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Different genre of fashion and lifestyle. Categories in fashion and lifestyle

Different genre of fashion and lifestyle

Introduction to Different genre of fashion and lifestyle and How fashion & lifestyle evolved with time, we all has is example of that.

Fashion and lifestyle help us to grow in all aspects of life. Fashion and lifestyle can be healing too if used well in self-growth and improvement.

Although everything in the fashion and design industry began in 1826 after that all went up in fashion industry including new trends, new genres of fashion.

Read this article to know what is fashion and lifestyle and how to have a good lifestyle

Different genre of fashion and lifestyle

In this article we will learn how fashion and lifestyle can be a healing for a individual’s personality along with that what are the genre of fashion and their implementation in our life.

Fashion was being trended by Charles Frederick, the man who is known as the first design and started the trend as a designer and started making clothes.

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Story Time –

Once people in old times or early times used to earn simple clothes or people were made to wear according to their social status or their work.  

Let’s take an example, a rich person will wear good cloths along with jewelry or can say normal people will wear normal cloth and a priest will wear clothes related to their daily routines.

Exercise as a divine healing –Different genre of fashion & lifestyle

Cloths are being associated with our work type and daily routine also, our day to day lifestyle express what kind of cloths do we wear and what kind if taste we have.

Fashion was originated in 1826 as well as the designing or the concept of designing was introduced in that era. People started to design and make dresses.

What will i get inside this content –

  1. Different genre of lifestyle and fashion.
  2. Fashion as Divine Healing.
  3. Conclusion
  4. FAQ

So let’s continue to have a look at different genres of fashion and different ways fashion can be divine healing to the humans if they wear a current fashion and adopt a great lifestyle.

1- Different genre of lifestyle and fashion –

According to the timeline of fashion and lifestyle, these are some of the different genres, and styles in the fashion industry which being in trending or have a special position in the fashion industry on which different fashion and lifestyle designer have tried their luck.

Let’s have a look on different genre and types of fashion styles, check below –

  • Vintage Fashion Style.
  • Bohemian Fashion Style.
  • Chic Fashion Style.
  • Artsy Fashion Style.
  • Sexy Fashion Style.
  • Casual Fashion Style.
  • Sophisticated Fashion Style.
  • Tomboy Fashion Style.
  • Street culture
  • Wedding culture
  • Indian wedding culture fashion design.
  • Muslim wedding culture fashion design.
  • All other religion wedding fashion design culture.
  • Haut Couture.

Now let’s have a look at how fashion and Lifestyle design have been written or can say how the design Is drawing or sketching.

Different genre of fashion and lifestyle

Below I am providing some techniques of design

  • Expository or Argumentative Style of writing.
  • Descriptive Style of writing.
  • Persuasive Style of writing.
  • Narrative Style of writing.
  • Drapping a Demo Garment or a fabric.

Now let’s have a look on those Fashion Genre which being in trend in 2020 or can say the fashion and lifestyle trend of 2020,

below are stated some of the trending fashion and lifestyle statement

  • Grunge trend includes distressed pants, dark colored clothes, brim hat.
  • Vintage fashion trend which have button ups /bowties, cardigans, oxford.
  • Bohemian style trend followed by pants and crop tops.
  • Urban trend including high-tops, joggers and nikes.

By completing the detailed information of various different kind of Fashion genre, I will like to say all these fashion genres have been changed into long time and have been constantly evolving according to time. All this didn’t happen over time.

2- Fashion and Lifestyle as a divine healing –

We are all born here on this earth to heal each other in any mean possible.

Every time we tend to speak, all the things we try to do, the thing we try to perceive, all the words we say or we spoke, and each and every person we meet in our life teach us something about our daily lifestyle routine.

Meditation as a divine healing –Different genre of fashion & lifestyle

Let Fashion and lifestyle be such that healing happens to all who have an urge to improve them in daily life.

Whenever we try to heal others, we are also trying healing ourselves by providing a good guidance over having a great routine into their life that can change their life.

By surrounding ourselves with great sense of fashion and lifestyle, by remaining in a great state of choice and self knowledge, by being forgiving to the stupidity, nonsensical and hazardous lifestyle choices of others,

By having great hearted and concerning of others people & individuals,

We all are getting qualified to receive the knowledge of fashion and lifestyle in order to make correct decision in life and get respect in society.

spirituality as a divine healing –Different genre of fashion & lifestyle

Suddenly you will b able to find that in this whole world full of great designers and all sorts of genre, designs, you are blessed with good fashion and lifestyle sense and in that sense you actually better as compared all other people.

You are very lucky and enough of not having to go through any wrong choices, decision and commitments.

Reason is nothing but however good choices and acts of selflessness.

How To Find Your style

You have healed so many people through your fashion and lifestyle choices, your kind decision and attention to the detail.

Example – See there are various different example of different fashion trends which are being in fashion today and which outdated.

Lets have an example of BELL BOTTOM TROUSERS are totally outdated in the era of 2020 but were popular in the early 90 among the Bollywood cinema which made them popular.

Another example is Baggy Jeans or Trousers which are totally outdated in the era of 2020.

Table – the table below shows the outdated and trending fashion and lifestyle stuff that are popular in 2020.

Latest Trends in Fashion & Lifestyle in 2020Outdated Trends in Fashion & Lifestyle in 2020
Horsebit print silk-twill shirt.Disco Collar
Gypsy crochet midi dressBell Bottom
Hot PantsBaggy Jeans or Trousers
Bright green dressGrandmother’s Crochet
Faux-leather Bermuda shortsHeeled Thongs
Bow-embellished wool topChunky & Big Sneekers
Tiered ruffled-taffeta maxi skirtLetter Necklace
Good Witch Floral Long Sleeve Midi DressQuilt Jacket.
table representing different latest and outdated trends in fashion and lifestyle industry in 2020

3- Conclusion

At the end of this article, I will like to provide important information regarding the fashion and lifestyle genre along with the powers of fashion and lifestyle as a divine healing methodology.

4- FAQ – Frequently asked questions about different types of fashion and lifestyle categories.

FAQ – Frequently asked question about different types of fashion and lifestyle categories.

  1. History of fashion timeline, how fashion started –

    Fashion started in 1826 by Charles Frederick, all the credit goes to him regarding the providing a growth in fashion industry and providing knowledge e to people about the latest trends In the industry.

  2. What is the trend in fashion of 2020 –

    Fashion trends in 2020 are tight trousers, blazers, well fitted pants and trousers, lofer shoes, brogue shoes etc. these are some the trending fashion and style statement in 2020.

  3. How to select personal fashion style –

    At first you have to look what kind of personality traits do you have then you have to choose what kind of fashion and lifestyle trend suits you the best. Be comfortable in your own skin and learn to appreciate yourself in what you wear.
    There are different types of garments and fashion statement made for different body types. Choose fashion statements on your body type, and then enhance it according to current trend. Study people similar to your body type and features.

  4. What are fashion style types and categories –

    There are various kind of style type and categories, up in the article I have provided detailed on both trending and outdated trend in fashion ad lifestyle in 2020, just check it and see what it being trend and what do you like the most.



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