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Badhaai Ho (2018) Movie Review: A step towards acceptance


“Badhaai Ho”- a story that portrays a middle-class family getting stuck in a not so casual situation. Where a mother of 25 y/o Nakul, is expecting another child. And the unexpected scenes are created in the life of Nakul due to his lack of understanding and acceptance.

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Cast & Crew:

DirectorAmit Ravindernath Sharma
ProducerAmit Sharma, Aleya Sen, Vineet jain
ProducerHemant Bhandari
Assistant DirectorRohit Gupta
Screenwriter/ Dialogue WriterAkshat Ghildial
        Crew details
Name of the Actor/ Actress Character Played
Ayushmann KhurranaNakul Kaushik
Sanya MalhotraRenee Sharma
Neena GuptaPriyamvadi “Babli” Kaushik “Nakul’s Mother”
Gajraj RaoJeetendra Kaushik “Nakul’s Father” (Jeetu)
Surekha SikriDurga Devi Kaushik “Nakul’s Grandmother”
Sheeba ChaddhaSangeeta Sharma “Renee’s Mother”
Shardul RanaGullar Kaushik “Nakul’s younger brother”
Alka Kaushal Guddan Kaushik “Nakul’s aunt” (Jeetu’s sister)
Arun KalraSunil
Alka AminManorama Kaushik “Nakul’s aunt” (Jeetu’s older sister-in-law)
Cast Details

Badhaai Ho Movie Review: To create acceptance towards the family situation instead of societal thoughts

Critic’s Rating:

Badhaai Ho has collected massively positive critical reviews. According to the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, it holds an approval rating of 91%. And according to IMDb, it holds the weighted average rating is 8.0/10. In fact, in IMDb, it was reviewed by 19 critics.

This movie is 12A certified, which means “Parental Guidance for children below the age of 12 years“.

Nakul brings his mother to Gynecologist

Genres: Drama, Comedy

“Badhaai Ho” Story:

The story revolves around a middle-aged couple ( Jeetu and Babli ). They struggle to get themselves out from the orthodox minds of the society including their two sons.

Nakul, aged 25 and his younger brother felt embarrassed when they come to know that their mother is expecting another child in her late 40’s.

Whereas, Renee, Nakul’s girlfriend and office colleague, finds it very weird of Nakul, reacting senselessly and judgemental to the condition of their parents.

She tries to convince him about ignoring the societal orthodox set norms on the matter but unlikely of the understanding, Nakul, and Renee part ways.

Whereas, on the other phase of the screen, the news of Babli getting pregnant spread in the society. And her mother-in-law starts taunting Babli on every occasion possible.

Although, the story moves ahead with a sequence of comedy dialogues and witty humor by Nakul’s grandmother. 

With the news flying all over the place, time also flies at the same pace, Nakul develops a sense of understanding and acceptance towards his family. And Babli gives birth to a healthy girl child.

Before the screen shows  “The end ”, Babli convinces Renee to be together with his son, Nakul. So, the end turns out to be a happy ending with a sequence of drama and hilarious humor.

Nakul shocked at his mother’s pregnancy

“Badhaai Ho” Review:

Acceptance and understanding is all that is needed to cope with any sensible situation.

The movie “Badhaai Ho” directed by Amit Sharma in 2018  says it all. This movie beautifully spins out the theme of having all rights to enjoy older-self life as vibrant as their younger-self lives. 

The plot of the movie is so captivating. The audience gets stuck to their seats till the very end. Though the end is like any other Ayushman’s happy ending. The story never bothers the audience as well as the critics at any cuts of the scene. 

The story is one of a kind. With not so common real-life drama as well as in reel life. Well, before watching the movie, the situation of the movie is such that almost 75% of Indians would feel embarrassed if they got stuck in such an uncommon situation.

So, far from commonness, this movie is an eye-opener. It inspires the entire set of youngsters who feel they have a great sense of understanding regarding the acceptance towards the middle-aged as well as old aged couples. 

More about filmmaking

The director “Amit Sharma”, exactly knows the proportion of flavors in the story. Such that the audience would take into consideration. The man behind the lenses knows best how to arrange screenplays. Also how to arrange the characters to get connected to the audience.

The music of the movie automatically feels oriented to every part of the movie. Music handled by renowned artists such as Neha Kakkar, Guru Randhawa, and Ayushmann Khuranna has recorded some great songs like ‘Naina Na Jode’ and ‘ Morni Banke’.

The script successfully balances a situational see-saw when the middle-aged couple gets the support of their mother (Surekha Sikri) in public. Gajraj Rao is a well-balanced artist of his facial expressions. He never misses a trick of how to get indulged in the scenes.

Ayushman as Nakul with his grandmother

In the movie, Amit snatched a great performance out of Neena Gupta. On the screen where she certainly mixed herself with the character of an embarrassed mother who is once again pregnant in her late 50’s. 

Amit, unlike his previous movie “Tevar”, has not taken even a single character or single scene for granted. Whether it be the role of Sheeba Chaddha, or be the times when there is an unusual conversation between Ayushmann and Sheeba.

More importantly, how Amit portrays Sanya’s resistance in between the conversation. It has tremendously worked.  

As loaded by multi-talented stars and likes of the critics, it’s worth a purposely one time watch. 

Awards and Nominations:

2019Best Film:  News 18 Reel Movie Awards, Malti Shree Media Award, National Film Award
2018Best Actor: Gajraj Rao
2018Best Actress: Neena Gupta
2018Best Supporting Actress: Surekha Sikri
2019Best Screenplay: Akshat Ghildial
2019Best Dialogues: Akshat Ghildial
Nakul accepting his mother’s pregnancy

More Crew Details:

BannerChrome Pictures, Junglee Pictures
ScreenwriterAkshat Ghildial
Story WriterShanatanu Srivastava, Akshat Ghildial, Jyoti Kapoor
Production ManagerAnand Upadhyay
Music DepartmentAbhishek Arora
LyricistAyushmann Khuranna, Rochak Kohli, Tanisk Bagchi
Dialogue EditorAbinash Mishra
SingerJordan,Romy, Neha kakkar, Guru Randhawa, Ayushmann Khurrana, Rochak Kohli, Harjot Kaur, Dev Negi, Shubha Mudgal
Cinematographer Sanu Varghese
EditorDev Rao Jadhav
Art DirectorKoushal Choudhary
Casting DepartmentRicha Gupta
ChoreographyVijay Ganguly
Badhaai Ho – Family Photo


Interesting Facts about movie Badhaai Ho (2018):

  1. Tabu and Irrfan Khan were the first choices to play Priyamvada and Jeetender Kaushik. Both declined the role, feeling that an older couple should be cast.
    Tabu thought more people would be shocked to see a woman older than herself getting pregnant on screen. She recommended Neena Gupta for the role.
  2. Ayushmann Khurrana had to pick up three different dialects for his role in Badhaai Ho
  3. Badhaai Ho beat the box office collection of Thugs of Hindostan. 
  4. Biggest box office hit of Ayushmann Khurrana.
  5. Worldwide Gross is 217.65 crore.
  6. The story is loosely based on the film’s writer Akshay Gildial’s family. His uncle was already about 25 years old when his younger aunt was born.
  7. With earnings of over 221 crore (USD 31 million) against a budget of 29 crore (USD 4.0 million), it ranks among the highest-grossing Bollywood films of 2018.
  8. Shardul Rana who played the role of Ayushmann’s younger brother in this movie also worked with him in the movie Dum Laga Ke Haisha. He was his brother-in-law in that movie.

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