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8 Best Body language tips | Impress anyone anywhere


Body language speaks the loudest. Your first impression is created instantly by your body language. It is a nonverbal communication which happens first when you meet somebody. People decide by your body movements which type of person you are. The verbal communication happens after it. 

Actually we do not always control our body language. It is mostly controlled by our subconscious mind

Let’s take an example, Notice your hands movement now. You are not consciously controlling them. 

Sometimes we have to lie in front of someone but they can find through our body language if we are telling the truth or not.

That’s why we have to consciously take care of our body language.

I am going to describe to you important tips of better body language below which you can implement in your life 

  1. Maintain a Natural Smile
  2. Eye contact
  3. Maintain the right posture
  4. Practice warm handshake
  5. Movement of hands
  6. Speak softly
  7. Always stand in L shape
  8. Keep the glass below the chest
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQ

Maintain a natural smile

Facial expressions are the first thing which people notice in anyone. You have to always maintain a natural smile on your face whenever and wherever you do. It creates a positive impression for you in front of others. It makes people believe that you are a nice and happily living person.

Don’t overthink while smiling , just give a natural smile according to the situation. If you will start overthinking, it will give you stress which will start showing on your face. A natural smile on your face will make it believe the other person that you are comfortable with him either it’s a job interview or a date.

Eye contact 

The eye contact has to be straight in the eyes of the other person but don’t force yourself to do it. You cannot always see in the eyes of anybody. It will make other people uncomfortable. Your eye contact has to be expressive.

If I tell you in the language of maths , then your straight eye contact has to be 50 percent while having a conversation.

Practice the eye contact technique in your home in front of a mirror and do it daily so that your subconscious mind catches this as a habit. It will increase your confidence.

Once it becomes your habit, you don’t have to forcefully maintain eye contact in important situations. 

Maintain the right posture

You should maintain the right posture according to the situation. 

There are two types of postures –

  1. Standing posture
  2. Sitting posture

Standing posture

Your spine has to be straight while you are standing. Walk calmly in all situations even if you are getting late for a meeting. Don’t panic, It disturbs your posture.

Observe the successful people whom you admire and follow how they stand and walk. You will see one thing common in all of them. They never try to catch a closing lift. They will relax every time. You just have to copy it exactly.

Sitting posture

Never cross your arms and legs while sitting. Keeping your arms and legs crossed indicates to the other person that you are defending yourself from them. This is known as blocking pose. 

You can lean a little bit while listening to other people. It will show them that you are interested in listening to what they are saying and they will be more confident to talk.

Don’t move your legs or click anything repeatedly with your legs. It will make you nervous.

The most tiring type of body language is biting your nails while sitting. You should never do it.

Practice warm handshake

It is a very strong nonverbal cue. Shaking hands depends on where you are shaking and with whom. If you are shaking your hands with a man your handshake grim has to be firm. It should not be too tight or too loose.

You don’t have to crush the hand of the other person. Make sure that your hands are completely dry and most importantly never rub the other person’s hand while shaking your hands.

On the other hand, when you are shaking hands with a girl, it should be very soft because 

a girl’s skin is very sensitive as compared to men.

Movement of hands

Some people move their hands too much at every place. It is awkward. You cannot move your hands everywhere everytime.

Like if you are at a job interview, you cannot move your hands while talking but it is right to move hands while you are trying to describe someone who is smaller than your age.

It totally depends upon the situation.

There are many types of hand movements which explain different body language.

Below are the main 6 types –

  1. Pointing finger towards someone

Don’t point your finger to anyone while talking. It is considered as an aggressive approach and it makes the other person very uncomfortable.

  1. Joining hands

It is a gesture of respect. People call it namaste in asian countries like in India. You can do this to show respect to your elders.

  1. Hands Up

People show this movement when they do not know something which is asked of them.

  1. Hands behind the back

It is often seen when a couple of people are walking and talking. It is also done to give respect to a guest. This hand movement is only seen in men. 

  1. Straight hands

This is seen in army and bodyguards. Making your hands straight also improves your standing posture.

  1. Hands in the pocket

This is the worst position of hands. A person who keeps his hands always in pocket is a defensive and introverted type of person. He will never approach you to talk. You have to take the initiative to go and start the conversation. 

Speak Softly

You should always speak softly to everyone. Don’t get angry at useless situations.

Avoid getting angry at every condition as much as possible because it can even affect your body and reputation.

You have noticed that big leaders always speak politely with their employees even if they have done any mistake. They do this because if you speak politely, people listen to you more clearly and with more attention. 

As there is a theory, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you speak softly, other people will also be polite with you. 

You will get more respect in the crowd if your image will be of a soft spoken person.

Always stand in L shape

If you are speaking to someone at a party , you should always stand in L shape. Don’t stand in front of them as it will block them from moving and they will feel uncomfortable. 

Do this technique especially when you are talking with opposite sex. Nobody wants to talk to a stranger forcefully so always give them a space to exit the conversation whenever they want.

Keep the glass below the chest

Make a habit of keeping your glass of wine or water below your chest always. It makes you comfortable in speaking and improves your confidence.

If you keep your glass above your chest, you will feel uncomfortable and feel the blockage which you are creating for yourself from the group. This is an antique practice which is done from ancient times.


I hope you have understood all the tips I provided and will implement them in your life. Do ask any questions if you wanna ask and share this article with your friends.


1. Which body language shows lying ?

if you will feel nervous and speak without eye contact then the other person can think that you are lying.

2. Is body language a science ?

Yes, it is a science because anybody can understand a person by reading his physical movements.

3. How can we check if someone is confident or not ?

You can check it easily by checking if the person is shivering while speaking or his walk is right or not

4. Which is the most most powerful body language skill ?

Touch is the most powerful body language skill.

5. How should a lady behave ?

According to me, there should be no special requirements for a lady. She is a human as same as men.



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