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8 Ways to Improve Body Language and Read others Secretly

8 Ways to Improve Body Language and Read others Secretly

Well, body language is your non-verbal way of communication, And if you don’t know how to use this body language, you don’t come out as a confident person.

Body language means you are not doing the talking, but it’s your body, your physical behaviour, your hand movements, your facial expressions are speaking for you.

We will discuss about:

  1. Body Language
  2. How to improve the Body Language
  3. How to read body language
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQs

Body Language

there are 4 things which combine makes a good form of body language these are:

  • Gesture
  • Posture
  • Expression
  • Flow

Our body language speaks more than our words. these 4 parts of body language are very important to make a good impact on someone while communicating.it’s important for you to notice them and work on them.

We are going to talk about mistakes that you probably are making unknowingly and how to improve those mistakes.

How to improve the Body Language


I always try to wear a formal smile while having a conversation. This could be a personal conversation or professional conversation people like those who make them feel good, and a simple smile can make them feel good.

Now don’t make goofy smile. This may seem dumb, just introduce yourself with a pleasant smile to make a warm impression. This makes your impression more pleasant.

Sometimes our smile looks quite fake as if it is plastered on our face. If you wanna make sure your smile is looking genuine loosen out your jaw and let them free,

there should not be any stress on your face deep breath get relax and give the best smile you possibly can.

Firm handshake

This is the first thing we do when we meet someone, especially in our professional life, and the right kind of handshake can create the right impact in other’s minds.

Your handshake should be firm. It should neither to loose nor like bone-crushing some people take it wrong when it is said that makes a good grip while having a handshake they put too much pressure like they want to crush the other’s hand. Always remember handshake should be friendly and comfortable for the other person.

The way you shake hands can immediately show you are confident or not, so next time whenever you shake hands with someone, try make it firm and maintain a good eye-contact with a beautiful smile on your face.

This will surely make your first impression very attractive. Slightly bow to make a connection with the person you are talking to with a smile and don’t bend your bow maintain your bow this type of body language shows you are humble this way you can greet people without any awkwardness

Keep your hands and legs relaxed.


Eye contact is very important. It’s very important to have contact with every person you are talking to because that makes you look more confident.

Not maintaining good eye contact and looking around can disturb the conversation, or it indicates that you are not confident or not interested in conversation try to maintain good eye contact.

Here is a trick, slowly look around without spending too much time looking back at the person. Some people make a mistake of overdoing.

They start staring other during to conversation. This may make another person uncomfortable and try to avoid looking around at someone’s hair his watch his shoes.

The best part of eye contact is, it shows that you are listening to other and you are interested in the conversation and this way you earn the trust, and this is very very important in any conversation.

If you get a call during a conversation, then politely say excuse me please and then attend that call, and after attending the call, say sorry, please continue.

Some people pick up the phone directly in between a conversation. This may make them feel insulted.

Hand gestures

You can use it while explaining something to explain better. There are so many hand gestures to explain different things avoid using folding hands or keeping hands in pocket.

This may indicate you are not interested or you are not confident. Keep your arms open. Avoid resting your arms on the table. This is also a blocking pose that shows you are not interested in it.

Don’t sit with your legs open wide or too closed to each other, try to maintain the shoulder distance between them, or try to sit comfortably neither too closed not too wide.

Always try to maintain your back straight according to various research. Maintaining straight back can improve the circulation of blood in the body and helps you feel confident and hence your start looking the same as well to maintain a good body language you must be aware of yourself and your surrounding.

Try to copy gestures

This is a trick to engage people more in a conversation and win that conversation but remember, don’t be too creepy here.

For example, if someone passes smiles always smile back, if someone is nodding and you agree then nod back if someone is bowing little towards you you can also bow little towards them,

But remember there is a gap of a few seconds. This all activities show you are on the same page as they are.

This point doesn’t apply to men its more for women. Lots of women keep playing with their hair while talking. This may look a little weird and may show you are uncomfortable.

Well, you should stop doing this looks many unprofessional men have the habit of grooming their hair while talking. If you want to make a significant conversation, you need to stop doing this and try to be more conscious about your posters.

Frowning or scowling

When you make these awful expressions like frowning and scowling while talking to someone, these expressions show that you are bored or not interested in talking.

This expression not only disturbs your conversation but also make your image as a boring person.

Invading others space

It’s important to maintain your boundary when you are talking to a person or when you are visiting someone’s desk.

You can’t just stick around all the time and just keep seeing what others are doing, so stop invading other’s space and maintain distance.

Don’t make blocking poses.

Try not to keep your chin held too high that might seem a bit rude try to keep it parallel or natural, not too high or too low.

Glancing at the clock

This is the very common mistake we all do while having a conversation unknowingly. Mostly when we are in a hurry for something, or we are waiting for someone.

We just keep looking at the clock, but this is very unprofessional, and people will not like it, so stop making this mistake. If you are in a hurry for something, just say sorry and tell them you are in a hurry for something you need to leave. Not having a conversation is better than having a bad conversation.

Body language speaks more than words

With these tricks, you would be able to make a good impression, but remember to look natural. You need to practice it.

How to read body language

Body language can provide as an amazing amount of information about what others are thinking while talking to us from research it is found that only 7% of our communication is based on the words we use while 38 comes from the tone of voice and the remaining 55% comes from of body language.

Here are some clues by which you can judge what others are thinking

Fake Smile

when someone smiles naturally, it reaches to the eyes. There are crinkles that can be seen near the eyes. If it is not there, then we can understand that the other is faking.

Whenever someone wants to hide there, feeling they smile, so now you can judge if they are faking or not.

Crossed arms and legs

when someone is not open to what you are saying or resisting himself from you mentally, it can be seen by his crossed arms and legs. They don’t do it intentionally.

Copying your body language

when you are talking to someone notice if they are coping your body language or not like if you bend towards them, little do they bend.

If they are coping your body language, it’s a sign that other is completely engaged in the conversation. This could be a good sign while having a negotiation.

Exaggerated nodding

When you are speaking to someone, and if they are nodding excessively, that means that they are worried about what you think of them.


Proximity is the distance between the two people talking to each other. By paying attention to how close or how far someone stands from you, you can judge if they view you favourably. Posture and proximity

The direction of feet

Direction of feet is one of the most important clues if someone is interested in talking to you or not because people are so engaged in controlling their facial expression.

They forget to control their feet, and this can give us a clue about there thought process like if the direction of their feet is In the direction of yours its means they are engaged in conversation with you or vice-versa.

So these tips can give you an idea about the intension of other people but always remember these techniques are not 100% full proof. I hope you learned so much about body language.


To conclude we can say that body language is a non-verbal type of communication and if we learn it to use it properly we can make a create a great impression in others mind.

We discussed all the basic things which completely makes your body language impressive

But, we need to be more conscious while communicating with others because this is the only way by which we can apply all the above things.


Why body language is so important?

93% of our communication depends on our body language. How to say is more important then what to say because it helps us to make a connection with our audience and give then a better clarity of what you want to convey.

Why body language is important in communication?

Body language is the foundation of communication. It conveys your thoughts at the deeper level which your words can’t, which makes your deeper connections with your customer. it helps you to make a bond of trust with your customer.

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