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Which is better Business or job ? What should you chose ?


Before we speak about Business or Job. First we need to think about why we need to do business or job.

Why we need money ? All the things we will discuss.

Money is need for our survival, to fulfill our need , etc. we think to buy anything like cloth , accessories and many more. We want to eat we need money and want to drink we need money.

I going to school for learning new things there is also need money for that. In the world or nothing will happen with out money. So we think to do anything for money.

Topics we will discuss

  1. Types of income
  2. Two source to earn money
  3. Business and requirements
  4. Advantages of Business
  5. Disadvantages of Business
  6. Job
  7. Advantages of Job
  8. Disadvantages of Job
  9. Conclusion
  10. Important question

There are two types of income

  • Active income
  • Passive income

Active income :- active income are those income people work for money when they not work, they have no other source of income. Money will give according to their work they will do.

Passive income :- passive income are those income money is work for people , people not work for money. In this case many people work for them under his / her organization.

Active income also divided into further categories :

  • Self – employee
  • Employee

Self – employee :- in this categories small shopkeepers , merchants , small businessman , doctor they have own small clinic , street shopkeepers , taxi – driver , people have tea stall , farmers in the village , sweet shop , barber , people who sell there vegetable in the market and road or steel , etc.

Employee :- in this categories are the employee of big / successful companies like working in finance companies , google , facebook , oyo , e – commerce company like amozon , flipkart , alibaba , shopclues (as delivery boy , packing person , distributor) etc. , working in hospital like doctor and other people (private or government) , people working in bank etc. we also they that they work for other companies or organization.

Passive income are divided into two categories :

Business man :- in this categories people have own business and have large number of team in their company. They open their company branches all over the world , states , countries , district. Example , TATA group of companies , reliance (JIO) , airtel , voda , idea , google , facebook , amozon etc.

Investor :- in this categories those people who have more and great knowledge about share market. They invest their money in the company.

There are two source way to earn money :-

  • Easy way
  • Right way

Easy way :- When are you here these word Easy way. what  kind of thought comes in mind. When I here this word my brain say its sleep work , no this is not sleeping or eating work. Great or successful men its called Job. You think Job is not a easy work we work 8 to 9 hours in the office company does not give any kind of holyday. How can you say its easy work.

I have the answer but before telling question to yourself why you study?

In our society no one to do business they all say to do job.

Right way :-  in this way we will discuss about business . how it is easy and many more question are coming in your mind.

I will answered all question which are coming in your brain in our topic

I hope you will read carefully.


     Business is not a easy task but not hard task as much we think. Our society give the mentality business is not for us business need huge investment but we have not. They think investment means 1cr or more to invest but its not true word for business.

Business is not only source of income for us and also providing wages and employment to the people to fulfill their basic need like food , cloth , shelter , and respect in our society.

When we think to do business , first we learn about their things which are important for doing business

Investment :-

Investment means buys some goods for your business to start / run. But some time we have no money to start business. In this we borrowed money form banks as business loans.

Its is not a investment is is saving or future of you and your family after some year ago. I think we start from small investment at starting and use that money come from profit in your business as investment or to grow your business this idea helps you to boost your work and profit at starting time.

Risk :-

In the business risk is the major problem. Hazard may de as the probability of loss that will be happen. Risk is not in business only , it will be in every sector. Risk comes when you are leaking in something in the business that is knowledge about your business , management , team handling , manufacturing ,etc.

Capital :-

It is not a difficult term. Capital means all the things which we are use in the business like land building / office etc. this is called capital.

Knowledge :-

Everyone say these words your teacher , business coach , trainer. What do you mean by knowledge?

In our school teacher say without knowledge you can not write anythings in the exam. In same way without knowledge we not able to start our business , when I don’t know what am I doing , and how can we do ?

Someone say that “ little knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge.” So I suggest that you have proper and complete knowledge about  your business and product.

Communication skill :-

You have the good communication skill. 

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Planning :-

Planning is most important in everywhere , without planning we cann’t do any thing. Without planning means without weapon in the war field. So you can plan for your step taken for your business.

Time :-

You give most of the time in your business for your business growth faster.

Management :-

Management means that to handle / control the all works and operation that is good for you business , employee , and also for your customer.

Technology :-

In the developing world we need to adopt this. We need to adopt all things as much as possible as at right time. 

 Advantage of Business

  • In the business we have time freedom.
  • Do need to answer to any one.
  • There is no fix time to go for office
  • You have the time to spend with your family
  • Don’t need to think about the salary
  • Secure future for your children
  • Good life as compare to job
  • You have the time to learn new things
  • Creating freedom and personal satisfaction.

Disadvantage of Business

  • Financial risk
  • Stress
  • Time commitment
  • Undesirable duities
  • Responsibility to prove good service to the customer

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   That we already discuss about job. My tuition teacher define the full form of Job  “Juice Of Body”. I define the meaning of job  are the those people work for the whole life for their company or others people. They have no time to give your life or enjoy happy moment.

There is no need of any kind of investment. You got fixed salary for you work and you also take leave due to some reason. You learn new things and technique about to work.

Advantage of job

  • No need of investment or money.
  • No need to pay any one
  • You can take leave
  • No stress
  • You can take rest
  • You have fixed salary no need to worry about any kind of loss or anything.
  • Receive recognition for your wrok.
  • Learn new skill
  • Employee motivation
  • Reduce boredom

Disadvantage of job

  • Lack of training
  • Attend all meeting
  • Increase work load
  • You give the answer the question asked by the team leader or owner
  • Fixed salary is give to you when you work more.

Conclusion :-

According to your thinking which is better business or job ?

We can not change our society and their thinking about job and business. For example , a coin have two faces one is head and other is tail , just like that business and job have two faces one is positive and other is negative or good and bad.

Positive and negative depend upon people thanking different people have different thinking. We study eco- system in the school or in our book we are in a chain. When the chain is broken from any where the whole eco – system is mis- balanced.

So the both business and job are good according to your need or thinking or capacity or your interest. You just imagine when all do business on one had to work in your company because they have their business , and no one think about to start the business there is no job in the market.

So we finally reached the conclusion we need to maintain the eco – system or balance the eco- system.


Q1. What is the cheapest most profitable business to start ?

Ans. 1.Tax preparation and book keeping
3.Website Designing
4.Courier Service
5.Cleaning Service

Q2. What is the easiest business to start ?

Ans. The easiest business to start is a service business.

Q3. which industries are most attractive to entrepreneurs ?

Ans. Any industry that require a low amount of resource is attractive to entrepreneurs.

Q4. Which business is best for housewife ?

Ans. 1. Day care service
2. Start a food blog
3. Freelancing
4. Event Planning
5. Virtual Assistance

Q5. How do you search for a job ?

Ans. To search for a job , go to the website of a company you want to work for .

Q6. What job require no skills ?

Ans. 1. Dog walker
2. Security Guard
3. Restaurant Servant
4. House keeper
5. Dock loader



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