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Job or Business Which one is Better in 2020? Job VS Freelancing


Job or Business what to do?? Hi, there if you are 17 or an 18-year-old then you are in the right place. We will discuss Jobs VS Business, which one is for you, what are the skills required, and everything else.

So, let’s get started.

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  1. Important Factors to Consider
  2. Indian Mindset about business
  3. Sarkari job a fluke
  4. Skills required for business
  5. Job or Business Fields to kick start your career
  6. Conclusion
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Important Factors to Consider

Jobs and business are two different things altogether. Both of them are very difficult to do. Both of them have their pros and cons. We will discuss some factors which will make you decide what you should opt for and why…

Risk :

It’s a major factor for many of you to opt-out of the business thing. I would say there is not much risk when it comes to business.

When you are too much confident about something and have a piece of good solid knowledge about it, then only you will be able to think of starting a business.

If you are a nobody in that department or you don’t have the skill chances of failure are very high.

So, risk in business is very much a myth. You can lower the risk if you are smart enough.

Time :

It’s a factor as well as most of the people will say that they only want to do a job for a specific period of them and not all day.

When you start a business you will have to work for 14-16 hours a day to be able to achieve initial success.

Time can be an asset in the long run. If someone is not willing to work extraordinarily now he/she will work in the latter part of his life and the person you get success initially will not be working then for money. Going to work will be his choice.

Financial Freedom :

You will say that obviously, a business will set you financially free but that’s not the truth. Initially, there will be difficulty in setting up your business, and maybe the first 2-3 years will be difficult. But if your business starts to grow then you can become a financially free person.

Growth :

You all know that growth is a big factor. Growth in a job is very limited but in business, if it becomes successful then your growth will be exponential.

So I will say in short that first find yourself, if you can’t stick to only one thing to life and you want to explore different aspects of it then the business is for you.

If you can take many risks in your life then the business is for you. If you can leave a secure and middle-class life then the business is for you.

There will be troubles at every point of it but if you love what you do then, I would say that don’t do it for someone else.

Indian Mindset about Business:

We are living in a society where job security is very important for our youths. The mindset has become like that and we are not looking to experiment.

When a Child is born in India his /her destiny is pretty much decided. The information that is put in his mind is so much conservative that there is only one option left for him/her which is Job and predominately Sarkari jobs.

The education which we get from our school is of no use when it comes to business.

You can see that for one government job the no of candidates is in a few thousand but for a business that no will be in few hundreds.

The scenario is that people in the start do jobs for their parents and due to much financial crisis .

They do not explore their life and get stuck to this job for promotions and many can’t quit it because of liabilities they have in terms of credit card, home loans, car loans, etc. making them a customer and a taxpayer.

Sarkari Job a Fluke!!

Sarkari job is like some kind of an Everest where normal people can’t even reach there is a small line for you “Try to remove the wrong information that is been given to you by the society”

If you are looking for a Sarkari job as a job then it is not good. A government official should not be corrupt one as he has the responsibility of the whole even if he is on a lower post.

You will say that you are going to join a Sarkari job to change the system but I am very sure my friend that changing the Indian system is not that easy. And you will be tortured if you are a good citizen and wants to do something for society.

By doing business you can change the world by being a philanthropist or even by starting your organization where the system is governed by you and you will be able to change the world and make it a better one.

There are many examples of a great businessman like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and even in India Ratan Tata who only has few percent shares in his own company, and most of the profit TATA Sons has gone to various social and welfare societies of TATA group.

If you want to change the world then, in my opinion, go for money which won’t come through any government job.

Skills required for business:

1. Communication skills:

You need to have good communication skills to do business. If you can’t convey what your idea is and how you will reach the greatest height through it then businesses, not the thing for you.

Good conversation skills will make you understand the need of the customer and what he wants and how you can deliver it which is the basis of any business.

2. Sales:

If you want to be successful in business your sales technique should be good.

Selling your product is the main thing required some people will have a good relationship with others and business will be decent but to grow your business sales is the most important factor


Some of you will say that it comes under sales but it is something else.

Marketing your product takes a hell lot of things. It involves the customer’s selection, the method of pitching, and also the medium to convey the pros and cons of your product.

4. Branding :

For a business to be very successful branding is very important which will not come initially but you have to set it up for the successful future. Knowing products and target audience can help you make a brand which will set you apart from others.

For eg, Porsche is a brand and Toyota is also a brand Porsche takes about 6-7 months to make a car, on the other hand, Toyota takes 15 to 20 days and the price difference is for everyone to see. Similarly, it’s for every other thing alcohol, cloths, etc.

If your product is the same as the competitor then by establishing a brand, you will become more successful.


If you are capable of managing a lot of stuff and very much good in prioritizing things then business will be good for you. Initially, it’s all about managing things and not panicking in an adverse situation.

If the business grows then also it will help you to take tough decisions. You are a good manager only if you can manage yourself first, if you could keep your mind open and not panic at adverse conditions then you will surely become a good businessman.

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(Job or Business) Fields to kick start a career:

Digital marketing : 

It is a growing industry with businesses moving online you can start a digital marketing agency if you want to. It’s a large field with many things.

Freelancing work:

You can start a freelancing job in a various online platform such as Fiverr and Upwork where you can work for many clients from abroad and make a lot of money

If you are very skillful in Graphic designing, Software development, App development then you can earn in lakhs also in the beginning.

Event Management:

It is a very vast field if you have wanted to know about the events and various other management skills then event management is there for you. With the growing internet, you can take this business online which going to be very good.

Investment Banker/ Stock market expert:

If you are good at accounting, finance, and analytics then Investment Banking is the career for you. Investment Bankers were not so popular in India but in other developed countries, they have a high demand.

Now, things are changing as India is also becoming a business hub so Investment bankers have a bright future.

The stock market is a game played by many but not all of them succeed, the key to success in this field is research and patience if you have these qualities then Indian market is very big and you can make a name for yourself.


I will conclude by saying that both business and jobs have their pros and cons and you should choose a path and if you have chosen one stick to it. Ask yourself this question Job or business?

The business will make you rich if done properly and with research and there is a lot to be done and on the other hand any job will require 2-3 skills which can be achieved.

We have only one life live it the fullest.


1.Which business is best in India with low investment ?

There are many low investment businesses. Sandeep Maheshwari uploaded a series of business ideas please have a look you will surely start some business.

2.What are PSU Jobs?

PSU Jobs are Public Sector Undertaking Jobs in companies which are partially or totally undertaken by public sector . e.g. MTNL, BSNL, BHEL, SAIL.

3.How to register Business in India?

You can now register your business online the link is here http://www.mca.gov.in/MinistryV2/incorporation_company.html

4.Can a foreigner start a business in India?

Yes, a foreigner can start a business in India but there are many rules and regulations which he has to follow.



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