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Impressive Graphic designer salary


Today everyone wants to know what is your salary and how much you earn. Those who want to be a graphic designer might eagerly be waiting to know to how much they will earn as career in today’s world

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What is graphic designing?

Graphic design is a problem solving process by various sources like topography, photography, iconography and illustration. Similarly it is made from two words graphic and design.

Graphic mean visual and design mean solving a design.  In short combine and create various modes of symbol, images and text in one form of visual representation.

Job description

After going for graphic design course aspirants are mostly hired by any of the below mentioned company:

  • Print & publishing houses (like newspapers, magazines, etc.)
  • Advertising agencies
  • Graphic design studios
  • Website development studios
  • E-learning companies
  • Web Design Studios

Job profiles in which aspirants are hired after pursuing a graphics design course are:

  • Flash Animator
  • Layout Designer
  • UI Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Content Management System specialist


Graphic designers usually need a bachelor’s degree in graphic design or a related field.

Candidates for graphic design positions should have a portfolio that demonstrates their creativity and originality

There are various mode of education where you can learn graphic designing.

Salary of graphic designer

For an average graphic designers goes to Rs. 38,000 based on the experience, location and job profile.

Like if you visit to different countries you might find change in the range. Look for some example

New York City

 According to study done in June 2019, in New York City, the average salary for junior graphic designers is $43,317.

Similarly the average salary for senior graphic designers is $71,127 and the average salary for design directors is $121,430(approx. Rs. 93,00,000)

United Kingdom

In London, according to study done in June 2019, the average salary for junior graphic designers is £22,209.

Similarly the average salary for senior graphic designers is £39,968 and the average salary for design directors is £60,000.

And in Manchester, the average salary for junior graphic designers is £18,905, similarly average salary for senior graphic designers is £28,937 and the average salary for design directors is £53,149(approx. Rs. 25,00,000).


According to study done in June 2019, in Australia the average income for junior designers is $48,376.

Similarly average salary for senior graphic designers is $79,573 and the average salary for design directors is $142,918(approx. Rs. 70,00,000).


 Specialized types of graphic designers include:

UI designer:

UI design not only focuses on designing user interfaces for apps, websites, TV services, gaming consoles but also on various modes.

You’ll usually work with UX designers, who help turn your designs into functional code.

A lot about UI designer are saying – it’s become a hot topic both on and off the tech scene, in startups, agencies and at large corporations alike.

Maybe you’re wondering what user interface design is or how UI design is different from UX or visual design.

If you’ve found yourself asking these questions then you are certainly not alone.

I asked myself the very same questions when you first set out to become a UI designer.

Although you are probably well aware that UI design is a hugely popular field that’s growing rapidly, it can be hard, even impossible, to know where to start. What do you do when you get stuck?

Without a solid base, it’s no surprise that it’s so hard to get started!

Editorial designer:

Editorial designers make up a large part of the graphic design field.

However they work on the layout and visual aesthetics of books, newspapers, magazines, online publications and other media.

Each type of publications has a different aesthetic and set of concerns.

An editorial designer you should know contemporary trends, have skills in programs such as InDesign and be able to work on a deadline.

Packaging designer: 

It focuses on creating print-ready designs for product packaging.

Certainly most of packaging in the world is vast, dynamic and a very creative medium.

It can be a simple box, it can be a mailer bag, or it can be a tube, just like you see above.

Product boxes fulfill many roles like identification, protection, marketing and transportation.

So with these many roles to fill, you can see how quickly and easily the topic gets complicated.  

Motion designer: 

Motion graphics designers, sometimes just called motion designers, create artwork for the web, television or film.

This could include movie clips, trailers, commercials, title sequences, etc.

They use visual effects, animation and other cinematic techniques to bring life to their creations.

They design graphics that are in motion—just as their title suggests.

By animating graphics and creating vivid visual effects, motion graphics designers bring films, websites, commercials, and more to an entirely new level.

With the increasing prevalence of video content online, a motion graphics designer could find themselves working on almost anything, on any digital platform.

Their may be opportunity outside of these more traditional applications of motion graphics further into the world of interactive technology,” Andres says.

“The tools you have access to now have changed my design process immensely.

You can start laying out a concept and create assets with AR & VR tools way quicker than I ever could using traditional desktop software

Environmental designer: 

Environmental graphic design, is a multidisciplinary field of design in which the disciplines of graphic design, architecture, art, lighting, landscape, and other fields are utilized as a way to enhance the user experience through the visual translation of ideas in the built environment.

These enhancements within a project are expressed through a broad array of applications and techniques, and may take the shape of signage, identity, super graphics, art installations, and the strategic use of colour, just to name a few.

The concepts and implementation of Environmental graphic design within a project makes the discipline exciting and diverse, yet often times somewhat difficult to neatly define.

Spatial concepts are introduced to a project and guest experience typically represented by form, space, light, and shadow.

It can act in a supporting role to the architecture or space where the graphics provide identification and direction as experienced in courthouse or office building.

An environmental graphic designer primary focus of the visitor’s experience as evident in some retail environments or an entertainment complex. 

Regardless it type of space, these graphics continue to play an important role in many modern-day experiences.

Year of experience

In graphic design experience is based on the portfolio how long we been in the industry.

Portfolio represent a window for the world to view your work and judge your talent, skills and experience. Doesn’t matter whether you are a graphic designer, a product designer, an illustrator, a web designer or a multimedia artist.

Design portfolios are the prism through which designers are constantly evaluated by new clients and potential employers.

A great design portfolio can propel you towards success as well as open up new opportunities and get you just the kind of work you want.

However, failing at putting your best foot forward with your design portfolio can lead to rejects and spell doom. Given that it can make or break your career, creating your design portfolio in itself becomes the most important design exercise of your career.

With online design portfolio websites becoming the default medium of presenting your work to the world, its important to make sure that you understand the do’s and don’ts of a successful design portfolio website.

Growth of industry

To succeed in graphic design jobs, you need determination and commitment. The graphic design job market is competitive.

Many inexperienced designers work long hours on assignments that are less than glamorous. Expecting overnight success in graphic design jobs—or in any field—is unrealistic. 

For starting up career takes time, but if you’re serious about it as a graphic designer, perseverance can pay off.

National long-term projections of employment growth may not reflect local and/or short-term economic or job conditions, and do not guarantee actual job growth.

However, it doesn’t mean you’ll have smooth career when applying for apply for graphic design jobs. Competition comes with the territory in many art careers

 There are definitely perks to being your own boss.

For starting, you get to set your own hours and choose your own jobs. If you work well by yourself and can stay motivated to meet project deadlines without a supervisor to keep you accountable, working for yourself may be a good fit for you.

On the other side, working in a graphic design job at a firm has good points as well.

Your company will be responsible for maintaining your work environment, purchasing equipment and software, and building a client base.

You may be more likely to work regular hours for a predictable paycheck.


1. Who own this content?

This whole is collected from internet and various source’s based on that compilation has been done to get a better perspective.

2. Who to contact if there is has been an issue related to content?

You can contact me @aditya.shekhawat22@gmail.com if you find something in appropriate in content or want to share some ideas.

3. I am not sure if this career is right for me. How can I decide?

There are many excellent tools available that will allow you to measure your interests, profile your personality, and match these traits with appropriate careers.

4. What can a graphic designer do that I can’t do?

A graphic designer does more than just put their creative skills to work. Though most graphic designers are intuitively creative already, they have generally spent time studying numerous design principles.

5. Is Graphic Design in demand?

According to Job Outlook
Employment of graphic designers is projected to grow 3 percent from 2018 to 2028, slower than the average for all occupations. Graphic designers are expected to face strong competition for available positions.



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