pro gamer can range from $1,000 to $5,000, whereas the highest-paid League of Legends players can earn up to $15,000 per month apart from the money that they get from prizes.



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