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Why Plastic Pollution Is Horrible Nightmare In 2020?


Plastic pollution is consuming plastic products and plastic small particle-like plastic bottles, bags,  microbeads, and spreading over in our environment. After using it as a result our wildlife, wildlife habitat, and humans.

The Red Alert Thing !!

According to WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), we are eating or breathing 250 grams of plastic every year. Most importantly 90% of Cumming from water bottles and tap water 

What’s In It For Me?

  1. Why Plastic is responsible for pollution?
  2. What are the responsible factors?
  3. Sources Of Plastic Pollution
  4. How We Are Tackling?
  5. Conclusion.
  6. FAQs

Why Plastic Is Responsible For Pollution?

Plastic is one of the cheapest materials available for example you can make 20 Soap Boxes in 1 Kg of Plastic granules which only 65 Rs/ Kg.

That is to say, it is a great source of income for developing countries, around 30% of products in our home are plastic and In the Industry sector 40% material used as a packaging material and we used as only ones and list goes on.

India started producing plastic in 1957 so you can imagine how much plastic we consume till now, The biggest problem we are facing right now is single-use plastic.

The chemical structure of plastic is resistant to any natural process of degradation, as a result, it takes decades to degrade these factors are responsible for Plastic Pollution.

Meanwhile From 1950 to 2018 6.8 billion tons of plastic created in world wide only 9% has been recycled. Above all for plastic, it takes 500 years to degrade.

What Are Responsible Factors?

Microplastic is the one of responsible factors for pollution, Let’s understand what is microplastic.

A plastic that is less than 5 mm in size called as microplastic, microplastic is come out of macro debris.

The plastic which is more than 20 mm called macro debris, Macrodebris is responsible for microplastic,

Hear micro debris creates more damage to our environment because the size range of this debris is 2 mm to 5mm.

The above data from Our World In Data shows us that if we stop use Macro plastic means single-use plastic we can able to reduce the plastic emission till 2050 if we didn’t stop, As a result it will rich up to 3.5 million tons of plastic goes in the oceans till 2050.

Sources Of Plastic Pollution

Plastic west is a part of the solid west. In India, there is 0.25 to 2.5 kg /capita/day we create solid west in that 10% is plastic.

0.25 is in a rural area and Urban, High rich urban create 2.5 kg but these numbers are collected in 2012 now it increases up to 20%.   

Building & Construction6%
Electrical Plastic Components5%
House wear, Leisure, Sports3%
Other (Furniture)13%

As we can see Packaging is the main source of plastic pollution but right now it is irreplaceable and it is responsible for quick pollution.

When we order products from online our expectation is the product should be undamaged so we get our product well packaged and

This packaging can be used only one time we can’t reuse this packaging for another product. As a result the packaging industry creates most of the pollution.

After some time it converts into microplastic, So their chance if you are eating Fish its gone come to your plate.12.2 million tons of plastic is in the marine environment and at a seafloor 70kg/Km².

How to Tackle Plastic pollution?

Till now we consume 6.8 billion tons of plastic, The biggest problem is segregation of the plastic there is seven types of plastic

The above image shows the types of plastic, Higher the number it is hard to recycle it but there is so much research is going on the degradation process of this plastic.

During the environmental audit some companies found doing most of the plastic pollution,

These companies do investment in marketing product but they don’t do investment to make sure that plastic west is not going in the environment they should take responsibility for their product.

Now some people are thinking very different ways towards this pollution, You will find lots of articles on Google on the heading of  “Plastic Global Problem Is Also Global Economy”, Plastic Is Its Row Material” And that’s true.

Till now we consume plastic, now we should consume used plastic. There are so many ways to do this,

Firstly we need to find ways to collect the plastic after segregation we can use it for different applications.

Most of the plastic is in the bed of sea which is 52 kg/m² and it is microplastic it is affecting sea animals like fish, wheal, sharks, turtles, seagulls also eating that plastic so we need to find the way to gather it.        

How We Are Tackling The Problem?

Reduce Reuse Recycle Is one of the most effective methods to use for tackling this problem, and also we need to give importance to Plastic Weast Management and Plastic Ban

Now we are going to see what ways the world is using to reduce the pollution effect. Now let’s see some projects which are fighting this pollution problem.

The Ocean Cleanup Project.

This project is developed by Boyan Slat, He funded this Non-profit organization in 2013, their mission is developing advanced technology to collect plastic from the ocean. Most importantly they raise 2.2millian dollars for this project

On 29 October 2019, they introduce The Interceptor, It is a free-floating system which collects the plastic from rivers,

During research what they found there are two important solutions to focus on one is cleaning and anther is closing the tap.

They have researched river plastic they found that around 80% of plastic pollution is Cuming from 1000 rivers.

It is only one percent of world plastic pollution, So they started collecting plastic from rivers with the help of The Interceptor.    

The interceptor is work on solar power, It does not create any noise while working, and most importantly it is autonomous, So it can collect 50,000 Kg of plastic/day.

Most importantly It has 20 years of life span. Right now Interceptors are working in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Domenic Republic.

The Leaving Recycling Machine

This machine is spread over  2.165 Km², Hear over 10000 collectors collect the plastic,

Used plastic is a source of income for people it recycles Mumbai’s 60% of plastic every day and It Is Dharavi.

In Dharavi, thousands of enterprises work for recycling plastic. Collection and segregation process done by people by hand. It’s one of the great examples of plastic recycling.


The thing is we are not very responsible for our mother nature, Because we are too busy playing a game of profit, But What I believe if there is a problem there is a solution.

We can’t lose hope on that and we can’t afford that. But In India, entrepreneurs are making startups around this plastic recycling, We need more of these in this world.

We can also watch so many communities are coming forward to do cleanup the beaches rivers and trekking pleases,

And yes we need to take responsibility for that and also big companies should play their part they are the key players in this game, In the end

We Can Hope for The Best and Prepare For The Worst.     


1.What are the effects of plastic pollution?

It affects on Environment, kills Ocean Life, Humans, Rivers, affect on land.

2.How can we stop plastic pollution?

Take responsibility for your plastic make sure it will go for recycling.

3.What is degradation time for plastic?

Plastic takes 500 years to degrade

4.What is Ocean Cleanup Project?

This project is developed by Boyan Slat, He funded this Non-profit organization in 2013, their mission is developing advanced technology to collect plastic from the ocean. Most importantly they raise 2.2millian dollars for this project



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