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Android Development Vs Web Development-4 Powerful Factors


Now I will be comparing Android development with Web Development, which one suits one and the advantages, disadvantages of it.

I choose this topic as all are comparing these two fields with one another and want to know which one is the best. After this documentation one should be clear which one to proceed, and which one is better.

What’s in it for me?

  1. Android Development
  2. Web Development
  3. Difficulty
  4. Scope
  5. Salaries
  6. Latest Trends
  7. Pros and Cons
  8. Conclusion
  9. FAQs

Android Development

As we have previously discussed the development of apps which works on our mobile phones. I would not like to discuss the same things again.

Refer this-: Android

Web Development

It is the development of websites that work on a Web browser and one runs his/her business through it. It is also one of the good ways available in the market to market one’s business.

The developer develops codes, designs the pages, manages the back-end of the sites and much more work is done by the developer.

The Web Developer uses many different languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. And many frameworks are also used for it. Further, I will discuss and compare it with Android.

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Android Development is somewhat difficult as compared to the Web. Somewhat it depends on the type of application you want to make. And it is difficult because in mobile development there are various software’s which you have to cover, but for Web, you can cover all platforms under one shield.

And for mobile, we have to learn different technologies for different platforms whereas Web comes under one. But Android Development is platform-specific, As the platform is previously decided for android.


It is easy to make websites as compared to applications. For making websites you require almost the same kind of skills for the different operating system but for making Web apps you have to gain some specific skills.

Websites making can be easy or difficult as it depends on which kind of website you have to make. For making a basic website with a good feature there is a various platform available like WordPress, Joomla, and much more.

With it, one can make glorious sites. With this, it makes one easy for developing it, but somewhat it can act as a disadvantage for one as this platform are that much easy, a person who doesn’t know about any coding can make his/her Websites with ease, and he will not be requiring any Web Developer. But it acts for basics Website only.

If someone wants to make an E-commerce type Website then it is very difficult to make with it, then there is a need for Web developer. It gets difficult when you go to the next level slowly.

And some amount of investment will be required after you come to some level as you will be required Domain and hosting for working of your websites.



If you will talk about the scope there is a very vast Scope of Android in today’s market as Use of mobile phones is increasing day by day. And for business it is easy for accessing customers through app.

The trends for social networking apps are increasing very rapidly as consumers like to socialize themselves with the apps. So it can be said that scope is very much high in this field.


The dominance of web developers is very high as it is also a good tool for attracting customers for businesses. And a web developer is also responsible for managing the website’s condition and its back-end work.

It is also helpful that it is available on all platforms in one go whether it is a mobile, web, or any other device.

But if we see a trend on mobile maximum users who don’t want to use websites, they like to use apps that are very easy for them to use. But this field also has a good scope for the future as every business wants his website.



The salaries for the Android developer are very much high depending on one’s expertise and proficiency he/she is having. And In the last 5 years, a boom has come in the mobile market.

The average salary for an android developer as based in the US is 1,07,000$ annually.In India it is also high around 50000-75000 at the beginning which goes up with the experience. One should not think about it as if you will be proficient with your skills then you always be getting a good package.


As in the previous 2-3 years, it is the most searched job on the internet because of its high demand in the market.

The average annual salary is around 80000$, which increases very rapidly if you are an expert at it. The back-end developer earns more than the front-end as the difficulty is very high as compared to it.  So as a conclusion it has a good amount of scope for the future.


The latest trends are at a boom for an Android app developer as mobile applications are at evolution at the moment. If we take the data of 2019 the all over users of mobile are 2.5 billion in which 2.1 billion are Android users and remaining are IOS ones.

You can see how much android is booming up. And it is expected that this number will be doubled in about 3-5 years. And one thing more nowadays there is around 40% gain wearable apps for example-step counter during walking.

Android apps are also playing a big role in new technologies of the world like- IoT( Internet of Things), VR(Virtual Reality), AI (Artificial Intelligence).


When it comes to web this field is also evolving rapidly with innovations and new ideas. And with AI and ML(Machine Learning) trends it is also getting evolved. Day by day web traffic is also increasing and people are learning from websites so it will be in good demand for about 5-10 years.

Pros and Cons

Android DevelopmentWeb Development
1. The android apps are high in demand so various opportunities are available in the market.  1. It is more time consuming and expensive1. It is open-source so it provides more freedom for developers to work in a team with collaborating with others.1. Technologies in the fields are changing very rapidly so one has to learn new skills which are the demand of the hour.
2. It is trending faster than web development technologies.2. Level of difficulty is high  2. The job market is increasing.2. Competition is high as many are in a race to become one.
3. Salaries are on the higher side.3. Mobile developers need to work for long hours for meeting up deadlines.3. It is more flexible as if one is good at one niche, it can go on and make something big from that.3. Every client has different demand so one have to meet those demands.
4. The acceptance process is simple so it makes android development easier. 4. It is less expensive and easy as compared to android4. It Is also needs long hours for work.


Both the field is top-notch of this software world. I have compared 2 similar careers and told the pros and cons of the field.

After this, you have to decide what you like and what not as if you look that I will choose the field which has more relax and no pressure is involved then both of the fields are not for you.

I would suggest see out both fields and then choose which you enjoy the most.

for more refer under video-:


Now I would be taking some questions which beginner would have thought of in his/her mind.

1.what should I learn android or web development? Which one is easier?

It depends on one’s interests on which platform he/she like web or app, and also which type he/she able to understand the syntax and technologies related to it. If you are asking easier, then both are easy and both are difficult on their perspectives. Some have easy interface but coding is difficult and vice-versa. You must not think about which one is difficult because if you thought in this way then you will find every career difficult. You see what your likings are, what your goal is then move on from thereon and build your career. That will be good for you.

2. Can I choose both android and web?

Yes you can choose both platforms and you can be super successful if you will be knowing everything in each career, as you will be able to make both websites and apps for someone or yourself. But go for both in one go. First be proficient one then go for another one. Because it can act as a disaster if you start both together and in the not been able to succeed in one of it.

So, I think that I would be able to compare android and web development descriptively so one can understand the basic difference and able to choose one from it or both as he/she wants.

Happy Coding….



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