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Surviving Difficult Times-Ways To Cope-Up


How can we survive in difficult times? This is a common question asked by a person suffering from mental stress or who can’t cope with negativity.

It is said that we can rewire our brain to be happy by recalling the things we are grateful for 21 days.  We should always remember what we are grateful for in dark times, being happy should not be a choice , it’s a necessity. We win when we are able to stay positive in a negative situation. Yes, today is hard, tomorrow will be harder but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.

Spending Some Time with Family

It is an old saying that parents are the first teachers. They are the role models of their child, they are the first company of their child. The family has a lot of influence on their child’s behave. When everybody turns their back, it is a family that always stays by your side.

Difficult times teach us the importance of family, the help us to get through difficult times supporting us even when we give up. It is our family which inspires us to become better and better by each day.

The reason our parents are so mentally strong and emotionally stable is they grew up staying close to their family, lived life following their morals their family taught them, believed in love, relationships and better days. They were religious. This is what this generation is lacking.

Their guidance teaches us to live socially and teaches us to survive in this world. Their experience teaches us how to deal with people. True morals and values are discovered in family which helps us to stay positive and makes us believe on the better days ahead of us.

To know more https://www.aha-now.com/why-family-time-is-important/

Seeking spirituality

When a person is going through bad time, he needs a spiritual energy and that is willpower, power of religion. Power of bowing in the charan of paduka of bhagwan i.e god. Nobody has seen god, the creator. When everything seems to be going wrong and life seems to be going nowhere, we believe in god which helps us believe that no matter what happens things are going be right.

Path to god is a very beautiful and confusing at the same time , a proper guidance is needed to walk that path to not get lost in the lies that society has made us believe. This is where gurus i.e mentor comes .they show us the right path for life. Life is not all about earning money and have a family , it is also about how much we given to this world, how much we have contributed to this society for its betterment , how we as a whole has made this world a better place to live.

Being spiritual does not mean that you are free from negative thoughts , it means how we calm down our mind whenever a negative thought comes and let it pass without overthinking or  harming our mental health.

With the help and guidance of a right Guru we can have our own spiritual experice. Religion is for those who fear hell and spirituality is for those who has already been there. There are many religions followed by people all around the world.

One of the many sayings by kabir ,

“Guru Gobind dou khade,Kaake lagu paaye,

Balihari guru aapne,Gobind diyo bataye”

This is a very famous doha ,meaning that if god and guru is standing in front of you and you have to chose one , god says choose guru because he is the one who taught you about me and will guide you to be a better person.

Take Help of your teachers whenever your thoughts aren’t on track or you are unable to cope up with this world.

Toxic company

The word “Toxic” means poisonous, poisonous for your mental , emotional and physical health. Cut off from Toxic company to protect your mental health, toxic people are the one who will do you wrong and will play the victim card.

Negative thoughts can be really disturbing , they sucks the life out of you and makes you want to throw your mind, everybody has to deal with these problems on a daily basis, so it is vey important who are you dealing with on a daily basis.

We are greatly influenced by the people we spend our time with.

“It is said if you are around full of confident people, you will become a confident person,

If it is full of intelligent people , you will become one,

If it is full of millionaires, you will become one

And if it is full of negative people, you will become an always complaining negative person “

therefore It is your choice who you want to be, a person with a rich abundance mindset or a person with a mindset full of limitations and negativity.

 We will become what we will surround, so surround yourself with positive people, people with rich mindset and those who will help you grow.

Introspect Yourself

Every person has a combination of positive and negative thoughts, it is your choice which you want to choose. World will continue to throw negativity at you, it is you who have to convert it to positivity.

Moreover, Whenever you are feeling low, you have to calm down and introspect yourself to analyze what is causing it. The most important work that you will do in your life is your body, you have to make sure that you do it with full enthusiasm and joy. Nobody is permanent, people come and go so you have to train your mind to deal with loneliness and negativity in a fruitful way.

Also, The soul knows how to Repair itself, it is the mind that needs to be calm down. We have to trust our intuitions and just keep going forward in life. Analyzing yourself should be a part of your daily routine, it helps you discover who you are, find your strengths, weaknesses, your hobby, and who you want to be in the future.

Ways you can introspect yourself –

  1. Creating quiet space around you 
  2. Asking yourself questions
  3. Taking notes about your daily activities
  4. Reflect and repeat  
Why Introspection matters

In Conclusion

Difficult times do not last. Good comes to those who do good and our actions are the ultimate result of our thoughts, so it is very important to keep your thoughts in tune, And no matter how difficult the time may seem, always remember there are better days ahead.

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Q. How to Detox Your Brain?

Ans-Take a break from technology and spend some time in real world. Be selfish and take care of yourself, eat healthy food, meditate, listen to your favorite music and spend some personal time

Q. How to Keep your mind Creative?

Read Novels, do regular exercise ,study history , read religious books , read autobiography of successful people.

Q3. How to Create Good Thoughts?

By keeping your Body Healthy

Q4- what are the Benefits of positivity?

feel good , you do good and you feel divinity in your body.



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