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All Information About WordPress CMS


Hello and welcome, in this post we are going to understand All Information About WordPress CMS. Along with this you have What Is WordPress CMS ?, Why Choose WordPress CMS For Your Website? And How To Install WordPress CMS? We will see the answer to this.
We are going to understand some more things like that.


  1. What Is WordPress CMS ?
  2. Why Choose WordPress CMS For Your Website?
  3. How to Install WordPress CMS?
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQs

1. What Is WordPress CMS?

What WordPress is just put WordPress is a software – you build your lot To use your own website or blog and publish it on the Internet is also called a Content Management System or CMS.

For which you are Technically Conscious Live that Longoit was created back in 2003 and has honestly become one of the most supernatural Website publishing programs, including the real powers of the world.

The Internet which is a lot of freaking websites and guesses the best part is why it is free because WordPress is open-source software.

This means there are thousands of software engineers out there who are working on it every day so that it is from those silent parents To find out better and better.

so This beauty of WordPress is that spoken by Bateman you are able to choose from the eleventh di content theme that just templates layouts.

That determine the look and style of your website.

You can font all text, including font and font size, allowing you to create buttons, Upload your images and videos,

And more, with over 55,000 plugins and widgets to choose from. Help you adopt the Functionality of your website.

So this is for people who want to maybe start a store or open gallery or whatever, they have an endless opportunity to build their Website with WordPress on their website Provide.

So that you can Build your website from anywhere. An internet connection is how WordPress works well. When the Internet was


Still, Somewhat of a new thing, the only way to Create a Website was to use code in HTML or PHP format and your web browser would call this code colors and text Website well WordPress works in exactly the same way as no coding.

Basically it makes any kind of changes that you make on us. We will Website and up the code for you.

Update and then update your website, to never touch coding thanks because that stuff is like Japanese too.

I am American now. If you create your first website you may have noticed that ormay may not have seen it.

That is WordPress.com and WordPress. org, So you might be thinking well which one you want, which is choose well wordpress.com.

Where you can go to make a free website with your Webhosting, but actually catch many catches, your first time.

Reveal can be deleted whenever you feel you have violated terms.

Service for any Renothisis is because number two you cannot use to make money with your website number three.

SO You cannot upload any We plugin that helps you customize the suitability of your website number Char.

Also You cannot upload only customizable options in which you only have their options available Note your Domain name.

Don’t, so it will say something like your domain name dot WordPress.com and you presumably assume that you can replace your f first Website.

Hosted WordPress Organes

With your own unique domain name Want to make and there is no limit if you want to.

Use Hosted WordPress Organes Wherever You Are. You can download their freeware. Explain to me that you have reached thousands of plugins.

You have a unique domain that you own if you have it. If you have the ability to monetize your website with dates, then you are trying to make those dolls.

Doll bills for which you have to choose an online store Has the option of and your unfinished Customization on these websites

How you create a self-hosted weight with WordPress. If you go to a pro website com, I have read your website for the whole process of completing your first website with WordPress.

Through has created a free step-by-step guide and you can do it in less than 30 minutes so that you can check your hosting.

Customizing the domain name and your website, so check it out. I will paste a link in the description for you and before you go to every news bar and I like that I help on this insult.

2. Why Choose WordPress For Your Website?

learning WordPress with Bluehostlet (examples) take a minute to talk about Learning WordPress with Bluehostlet to talk about WordPress and why it is such a popular management system to create awe for the beginner.

It’s great for use that is right there. It’s really popular. Do you know? Is that more than 32 percent of the internet has built their site with WordPress.

That it is created by people. It is not a source project, meaning that it can be changed by anyone at any time.

So Not a company. It is created by you and IIT and maintained by a group of volunteers who devote their time and their time to volunteers.

So Skill Tomke WordPress provides these weekly contributors with weekly or even daily workplace projects. Changes to functionality.

Such as answering questions people like, from the WordPress forum entirely Are asking Nukuln, so while you may make your site and mention that it’s free.

You can use a free paid theme design. Like your website and added plug-in functionality, if you want to create a customer list for your customer.

There is a plug-in that if you do not wait to get your idea or idea then Bluehost we think WordPress Bluehost Check-Out is the way to go for more worldly tips for the blog

3. How To Install WordPress?

Now locally on your Computer, why do you want to install WordPress locally? Generally, if you want to create a WordPress site,

You have to buy the domain and hosting, and then launch your live website, but if you don’t want to launch a website yet, and just try WordPress and Do the test.

Want to, you can fix it by watching this video! So, when you install WordPress locally, All the files on your website will be temporary on your computer.

This means that you will only be able to access your web site, making it easy for you to Learn to make your website. Is a great way.

Once you have created your WordPress site locally, you can transfer it to a live website.

I will show you how you can make the latter part of this video stay the same and keep watching, let’s install WordPress. It is going to be free and we are going to do it in just 2 simple steps.

First of all, we are going to download a software called dominal Word Networking’ now, this software which is going to allow us to run WordPress.

SO To download it on our computers, let’s go to our friend and then search for ‘bitnami WordPress and now press existing click on the number first and

Then on download bit money, click here and click this link and click OK! That’s why batman ware is downloaded.

Install WordPress

Let’s go to step 2, which is to install this software, then let us open the file that we have dowered, loaded, until you reach this page, then click OK Click.

So this is the page where we need to enter back logins of our local WordPress sites, enter your name email address and then for username and password.

WordPress make sure you remember these logs because you log in to your login We do. We will need to do.

Local Word Server Site Once you’re done, click on Install Next Generation Now let’s click Click Finish.

And this will take you to this page. Therefore, WordPress is now installed on our computer to access your site

So All you have to do is click. Also WordPress Let’s click and as you can see, our WordPress site is now running on our PC! Okay!

You can access your site anytime on WordPress” on your users. If you want to log in to WordPress, you just add

Login and it will take you to the login page of WordPress which you can login now, by entering the details given by you during the installation,

once you login, you can start building your website .

So this is how you can install WordPress locally on your PC and St. Once you have created your website, you can take it to a live web site.

By watching this video here, we show you how you can visit a web host from localhost! Friends, if you liked this video.

4. Conclusion

In this post we have understood All Information About WordPress. What Is WordPress CMS ?, Why Choose WordPress CMS For Your Website? And HHow to Install WordPress CMS? And look at the answer to this. I hope you understand everything. Bookmark the website for more information.


A) Who Is WordPress Owner?

WordPress’s owner is Automattic.

B) What CMS means?

Stands for “Content Management System.” A CMS is a software tool that allows you to create, edit, and publish content.
While early CMS software was used to manage documents and local computer files, most CMS systems are now designed exclusively to manage content on the Web.

C) What wordpress theme ?

WordPress users may install and switch among different themes. Themes allow users to change the look and functionality of a WordPress website without altering the core code or site content.
Every WordPress website requires at least one theme to be present and every theme should be designed using WordPress standards with structured PHP, valid HTML (HyperText Markup Language),
and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

D) What wordpress plugin ?

WordPress’s plugin architecture allows users to extend the features and functionality of a website or blog.
As of January 2020, WordPress.org has 55,487 plugins available each of which offers custom functions and features enabling users to tailor their sites to their specific needs.
However, this does not include the premium plugins that are available (approximately 1,500+), which may not be listed in the WordPress.org repository. 



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