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Gate Exam: How to prepare and crack in 10 simple steps


Graduation Aptitude Test in Engineering is generally called as the Gate exam. In this we will discuss about gate exam preparation strategy, benefits if Gate, how to start and utilization if Test Series.

This  is one of the best exams available for engineers.

about GATE….

It occurs once in a year. It is usually conducted in the month of February. This exam occurs as a single computer-based paper of 3 hours duration. From 2016 onwards this exam is conducted in MCQ and numerical data entry type questions.

This exam provides a direct entry in the PSU’s which is a dream place to work for many engineers or it can provide you with the opportunity to do a master’s from IITs or IISCs or NITs. Gate scores also help to do Ms or direct PhD programs from IITs or IISCs.

Gate score can also help one to get admissions for Mtech/M.E. in various state funded Universities and in various private institutes like BITs. This score card sometimes also becomes useful to crack private companies’ interviews as it shows your potential towards study.

What’s in it for me

  1. Advantages of gate exam
  2. What gate exam wants from the aspirants 
  3. The preliminary questions that one should ask himself / herself before starting the preparation
  4. Right time to start preparation 
  5. Whether to join Coaching or not 
  6. Things that an aspirants should do before starting the preparation
  7. How to make preparation keep going like a wave
  8. What are the possible hurdles that came along in the way
  9. The golden rule for preparation
  10. The most important part of preparation for cracking the Gate examination
  11. conclusion
  12. FAQ

let’s start…..

1. Advantages of gate exam:

1. PSU’s Recruitment

GATE exam can be used for recruitment into various PSU’s such as NTPC, ONGC, SAIL, BHEL, IOCL, CIL, GAIL, HPCL, PSPL, ECIL and many more.

These PSUs are Central or  state-owned enterprises and recruitment into them provides a high paying job as well as financial stability.

Also, it is possible that the remaining PSU will recruit through the GATE exam in the near future.

2. Admission into M.E. / M.Tech../  M.Sc. programme

GATE exam can be used to obtain admission into M.E. / M.Tech../ M.Sc. programs of the top institutions of India such as IISC, IIT’s, NIT’s, etc.

Studying in these institutions is an enriching experience as they provide a conducive environment for intellectual satisfaction as well as future financial security.

3. Stipends in ME/M.Tech Programmes

This is the most impressive thing available through gate, the ME/M.Tech programs provide a stipend of rs. 12, 400 per month for 24 months to students for 8 hours of work per week.

This ensures that the students have the required financial assistance to complete their course.

4. Research institutes recruitment through GATE exam:

The GATE exam can be used for recruitment into various research institutes.

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research provides the award of Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and Senior Research Fellowship (SRF) to engineers who have qualified the GATE exam.

These fellowships also provide a stipend of Rs 31,000 to Rs 35,000 per month.

5. Chance for Foreign study

The GATE score is used as a criterion for judgment by universities like Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), National University of Singapore (Singapore), RWTH Aachen (Germany), TU Munich (Germany), etc. to grant admission into Masters and Ph.D. programs without the requirement of a GRE score.

Source : Career360

6. Higher chance of getting recruitment in top MNC’s

Post-graduation from the top institutions of India after the GATE exam provides a better chance for recruitment into top MNC’s such as Google, CISCO, SKODA, Siemens, Samsung, Maruti, LG electronics, etc. as these companies require highly qualified recruits and also provide the corresponding remuneration.     

 7. Other benefits of gate exam       

There are various other things that become available after having a valid gate score like the admission in various state government Colleges for PG, some famous private College also consider the gate score for PG admissions, with the MHRD scholarship.

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2. What Gate exam wants from aspirants:

Preparation of Gate exam like all other competitive examinations in India is tough to crack. But with proper strategy and right direction and positive attitude one can make it easy.

This exam tests a person’s ability of memorizing, Creativity, Determination, Patience, Presence of mind and will power. It requires a lot of hard work and smart work as well.

It requires consistent hard work. As you go on studying it will become more and more interesting and entertaining.

3. The preliminary questions that one should ask himself / herself before starting the preparation:

One who is thinking of giving Gate examination and scoring something valuable from it. Then before starting the preparation he/ she should ask themselves these preliminary questions. 

The first question is what actually you wanted to get from this exam. Second question is whether he/she is going to join any Coaching Institute or wants to do self study of course doing self study will be more hard as compared to joining a coaching institute.

After this questions one has to ask themselves this other preliminary questions, is he/she is ready to study the whole syllabus, if yes then is he/she is ready to give regularly 5-6 hrs per day and study consistently, if yes then is he/she is ready to do one of its most important part, regular Revision of the studied  subjects.

If all yes, then he/she can start the Gate preparation with zero hesitation.

4. Right time to start Gate exam Preparation:

I have started the preparation of gate in 3rd year of graduation and most of the aspirants starts from this time only. I think this is the right time to start the preparation

But still nowadays as the competition is increasing, some students start the preparation of gate from 2nd year only, this will give them more time for preparation.

If you can start early then surely it will be advantageous from the exam point of view. But if you are starting the preparation from 3rd year then it doesn’t mean that will not have enough time.

Starting preparation from 3rd year will also give you enough time to complete your syllabus and give tests to crack this exam.

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5. Whether to join coaching or not:

I had joined the Coaching Institute, it helped me a lot. The notes prepared from the coaching institute will give a great advantage in Gate preparation.

The professor in Coaching Institute gives you a proper direction to study and also motivated you to study more.

So, joining a coaching institute is really advantageous. But in case you do not have enough money or there is no Coaching Institute available in your area, then you have to do self preparation of gate.

Also, there are pendrive and online courses available, so you can also opt for that. It totally depends on you what will be suitable for you. But you have to be ready for doing more hard work in self study.

6. Things that an aspirants should do before starting the preparation:

Before starting preparation of Gate, the first thing that one should do is to try to collect as much information as possible regarding the subjects and their weightage, the style of the question paper and the other sources available for the study of a particular subject like video lectures available in YouTube or subject Notes of the previous Toppers of the Gate examination.

This information will always be increasing as one starts the preparation. These macro level information will help you to acquire much knowledge about a particular subject. 

The second thing that one can do to improve his preparation is to find like minded people around you, who are doing the same exam preparation.

This thing will boost the confidence of oneself and it will keep both of you motivated in this long  journey

7. How to make preparation keep going like a wave:

The steps to follow for maintaining the flow of Gate preparation are:

  1. Start early

    Start as early as possible, because it will boost your preparation of gate and also you will get time to add new things in your study pattern.

  2. Gate paper pattern and syllabus

    Become familiar with the exam syllabus and pattern of the previous year available Gate papers.

  3. Subject and topic weightage

    Get the rough idea of subject wise and topic wise weightage distribution of your stream.

  4. Ask for guidance

    Ask guidance from the seniors who have already attempted the Gate exam.

  5. Aptitude and Engineering mathematics

    Focus more on engineering mathematics and Aptitude as they are worth approximately 30% weightage.

  6. Use study techniques

    Use some techniques to study more efficiently like the Hour of power technique, Loci technique, Pomodoro technique, etc

  7. Three month goals

    If possible write down your next three months goals in a very descriptive manner. 

  8. Weekly time table

    Set your weekly goals for study, this will boost your motivation towards study.

  9. Daily time table

    Make your Time tables, daily time table and weekly time table, and Monthly time table.

  10. Intrerview videos of toppers

    Watch the interview videos of the toppers of our department this will increase your enthusiasm and will also help you to make your strategy.

  11. Make time to relax and enjoy

    And yes, apart from this study, make some time to relax and enjoy during preparation of gate. This will improve your efficiency and will keep you refreshed throughout the preparation.

8. The possible hurdles that came along in the way:

  1. Losing confidence due to less marks scored in tests.
  1. Getting bored in gate preparation due to again and again revising the same Notes.
  1. Doubting our ability, when not able to solve some tricky questions.
  1. Losing hope by seeing the cut-throat competition.
  1. Lost of  the prepared notes and many other obstacles can come in this long journey.
  1. But keeping hope and not giving up will surely bring positive results.

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9. The golden rule for Gate preparation:

In Gate exam the 85-90% weightage is of the Numerical type questions. So one has to give more importance and time to practicing different types of questions then to learning the theory.

So, one should practice the previous year questions of his stream or questions of his subjects. For that various questions banks are available of different coaching institutes like Made easy, Gate academy, Gateforum, etc

So, in all practice will matter the most.

10. The most important part of preparation for cracking the Gate examination: Test Series 

Test series is absolutely necessary to score good marks in Gate exam

  1. Topic wise, Subjects wise and Full length test series are available in most of the test series.
  1. Topic wise and Subject wise tests help in practicing the questions of different types in a limited period of time.
  1. Full length test series is the most important part, one should give at least 10-12 full length tests.
  1. It will help in identifying the speed and accuracy during the exam.
  1. It will help in identifying the weak areas. So that you will be able to improve that area before the actual exam.
  1. It will develop the exam temperament. Which will help to reduce the nervousness level during actual exam time.
  1. You should not be worried about Scoring less marks in Test Series because the actual exam will always be easier than the test series.
  1. Various test series of different coaching institutes are available. Some of the best test series are of Made Easy, Gateforum, Gate Academy, Exergic, ICE, etc
Importance of test series by Ankit goyal


The competition is tough and it requires a lot of hard work. But the fruits of scoring good marks in this examination are really beneficial, in terms of getting higher education or getting a leisure job.

And it is natural to get demotivated, losing hope while preparing and you can take a break during these situations but do not give up till the last minute once you have started. You will surely succeed

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Frequently asked questions

What is the full form of GATE?

GATE full form is Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering.

What is the motto of GATE Exam?

The motto of gate exam is to test students’ knowledge in their respective branch of engineering and science

How many years the Score valid for GATE exam?

The gate score valid for 3 years.

How many times in a year GATE exam conduct?

In a year only one time GATE is conducted in the month of February by IISc or IITs.



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