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10 Most Creative Business From Home Ideas – 2020.


Working from home has been made very easy nowadays. There are various types of businesses or business ideas that can be work from home.

With the help of the internet and many internet-connected devices.

Business from home has been able to generate many more leads than they can generate traditionally, because of which many home business ideas can work from home with the help of an online store and they need not establish a workplace.

Also many times people are so busy with jobs that they never think of opening up a new workplace, But these businesses can be operated from home, they need not go outside and can be done easily.

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Have you ever heard of the famous Youtuber Bhuvan bam!

He is India’s most famous YouTuber over 15 million subscribers.

Bhuvan earns a lot of money just by shooting videos at home and uploading it on youtube.

Youtube can be a business from home too. Bhuvan does it from home so can you.

Things to learn-:

  1. Business from home ideas.
  2. Advantages of business from home.
  3. Disadvantages of business from home.
  4. Conclusion.
  5. FAQ‘S

1. Business From Home Ideas.

There are many business from home ideas. In short, starting a home-based venture, you can open an online store, sell products and services, there are many products which you can sell online, that do not need inventory.

I have selected 10 but there are many more which you can learn by visiting businesstown.com

Let’s check them out-:




If you love baking anyway, starting a baking firm from home is easy. All you need is the necessary equipments like an oven, cream and basic stuff…moreover having expertise in baking a cake can help you build the business from home.

In the age of the internet it is easy to take orders sitting home and then dispatching the orders from home. Also nowadays you can get raw materials at your doorstep through online shopping as well.




It is a great form of doing business from home if you know what you are doing and how you are doing. Web designing is developing websites and also designing or updating existing websites for the client.

Designing can take place from home. Similarly some developers use third-party applications like WordPress and Wix but some developers code it from scratch and use web designing tools. Making money from web designing is indeed easy due to low costs.

Sometimes with web designing even graphic designing from home pay you more.




Youtube is now emerging into a trend. There are around 31 million youtube channels of different categories. Anyone can start youtube from home. teaching on youtube, vlogs on youtube, comedy on youtube, and a lot more.

But you should have good content to show to your audience, the more views you get the better ads your video gets and hence so the better the ad company the more you can get paid.

The best part is youtube is free, you only need a camera to record your content video and a computer to upload on youtube.

However, YouTubers can earn a lot of the content you provide Is a lot good.



Everyone wants good pictures and good videos to be uploaded on many social media sites like YOUTUBE, INSTAGRAM, SNAPCHAT, and FACEBOOK.

Having the right skill in editing using different platforms will help you increase a client base, because every client wants the best looking after picture.

Editing can be done easily from home as all you need is some good editing software and the right knowledge and skill to edit. You can take client orders using social media platforms or creating your website etc.



Enjoy typing or writing? Can you write good content? There are well-paid jobs for professional blogging where you are paid to write good content….and the best part is you can do it sitting at your home.

Researching more and providing quality content is essential, you can write blogs on anything, real estate, services, products, travel, food and many more

Your blogging content can look better with pictures and good graphics.

It requires good network marketing to reach your blog out to different customers.

Revenue is generated through google ads or also through affiliate marketing that means you get paid when someone buys something through your link.



It is a trending work to do from home.

It is a new method of supply chain management where there is no visible stock as orders are directly transferred to the manufacturer wholesaler or a retailer who then ships it directly to the customer.

You only have to take orders which you can do online from your house.

There is no logistics cost, no storing cost, and other operating costs.

Having the right marketing skills to acquire a customer is a great advantage in dropshipping.



This is a work which deals with small processes like checking emails, listing them, reading voice mails. Just as there are people who do not know to use email. There are also who don’t want to.

Tasks like reading emails, data entry, scheduling and even ordering products are a part of a virtual assistant.

All these tasks can be done easily from home.



If you know more than two or three languages you can start a translating business at home

Tasks involve translating documents, blogs, sentences and much more.

It’s a global market, even a good known translating software cant solve translating errors.



Bookkeeping is the perfect job from home for accountants. It is always not necessary to have a certified professional degree in bookkeeping but having background knowledge in basic accounting and having a certified course is preferred.

Bookkeeping and accounting are ease to small businesses as they do not have the perfect knowledge in bookkeeping and keeping accounts is necessary.

It will be helpful for you to work full time with smaller clients which are usually small businesses.




Yes! teaching is one of the hardest of all the business ideas working from home. With updating technologies, with video calling, email. teaching has been so simplified that you can now teach anything sitting at your house.

Though you might need a whiteboard and a marker to explain your concepts but it’s very much possible, you can upload your lectures on youtube, taking online courses so that you can gain more students and also can earn using google ads.

3. Advantages of a Home-Based Business.

  • You can save time by cutting commute time. Your business is in your own house, you don’t need to go anywhere to operate your own business. this saves a lot of time which can be used in the productivity in your business
  • You can be flexible around the hours you work, you can work whatever time you want, there are no office timings to follow, and also there is no commute time.
  • Working from home can help you save money from taxes. Your business can claim tax relief of domestic tax bills for the area of the house used for business. However, if you work on a kitchen desk and also eat on it IRS won’t let you take a deduction on it.
  • If you have children or old parents working from home will give you great flexibility to be with your family and spend some good quality family time.
  • Low overheads is a very great advantage because they don’t have to spend huge expenses on renting a place out for the business as it cuts down the overheads considerably.

4. Disadvantages of Home-Based Businesses

  • Most municipal corporations don’t allow home-based businesses in many countries. In some cases, the landlord is not supportive of businesses from home if you’re renting out.
  • However It might not work for you sometimes, business ideas from home sometimes are not the right thing for you to do.
  • If your clients need to visit you, it might disturb the landlord or other tenants, then the problem of approvals and parking and various other problems might not be suitable for your business.
  • Business from home might bring errors due to family disturbances or interruption by family members. It may be difficult to keep home life and business life different as your living house and your workplace would be the same.
  • Feeling of isolation as you are distant from other people and you are not meeting people other than your family members.
  • lastly, Ending up working more hours.
Work from officeWork from office
There is no commute so it saves a lot of timeHave to commute, back and forth, wastes a lot of time
Can wear anything, no dress codeThere is an office dress code to follow
Lack of socializingAllowing socializing and networking
Freedom in workNo freedom in work
Flexible working hoursNo flexible working hours. Usually a 9-5 job timing.
comparison between work from home and work from office

5. Conclusion.

 Here in this part of the section, I would like to conclude that there are many business ideas to work from home, there are many businesses to choose from as listed above.

Doing business from home involves many advantages and disadvantages.

in addition watch the video below to learn about the top online business ideas of 2020

I hope you enjoyed the blog. Check out other blogs on business management and top Indian startups too.

6. FAQ’S

What are the different businesses from home that can be easily done by women?

There is no man and woman in doing a business but there are many businesses that you might like, including baking, sewing, interior design, web development and designing, and so on.

Businesses to start from home without a lot of investment?

There are many businesses which do not need great investment In starting, some include web development and designing, dropshipping, copywriting, etc.

Can one start a painting business from home?

Yes! of course. You can upload your paints on websites and sell them on exhibitions for a large sum of money. You can also teach how to paint online etc.



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